Arcticu & Friend – Spring, Military, & Red Sunset (2024)

– Making our belated way from one area to our desired locations. Tons of construction, tons of dumb people driving, and nature itself being awesome.

On the day May 15, 2024 I had fun park-hopping with a friend to finally take in a more natural side, one away from the morally corrupted locals in the more urban side of the city. A much needed “touching grass” moment, as internet slang and vulgar insults tend to berate and harass other people for every little thing. I marked out our desired destination, we went to those locations, and we had fun. It turned out to be a nice three-part adventure.

  1. Dill Bell Park.
  2. DND – National Defense Headquarters (near Dill Bell Park).
  3. Britannia Beach.

Myself and my friend constantly noted (on repeat) how stupid people in Ottawa are. I recalled a story of how a coworker had to deal with a female Quebec’er Karen smashing her driver door into my coworker’s right side door mirror. She made a fuss, even being openly racist to my coworker while my coworker was recording her by video. She took pictures of my coworker’s car in false White Knight behaviour pretending she’s the victim to which she eventually complained to a workplace boss, one whom saw the evidence and told the white female Karen to apologize. People are so full of themselves. In the video it was even noted how she “re-enacted” the door opening to my coworker’s window. Seeing it made me laugh in a facepalming manner at how low IQ people are, especially in the province of Quebec.

My friend is aware of what I’m about to say, even telling me “don’t say it” in jest. We’re done with stupid people in Ottawa, especially with how Japanese people are many times better than those in Ottawa. We both desired our escapism into various local parks, to sight see monuments, and etc. Simple escapism.

Off to some scenic unwinding and nature admiring!

The goal of this outing was to simply let loose, admire the scenery, and to fly my drone, while also catching up on lost time in ‘year’ format. We both had too much of low-IQ Ottawa needing our own round of escapism from other people. We needed to “touch grass”, as internet people would say, and we constantly “touch grass” whenever we can. We admire Ottawa’s natural side, something we tend to share and hype about. Especially from my end via Slovakia and Japan. More so Japan, obviously.

(Sidenote: I shall note what is a drone picture with – (Drone) – even if it is highly obvious. Easier to keep track of such thing.)

– Skeleton on the roof. A new Wendy’s has been built in the previous area, as well as a newly built Metro grocer & Rexal. The other areas are simply parks.

I used to live in this area for 20+ years, and it hurts being away. I wish I could walk back into my apartment like the good old days. I miss my parents, I miss Sparky (dog), and my plans to travel to Japan. Granted, I’ve now proudly traveled to Vancouver, through Vancouver, and even to Japan twice already.

– We’ve arrived at ‘Dill Bell Park & Marina’ area.

I was dreading the clouds, fearing they would darken the whole vibe of the area. The cloud front gave off a neat black-white contrast by giving off a neat double-vibe. I was indeed scared it would cover the area, it however played fair for my friend and I to play with the drone. It eventually covered the area, just not in the way I expected.

We constantly discussed the topic of ‘Karen’, and how one might come up to us to tell us to stop having fun. Ottawa is like that, and it’s why I was in a 10 year state of depression. I wasn’t allowed to do anything, and when I could I was always shamed for being human. Everything was always my fault, and I wasn’t allowed to boast about anything I admired. I turned into a recluse thanks to how aggressive and abusive people in Ottawa were. I’m I’m however happy I had one of the more human days, especially with my friend, on a neat day like today. I’m relieved no stupid Karen’s came up to us to tell us to stop flying the drone. A few people stared and looked in curiousity, that’s about it.

Upon arrival at Dick Bell Park we’ve noted how an old white guy was partnered up with an Asian girl, maybe of a wife status. They were elderly, and they seemed highly happy. We saw them while parking nearby of their car. With the way Canada is going it’s only fair you find true love elsewhere, and amongst Asians. Love is harder to come by, now more than ever. White girls and women have such a nasty attitude and ego they shame you for everything, including the hobbies you have. You’re not allowed to enjoy anything in life, thus Asian girls are seen with white guys now more than ever. They know how to love, something white girls are struggling with in their slutty & arrogant ways. I can vouche for this, especially having my Japan 2024 image collection shamed by a white female coworker (now gone), and other past experience. Asian girls are carry more warmth. Not always, Asian girls/women/females however have a higher ratio to carry more warmth in them than any other girl, or so I’ve noticed. White girls have this overly egoistical nasty attitude making them highly horrible in an – “Better than thou” – attitude.

I’ve constantly tried interacting, dating, and simply flirting with white girls to the point they don’t give a crap. They always blow you off, and my friend (now in Vancouver, formally in Ottawa) verbally harassed me to the point I was blamed for everything without noting how abusive women are. He had to go through romance issues, yet I was harassed to the point of near-suicide. I hate women now more than ever with how fake and abusive they are, and I’m still peeved over my friend for abusing me in Revelstoke over using Tinder, and other dating apps when women themselves chose to be useless.

– While setting up my drone my friend constantly noted “the moon. The moon is beautiful!”.

Look at the moon. The moon is beautiful!” *points to the moon* – Friend.

Sure, let’s look at the moon. Let’s give my blog readers (if any) some lovely happy nature thoughts.

– The moon, clouds, and contrails.
– (Drone) – Gradually taking my drone up higher, and higher. Seeing some neat views taking good views of it during the 120 meter climb upwards.
– (Drone) – Up, up, and away we go!~ (Lovely yachts in the background).
– (Drone) – Ottawa rapids, Britannia Bay, Andrew Haydon Park, and Dick Bell Park.

I’ve noted this time and again (various drone threads), and I’ll say it again:

People in Ottawa are dumb as a rock, and it shows. The scenery is great; The nature is highly gorgeous, yet sadly wasted on too many dumb people who take advantage of Canada, pretend to be hipsters, and are left-leaning on a political scale. Ottawa is wasted on stupid people constantly wishing to do harm through their intentional naivety making decisions destroying both Ottawa and Canada in the process. It’s why Ottawa doesn’t have a proper LRT system, while Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver does. Either that, or you have people who are ungrateful to be in Ottawa to sabotage things which make Japan great (destroying cute mascots displayed openly), pretending their mothers don’t exist, rob, steal, sabotage transportation, and etc. It’s all a mess. Parents aren’t teaching their kids proper etiquette either.

Hell, every proper city has a proper LRT system of some sort (trams, trolley-buses, etc), yet Ottawa always has to be the dumb one. Ottawa cares more about sexually violating little toddlers with fake gender-pride ideologies than dealing with housing, food, and transportation issues. Every fake retail outlet spamming their doors with fake LGBTQ flags, yet have low quality nonsense tied to them. Over-priced products for low quality nonsense. My friend strongly agrees with this, and as do other people, even if they they disagree just to simply agitate me.

Ottawa is beautiful on a natural nature level, just not an urban level. I genuinely admire the sweetness of blooming trees. The lovely scent of beautiful trees. It’s soothing, nearly therapeutic.

– (Drone) – I enjoy taking images of these yachts.

Traditional Europeans always poke fun at how intellectually moronic Canadians are, and they’re not wrong. They’re actually correct. Same with Asians. Canadians have fallen, banging their head in the process spewing anti-trucker rhetoric, and constantly being Anti-human, anti-society. Cult-like Liberal behaviour causing a steadily gradual societal collapse, and it can be seen in Ottawa. Simply look at white guys dating Asian girls for your first example, then go from there.

Fake Ottawa journalists from CTV News, and other outlets, always spewed actual genuine hatred and bigotry towards Slovakia, and their various transportation and bus stations. They slandered Slovakia’s bus stations while praising Ottawa’s bus stations. Ottawa is too low-IQ moronic spewing actual propaganda and hatred that it is the actual villain it has allegedly claimed to squash. Just to boost their own journalistic ego various Ottawa fake journalists slandered various parts of Slovakia to boost their own inflated ego. Maybe even nepotism related.

Friend and I both noted how we both refuse to venture to downtown Ottawa, especially thanks to how unsafe downtown Ottawa is with special regards to gay Jim Watson, and Dictator Trudeau causing Ottawa, and areas to become severely unsafe. Everybody is now insanely poor to the point crime has risen, cars are being stolen in open brazen manners, and simply outright nonsense. I had to ask my friend to accompany me for our unwinding travels to experience Ottawa in a more nature-admiring manner. I had a drone I was lugging around, piloting, and using to capture the “best” of Ottawa. It was both an escapism and to protect myself with my drone.

I miss venturing downtown in the past. 2003-2015 was awesome. Sadly, 2017-2024+ has turned downtown Ottawa into a stabbing festival. Maybe not always, the chances are now higher than ever, and I’d rather not mess with the RNG on that, similar to an Asian gacha game, or gambling at a casino.

(Side-note: I felt 100% safer in Japan than in Ottawa, and people stab one another in areas I’ve been to in Japan in urban and rural areas.)

– (Drone) – Ottawa is indeed beautiful, it however has become far more corrupt than how I ever remembered it. I admire what I can see at 120 meters, it however pains me I feel caged in my own city only able to go certain short distances.
– (Drone) – Attempting to catch a glimpse of Downtown Ottawa. Can only clearly see the Ottawa rapids further feeding into the Ottawa river. A strong cloud front to the left (north) and semi-clear skies to the right (south).
– (Drone) – Admiring the Ottawa yachters having their fun on the water.
– (Drone) – Catching a glimpse towards the northern part of the Ottawa River, and the darkened cloud front. Various god rays can be seen being cast past the cloud’s edges.
– (Drone) – I genuinely admire the contrast between the left and right of the image. Whitened sky to the left, darkened cloud front to the right.
– (Drone) – Attempted to re-focus on the “god rays”.
– (Drone) – Attempting to capture the nearby area, and with the highway. I also captured a ‘Work-in-Progress’ LRT network.
– (Drone) – Making note of other areas, such as the various farms, highways, and the beautifully (wasted) scenery of Ottawa.
– (Drone) – Viewing Andrew Haydon Park, Bayshore Mall area, Ikea (middle-left), and even further. Can see a fair distance to the back.
– (Drone) – An nearby cozy neighborhood.
– (Drone) – Mesmerized by the lovely green grass, trees, and nature. Ottawa is indeed the best for this, sadly failing in other regards. Even amused by the passing black truck.
– (Drone) – Bird’s eye view viewing down towards “us”, Canada Geese, and the lovely nature below.
– (Drone) – Rotating the drone to capture a better capture of us below.
– (Drone) – Viewing various lawn-cutting techniques by the grass-cutters. Seeing various patterns, shapes, and lines. The grass even smelt freshly cut upon arrival.
– (Drone) – Friend happily taking videos and pictures of my drone flying.
– (Drone) – Happy drone selfie.
– (Drone) – Happy drone selfies.
– (Drone) – Capturing a view of the Canada Geese upon landing the drone a few times to transfer images onto my phone.
– (Drone) – A random capture while both landing and taking my drone off again.
– (Drone) – Admiring the beauty of Ottawa, the marina, and the green nature of the area.
– (Drone) – Deciding to head to the other direction to see what I can capture.
– (Drone) – Viewing the lovely nature, mini-beach, and the DND building off in the distance (the same DND building I could see from a previous home I used to live in on Regina Street).
– (Drone) –
– (Drone) – Admiring the beauty of the river bank. Even with people’s private property on the edge. Their river-coastline.
– (Drone) – Video – A simplistic 180* spin in place viewing Dick Bell Park, Marina, Andrew Haydon Park, and various nearby areas.
– (Drone) – Admiring the nearby area, maybe a little too much. Nature is simply too awesome.
– (Drone) – Attempting to line up for a secondary landing again.

I landed my drone, to which it caught a nearby guy’s attention (with a dog), to view the landing of the drone. I transferred the media to my phone, packed up my drone, proceeding to walk to the nearby area to capture more personalized images of the “other side”.

– Viewing up North Ottawa River, and even seeing Aylmer Island in the image. (It’s been too long I genuinely had forgotten that island existed.)
– Attempting to capture a red-tipped blackbird in the area.
– Admiring the beauty of the white flower tree, even reminding me of Japan’s Sakura trees. Looks and smells gorgeous.
– Yachts.

From the previous area we were attempting to head to the “light house” structure. A mini-beacon, one which I may or may not have poorly remembered. I genuinely recall seeing the NSC Lighthouse with a wider radius around it, and even touching the ground. The one we’ve walked up to had a smaller radius around it, and failed to touch the ground. It was smaller. It had a wind gauges on top, and simplified gadgets on it.

The previous one appeared like a genuine minature replicate of a lighthouse. It may have been tiny, it however was noteworthy. This one? Appears to be a half-assed replica of a 1910’s Titanic-era ship funnel, one which has yet to see completion. It simply hangs there, levitating, never touching the ground. This new lighthouse is as basic as you can make it, possibly within regulations and desired specs.

– Am I seeing this correctly? Slovensko?
– I really am seeing Slovakia. I’m amazed. Surprised, and amazed to the point I shouted it out for everybody nearby to hear my excitement. Slovakian pride! πŸ™‚
– Slovensko!

A coincidence, or not, I’m genuinely happy to have seen a Slovakian emblem on this half-assed lighthouse installment. Slovakian pride! Slovakia deserves it, especially with how much Ottawa has slandered and insulted Slovakia over its false Liberal-Ottawa egoistic nonsense.

– Attempting to capture ‘Andrew Haydon Park’ nearby. Trying to capture it all in one frame.
– Video – A lovely yacht cruising by.

I heard a plane, I however couldn’t spot it. I knew it was there, sadly being unable to make note of it. The sound of the plane however allowed me to capture the presence of ACA345 (Ottawa to Vancouver flight), something I wish took the south-north facing runway to head towards the Ottawa River properly.

– ACA345 – Ottawa to Vancouver – Keeping an eye on it to see how, where, and if I can spot the plane flying to Vancouver.

Why is the ACA345 special? My previous trip to Vancouver on numerous occassions, mainly my first. I view Vancouver as Japan, if with stupid morally corrupted Liberals destroying everything Canadian about Canada. Vancouver has everything Ottawa should have, yet doesn’t have, including Daiso, Oomomo, Skytrain, and other necessary city-related retail and infrastructure. Even more Japanese citizens.

Yes, Vancouver isn’t special to those who are lucky enough to travel there every 5 seconds, it however is special to me for the previously noted reasoning. Vancouver is my gateway to Japan, and I admire Vancouver for that, and more.

– ACA345 can be faintly spotted, sadly appearing as a tube. Can’t see the tail of the plane. It eventually hid in clouds further preventing it from being seen.
– Attempting to keep up with the ACA345 plane spotting with my friend. We both viewed it with intensity both our eyes started seeing stars. We gradually began seeing stary vision. We had to eventually bail.
– ACA345 went the other way preventing it from being seen.

Disappointed, yet satisfied with what we’ve captured, we made our way back to head to our second location. We talked about general stuff, work, various people, and lightly with how other people are doing.

– Noticing I failed to capture an image with me with the beautiful tree we both decided to obtain a few for myself with the gorgeous tree. Peace!
– My way of admiring ‘Sakura’ trees, in a more Canadian manner. Crab apple trees in their various styles.
– Trying to capture every bit of beauty before it’s too late.
– The cloud cover seemingly moving away, if in an illusionary manner. The north appearing highly gloomy.
– Canada Geese and their little Goslings. Parents were keeping a sharp eye on us.

Friend noted various things on the ground, stuff I failed to even note. Maybe he was joking, he however noted lighters and a lacking case of spare change. No loonies, toonies, and random paper money thanks to Canadians being severely on the financially poor side of things. We Canadians are highly financially poor to the point one doesn’t even have spare change to even lose in the first place. That’s what you get for being Liberal, and even voting in Dictator Trudeau as your Prime Minister of Canada. Liberals have no brains, and it shows time and again without fail. Traditional Europeans (Slovaks) and even Asians constantly proving this fact correct each and every time.

Canada reaping what they sow for being Liberal-minded idiots. A bunch of masochistic idiots constantly screaming for more and more pain. As others have put it: “Canadians are suckers & gluttons for punishment.

National Defence Headquarters (Carling) – Monument Spotting:

Suggested to my friend to visit a nearby area to view some monuments, ones recently installed a few years ago in favour of Canadian military and military pride. Canadians are proud of their military while, yet sadly Liberal citizens are both shy and highly fearful of the Canadian military. I simply desired to view the various placed monuments, even assuming a helicopter monument was to be placed at this location, something it wasn’t.

This was also in respect to both Japan’s Kantai Collection, and China’s version of the game in Azur lane format based on KanColle. World War 2 naval warships turned into humanoid shipgirls wearing their respective naval vessel’s armaments’. The souls of vessels turned into physical forms of girls, seeing as how we view vessels in feminine forms.

I’ve also desired to come here properly for a few years, only now gaining a proper opportunity to travel here. If Canada was as well structured and behaved like Japan things would have happened sooner, and with these same results appearing years sooner. Ottawa has a nasty low-IQ preventing me from doing many things I genuinely desire. Everything always has to wait days, weeks, months, or even years until I can finally tend to them.

– Canada Geese stalling us out on the road causing my friend to become comically frustrated by these Canada Geese. They took many minutes to make their way across the road.
– Canada Geese further stalling the drive to the nearby parking lot. The sign to the right also saying not to feed the Geese, they’re under controlled situations.

We initially assumed we could have parked on the shoulder of this road, something we probably could have to speed things up. We, instead, parked at Parking lot ‘X’ to happily walk our way to these two monuments. I initially assumed there were three, or even 4, it’s sadly just two. I agree, two is better than zero, I however was expecting more. I genuinely assumed a helicopter was being displayed with both the bow of the ship and the tank monument. I must have slipped realms to where it was, yet now wasn’t.

– A Canadian Leopard C2 tank proudly displayed.
– Happy selfie with the Canadian Leopard C2 tank. πŸ˜‰
– Admiring the various charms and beauty of the C2 Leopard tank.
– The paint on these tanks and military vessels containing highly toxic substances released in heated situations. Caution is required.
– Proudly Canadian! (We’re however not allowed to be, Liberals stated so.)

Had fun watching my friend capture images of the lovely tank. Now to change focus to the bow of HMCS Iroquois. And yes, also for some Kantai Collection and Azur Lane amusements tied to HMCS Iroquois. While taking pictures of both the tank and the bow of HMCS Iroquois I had a constant stream of Japanese happy thoughts of me admiring the beauty of the Japanese military and navy. Constant Japanese happy thoughts.

– HMCS Iroquois (Bow only).
– Yes, that’s a crown on top. In my confusion I even questioned my friend if I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. We had to both zoom onto the crown using our phones to confirm the presence of a crown. A lovely royal touch. HMCS Iroquois.
– Bow of HMCS Iroquois.
– Bow of HMCS Iroquois and C2 Leopard Tank.
– Azur Lane’s HMS Cygnet chosen for her loose Canadian ties. (Cygnet was sold to the Royal Canadian Navy in late 1937 and renamed HMCS St. Laurent. Source: Wiki.)
– Azur Lane – AR Mode – HMS Cygnet – Canadian naval pride hype!
– Azur Lane – AR Mode – HMS Ajax – Chosen for her more “teaseful” side while happily sitting on the bow of HMCS Iroquois.
– Azur Lane – AR Mode – HMS Ajax – Chosen for her more “teaseful” side while happily sitting on the bow of HMCS Iroquois.
– Azur Lane – AR Mode – HMS Ajax – Chosen for her more “teaseful” side while happily sitting on the bow of HMCS Iroquois.
– My friend and I both heard this Beech 1900D flying above us, both unable to gain a visual of the aircraft. We both cursed, both baffled at this visually elusive aircraft, one I’ve also seen on numerous occasions in Vancouver’s southern airport section. (CGAAU)

Friend constantly pointing out the beauty of the sky to the point I casually took one to make note of it in thanks to my friend.

– Beautiful, yet cloudy, Canadian sky over Ottawa.

Numerous cyclists were gathered at this DND location, roughly 20-40 of them racing past from the parking lot, onto the bike path, and wherever they were aiming for. They all wooshed by (they all sped by).

My friend also noted how a car going by had a girl/women smiling (or laughing) how I was taking pictures of the monument. As long as it’s genuine amusement I don’t mind, though if it’s mocking I have issues there.

– Azur Lane – AR Mode – Little Prinz Eugen to match this Canadian C2 Leopard German tank.
– Azur Lane – AR Mode – Prinz Heinrich, as chosen by my friend. (This image caused the girl/women in car to laugh at how I was taking images, as noted previously).
– Azur Lane – AR Mode – Blucher (Because she’s a fun German shipgirl, and for the whole fun of it).
– Confused, I zoomed in to identify the situation. It’s a baseball gathering.

We conversed about how I was invited to see a baseball game, about where to go next, and about various car and life situations. It was awesome.

– Azur Lane – AR Mode – Murmansk posing with Murmansk Run road.

My friend noted how he had seen Murmansk constantly advertised in Azur Lane commercials for Azur Lane. I questioned him, even surprised Azur Lane advertises on YouTube. I use adblockers on PC, not on mobile. I haven’t seen a single Azur Lane commercial for YouTube mobile.

– Capture from car attempting to capture the lovely purple tree, HMCS Iroquois bow, and C2 Leopard tank in one go.
– Attempt 1 – Purple tree, Geese and turtle crossing warning sign.
– Attempt 2 – Purple tree, Geese, and Turtle sign (from car).
– In hindsight I noted I should have walked here prior to heading back to the car.
– The best I’ll get it.

Two years of having neat access to Japanese Cherry trees, now forced to go back to Ottawa’s neat Crab Apple trees. Not having access to Japanese Cherry trees anymore needing to both make due with what we had. We both had to make due with Canadian Crab Apple trees to fill in the Japanese seasonal voids.

My friend even noting how he wished Ottawa was wise and special enough to gain what Toronto and Washington D.C had, meaning Ottawa isn’t wise enough to have it’s own batches of Japanese Cherry trees. Ottawa prefers pretending they’re the other gender, building monuments in special memory of rapists, while on the same notion failing to boost, nor further fund the Ottawa LRT to make it far more attractive and useful to people. The money spent on this Rapist Monument could have been better spent on improving, boosting, and making the LRT Ottawa transit project more worthwhile. If Ottawa desires to be stupid, it’ll gain stupid results, as shown via Ottawa Senators under performing, instead prefering to be fake LGBTQ proud. Ottawa is genuinely low-IQ.


– Ottawa refusing to focus on actual matters at hand, instead focusing on Rapist monuments instead. Screw proper transit networks, housing solutions, and better access to food. Honouring rapists and the mentally ill is of higher concern for Ottawa. (No wonder non-Liberal cities have far better transit infrastructure. Same goes with Japan).

Ottawa is an absolute joke, and the world is aware of that. It’s no wonder Ottawa doesn’t house Sony, Nintendo, nor Microsoft. It doesn’t have Krispy Kreme, nor Daiso (as Vancouver does), or anything actually worthwhile. What it does have? People raping and violating one another. Honouring people who violate others, honour social degradation to the point Asian significant others are preferred, and other nonsense.

If the monument was instead dedicated to Asians, Blacks, or even Aboriginals that would be fine. It isn’t, and that’s a major issue because LGTBQ folks are well known mass-shooters, rapists, social deviants, and ill-minded individuals hellbent on gaslighting, destroying, and sabotaging everything they touch. They have no sense of elegance (i.e highly crude body language and mannerisms) showing how ugly, unkept, and unintelligent they are. Everything is a genuine phase, as noted by actually respected experiments and sources. Their “phase”, like a fashion statement is only to disrupt and corrupt, even hijacking various Anime franchises (Pokemon, Gundam Mercury, etc), and simply censoring everything over genuinely false narratives. If one isn’t a loud messenger of the cause spreading “The Message”, their sexual changes are eventually met with regret, if one can’t weaponize their transitions, leading to severe bleeding, mental wellness declines, and eventual suicide. Everything eventually falls down to suicide and high amounts of regret. Many medical staff were sued for forced transition and propaganda in medical and educational areas.

My friends are in agreement in, and same with various folks in Ottawa who live here, yet are forced to comply with Liberal mental grand delusions and illnesses. It’s no wonder traditional Europe and Asians always laugh at Canadians, and especially at Ottawa.

Britannia Beach:

Last stop, Britannia Beach! A certain few points of views can only be obtained from here, and we’re overjoyed we’ve encountered and had fun with what he had encountered here. We would be happily rewarded with a very dark red sunset for all of us to admire. A drone flying session leading into a lovely leveled camera-snapping of the red sunset.

Prior to arriving at Britannia Beach we encountered a road-raging Jeep, possibly one I would unknowingly also capture in the parking lot via a drone capture. The Jeep would weave into and out of various lanes at high rate of speed.

– Lovely scenic trees. The parking lot however needs a severe revamp. It needs to be repaved.
– Making note of every Crab Apple tree we can for that Japanese Sakura tree vibe. (A mother and son admired the same view, as seen on bottom left of image.)
– Friend and myself admiring this Crab Apple tree with the various sane locals in the area.
– Beautiful! I filled my quote of admiring the Crab Apple tree this season. I don’t have to feel left out, especially by the Japanese. πŸ˜‰
– Lovely Crab Apple tree (and the possible road-raging Jeep parking in the parking lot to the right.)
– Attempting to capture a lovely pre-sunset scene. Noting a very scenic picture attempting to capture before it’s too late. (1/3)
– Scenic Capture, attempt #2 (2/3).
– Scenic Capture, attempt #3 (3/3) – (Successful!)
– Walked past this tree noting the beauty of the scent let off by this tree. Friend agreed to my observations. This tree smells highly gorgeous.

We gradually made our way to a drone-safe area by finding a lovely sidewalk leading both to and from various areas. Linking one sidewalk to another pathway. We made sure the area was clear.

– (Drone) – After some USB fighting I captured this image for test purposes. Might as well further capture the green beauty of Canada.
– (Drone) – Up, up, and away! Seeing a lovely red glow off in the distance.
– (Drone) – Lovely sunset, Britannia Beach, and tree line. The yachts are neat as well. Still going up!
– (Drone) – Still ascending to 120 meters.
– (Drone) – Constantly taking pictures every few seconds the higher we ascend.
– (Drone) – Gradually angling camera downwards to capture the beach, yachts, and sunset.
– (Drone) – Yacht and Britannia Beach focus (at least part of the beach).
– (Drone) – Maxed out at 120 meters, now spinning to gain a neat perspective of those below.
– (Drone) – Spinning left to right viewing the heritage building, bike path (ex-tram way), Tram shelter, stadiums, parks, and other areas.
– (Drone) – Capturing areas further ahead to see what’s in the area.
– (Drone) – Rotating drone’s POV upward, if leftward a tad bit. Capturing Mud Lake, and areas I’m familiar with from the last 20 years.
– (Drone) – Genuinely amused by how well my drone lines up with the road on the Gatineau Quebec side. Ottawa River rapids can be seen, and same with Mud Lake. Britannia Bay.
– (Drone) – Nearly doing an 180 viewing back towards Andrew Haydon park, Dick Bell Park, and maybe DND Building.
– (Drone) – Rotating further left to point out ‘Cineplex Cinema Ottawa’ in a rougher part of Ottawa. Tons of lower-end income folks in this area, one I frequent less. Even a newly built Dollarama in the general area. Running joke now between friend and I.

A fellow ex-classmate (a welfare low-income girl) I used to now firmly warned me not to venture into this area unless I desire to get jumped, mugged, killed, etc. Noted. Firmly noted to the point I can note it here. Sadly, every area of Ottawa (and Canada) is becoming more of a “low-income” area to the point one can no longer find loose change on the ground. Everybody is now highly poor one can no longer be a normal “middle-class citizen”, special thanks to Liberals and Trudeau.

– (Drone) – A mini ice-ring, a mixed income neighborhood, and other areas.
– (Drone) – A blue-yellow Ikea building seen from afar, and ‘WIP’ medical buildings being built further behind Ikea. May or may not be able to see Ottawa airport lights from this distance in top left area.
– (Drone) – Various colourful homes to be noted. Some openly seen, others a bit more hidden.
– (Drone) – Viewing back at Britannia, parking lot, and beach.

Side-note: If one views the image above one could note the potential blue-green Jeep which may have sped, weaved, and disrupted traffic in the area. View the column from left to to right, and above the red car in the third column. First column is singular, second has a break in the middle, and third is formed half on top. The speeding Jeep is in that image in blue, light green colour.

– (Drone) Viewing back down to see where we flew the drone from. This was the drone’s “home spot” to fly back to. Very dangerous if one was careless.
– (Drone) – Attempting to clarify what I’m seeing in the right hand of the image. One can see what used to be a kid’s driving school area, now a rectangular shape with warn down pavement left. Even a garbage bin.
– (Drone) – Bird’s eye views are fun at 120 meters.
– (Drone) – As nice as this area is, it’s sadly run down. Ottawa views it as a a low-income property treating things fairly poorly. Yes, just like the Ottawa Senators, LRT, and every other major project. But sure, come to LGBTQ and they care 100%. Fuck Ottawa and it’s fake political biases.
– (Drone) – Everything nice turning into something ghetto. Liberals are so destructive.
– (Drone) – I had to confirm what I was seeing. Yes, it was a garbage bin.
– (Drone) – Ottawa’s nature is awesome.
– (Drone) – Admiring the beauty of this area, whatever it is allowed to have left.
– (Drone) – The cloud front we have seen prior may finally have invaded Ottawa, drowning downtown Ottawa in overcast.
– (Drone) – Attempted to capture both Britannia and downtown area.
– (Drone) – Trying to admire the beauty which is left in this area. Logging, blogging. This is what the area looks like.
– (Drone) – Real sunset coming through now.
– (Drone) – What I’ve seen in person, and what was seen by my drone were both vastly different perspectives.
– (Drone) – Noting the purple Crab Apple tree and the dark red tree next to it.
– (Drone) – What used to be a kid’s driving learning center now an extension of a park.
– Video – (Drone) – Friend noted I should speed my drone along the park, so I did. Spiral take-off and ascent.
– (Drone) – A further away perspective of Britannia Beach.
– (Drone) – Further away perspective of the area.
– (Drone) – Having fun roaming around in aimless manners.
– (Drone) – Goofing off at this point.
– (Drone) – Having fun capturing the area in peace.
– (Drone) – Starting to see a very neat sun via drone and from my very one perspective. Drone and my level seeing two different angles.
– (Drone) – Sun was very angle-sensitive. Failing to capture what I was seeing visually.
– (Drone) – Struggling to capture the moment.
– (Drone) – You can see the sun reflecting off the water now, something which I was rushing to capture.
– (Drone) – Panic setting in.
– (Drone) – Panic setting in seeing the sun at ground level at far better clarity than what my drone is capturing.
– (Drone) – Panicking, and image capturing spam.
– (Drone) – Panicking. Starting to lower my drone from 120 meters.

At this point I told my friend I’m landing my drone ASAP. I was going to land, pack up my drone, and rush to this sunset. I encouraged my friend to simply go without me, I’ll back everything myself and rush over to him to the point I even forgot to attach a gimble guard to my drone, something I had to apply later. Everybody else was doing the same with whatever they were doing. Everybody rushed to see this overly red sunset.

– (Drone) – panicking to lower my drone, yet capturing a very red sunset.
– (Drone) – Finally capturing a very red sunset at a lower altitude.
– (Drone) – Lower, and lower. Nice red sunset.
– (Drone) – Awesome capture! Between the trees!
– (Drone) – Lovely! Love this capture so much!
– (Drone) – Capturing whatever I can, while I can.
– (Drone) – Capturing a lovely red sunset from in the middle of the tree while descending.
– (Drone) – Landed! Captured a lovely red sunset upon landing.

I was panicking, rushing to land my drone ASAP to pack it up, run, and capture the sunset manually with my own camera. I desired to use the zoom function on my phone to capture the sunset. Other people looked in my general direction, probably wondering what I was doing. I was in panic mode. I wanted to run over to the shoreline to capture the moment with my friend, and other people who had rushed over to the shoreline to capture the red sunset.

Everybody who was there was observing the lovely red sunset. It was amazing!
(I failed to put on the gimble guard till after the fact; Once the sunset was visually below the horizon.)

– Lovely red sunset.
– Video – A quick video captured in Twitter/X upload length admiring the beauty of the red sunset. Lovely wildlife could be heard.

Bonus – Lincoln Heights Metro:

Both my friend and I felt hungry, both of us desiring to check out the local Metro to see what’s new for snacks and scenery. I used to live in the Lincoln Heights area, both on Regina Street and on the smaller Richmond Road tower within the mall’s block.

– Seeing the newly revamped Metro and area. Various unused areas turned into grassy parks.

My Mother passed away from both depression and drug over-dose, also constantly blaming Ottawa for it’s idiocy. My Father passed away on May 13, 2020 from Liver disease/cancer. It was liver disease related. I lost my dog, Sparky, prior to my mother. 2017 & 2020, all three in such a short time. I also became homeless, now forced to live with my roommate, and being unable to live in Ottawa, Canada thanks to skyrocketing standards of living. All these artificial impossible nonsense all caused by Dictator Trudeau, Dick-sucking Jim Watson, and the intentionally corrupt Liberals intentionally sabotaging every ounce of Canada for an intentional social collapse, economical sabotage. They’re doing the same thing to Japan, and every other nation.

I’m not allowed to live in Ottawa, let alone Canada, because Liberals and Trudeau said so. Same with the paid fake political activists of Canada. Liberals care more about LGBTQ fake nonsense than they do with LRT, housing, living, food crisis situation, and intentional immigration over-population. Intentional wars, social unrest, and intentional famine. Don’t believe me? It’s there, right in your face.

– Viewing Metro’s quick ‘Snacks-to-Go’ meals. This is Canada’s answer to Japan’s Konbini answer.

I’ve noted time and again wishing actual Canadian convenience stores should mirror the actual conveniences and quality the Japanese Konbini stores do. Everything is destroyed thanks to the Liberals, and it always shall. Liberals destroy everything. Canada is a joke thanks to them, and thanks to the past with HMCS Uganda/Quebec, and etc. Liberals screwed everything from past, present, and into the future. People are just stupid to keep quality stuck firmly into place.

– Too late to explore the other areas, yet admiring how neat this area has become. From a time-capsule to something more modern. Many areas for lease.

Nothing stays the same forever. There is always some change.

– A past Wendy’s was burnt down and rebuilt. People falsely accused the guy being an “monster” when retail workers always have to deal with the brunt of Karen’s, low-IQ customers, and constant abuse. People snap, and the guy snapped burning the place down. He wasn’t given necessary help, hence the burnt down Wendy’s. Ottawa locals are naΓ―ve.

Bonus – Blue Archive – Yukari | Ottawa Rabbit:

Screenshot_20240514_134230_Blue Archive
– Blue Archive – I, for fun, used my only 1 10-pull ticket to recruit Yukari on the first attempt. Shocked, I celebrated loudly on Twitter/X. Nobody hyped my RNG reward, yet I’ll proudly hype it up here. WOOO!~ I admire her elegance, and red eyeliner. Her special move is elegant with the flower in the pond/water moment.

I’m happy Blue Archive gave me a lovely first-chance pull. I was doing everything for fun, rewarded for doing such. WOOO!~ Yes, I also have all three Railgun Collab girls for Railgun.

– These random Ottawa rabbits can be seen day and night, they’re highly amusing. They’re highly common. I simply admire making note of them, also being a Rabbit Chinese Zodiac sign. Chinese & Aries, yet that matters little to people. So much for idle conversation, eh?

Bonus #2- Google Photo’s May 16th Additions:

Google Photos had stylized, animated, and even provided me need additions to our lovely outting on May 15th, 2024. I was provided edited, stylized, and neat viewing alterations the next day over, now having to edit it into this ‘Bonus #2’ section.

– Allegedly stylized image of the red sunset.
– Allegedly stylized image of Britannia Beach, rapids, and Mud Lake.
– Video – Google Photos animating myself in a near-Live 2D manner. Neat! I genuinely laughed at the neatness of this one.
– Google also decided to turn my Drone pictures into a simple, if neat animated gif of the lovely sunset. The sun was really rushing towards the horizon at a surprisingly swift speed. I, at this point, rushed to land my drone ASAP seeing two different perspectives.

We made it back to my roomate’s home to unwind, share our pictures, eat our Metro snacks, and converse some more. I was also told how people in Ottawa had abused him in the workplace in a retail setting by yelling at him twice in receiving, once on purpose by spilling pop on the ground, and being highly vulgar. This is also why we can’t have nice things in Ottawa, especially on top of “rapist monuments” being prided over functionality in Ottawa. Too much anger and frustration, yet happy with whatever little bliss and escapism we get on a lovely Ottawa nature level. Anime always wins, Japan always wins, and we’re happy about that. That Slovakian crest genuinely surprised me, especially having Slovaki9an ties myself on the parents and relative side of things. I’m proud to wear my Slovakian pride on my sleeve. Was a genuinely nice welcomed surprise being Canadian born, Slovakian raised, and having Japanese admiration. Nice mix.

I sadly disappointed my friend noting how Assassin’s Creed: Shadows (based in Japan) has been sabotaged by Ubisoft to spread “The Message” for political reasoning. Less about “having fun”, more about political nonsense. I nudged him towards PalWorld.

(Side-note: My friend also noted via a friend at how low-IQ kids and people are on OC Transpo buses allegedly claiming kids refuse to acknowledge their mother’s presence, let alone behave like normal human beings in public, hence my “Hipster” label on people. Me labeling people as “hipsters” in a more negative, slander manner with how unkept and idiotic people tend to be.)

Yes, I’ve vented a fair amount, that’s however my inner thoughts being let out on top of my admiration of Ottawa’s beautiful nature and beautiful scenery. I’m happy with Ottawa’s nature, just peeved with the low IQ of people, wishing and desiring to be in Vancouver, or at least in Japan, or somewhere “sane”. I absolutely LOVE the smell of lilacs, Crab Apple trees, and nature in bloom. They give off such lovely sweet smells. So fresh, so awesome.

Thanks for viewing and reading! Trying to have my fun wherever possible. Ottawa makes it genuinely difficult.