My Favorite Anime – Top 7 – Round 8

Hello! And welcome back! So what Anime do I have that might interest you, and those that I quite enjoyed as much as I did? Let us both find out shall we?

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Why seven? When I first started this my YouTube embedded plugin wouldn’t allow me to post more than 7, now it can. Either way, I’m sharing seven to keep things simple and to share the Anime I actually liked and still enjoy remembering.

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1) – Campione!!:_Matsurowanu_Kamigami_to_Kamigoroshi_no_Maou

In a world where humans and gods, Campiones roam the earth to slay rogue gods. Kusanagi Godou is one such Campione – King of Gods – tasked with slaying such rogue gods with his gradually growing harem of Knights. As a King & Campione Godou must defeat each and every rogue god that desires to do harm to those on earth.

From the promotional videos I seen this show showed off a nice concept, even if it was ecchi and annoyingly harem-like. The comedy, battles, and and the bit of seriousness during each battle actually out-weighed my dislikes for the show, so much so that I actually enjoyed the show. Seeing Godou fighting gods using his enjoyment, newly bestowed godly powers, and the overly clingy, yet elegant behaving Erica somehow hit the right notes. The battles were drawn out long enough to enjoy and absorb it all in instead of feeling rushed. Quite enjoyable when to see how each battle plan would be thought out with the “Knights” protecting Godou until he was ready to strike back. All working as a team to keep one another safe.

Seeing Godou’s expression when Erica “pushes” Godou in a sly manner actually mirrored my thoughts on how annoying she could be at times. Being a crafty-fox in training, she sure can be quite resourceful when turning battles into her favor in a humiliating way for her enemy. She quite enjoys playfully humiliating those around her which gets quite amusing at times – Erica vs Liliana.

The whole harem thing isn’t my thing anymore yet it still proved to be interesting when the right amount of comedy was placed in certain places. The whole kissing to get knowledge sure was a “unique” way of transferring both knowledge and power I’ll admit, if done a bit over-the-top at times – Episode 12.

The music for this is something to note as well, from trailer to the battle music. It is something I’d love to re-listen to constantly. Nicely composed, fitting, and actually fits the whole godly theme.

Lastly, for those wondering Athena’s full form and her sly loli form would be my favorite. I’m not into loli’s as the Anime community but I do like it when Athena gets crafty, shows that “rape face”(single eye stare), and how beautiful she looks in her adult form. Plus, it looks like she has a creeper hat. I prefer my crafty yet foxy girls. Erica would be close but she is just too damn clingy which she lost points for.

2) – Fate/Zero:

This should go without saying that Fate/Zero when Fate/Stay Night officially introduced me into the Anime world. If it sucked then that would of been a different story, yet lucky that wasn’t the case, thus, Fate/Zero finding its way into my favorites.

With Fate/Zero being a prequel, it has both made Fate/Stay Night artistically out-dated, as well as a massive spoiler for those very familiar to the Fate realm. Watching Fate/Zero then either Fate/Stay Night and/or Fate/Unlimited Blades work is highly recommended. It flows better that way.

Type-Moon was very serious when making this by adding as much attention to ever little detail as they possibly could, sometimes over-detailing some effects or building design. This, along with tense and sometimes suspenseful combat all that more cinematic-like.
Some episodes contained more movie-like attention. Some actually felt more like an OVA then an actual part of the show due to either being highly detailed or more movie-like with instant lore-expansion.

It was split into two seasons, one for a warm-up fight and the second one for the actual fighting. The fights build-up to the end of the first, carrying on into the second and escalating greatly were losses actually occur. Spoilers? Maybe, but you don’t know who perishes so all good. Kirito’s island zombie-demon episodes were a strange yet awesomly watchable movie-esque quality. Scenes were highly detailed (scenery porn as people say) filling us into Kiritsugu’s past. Saber’s battles were enjoyable, seeing more Gilgamesh helped understand him better, and seeing Alexender (Bro’skander) battling it out was just purely enjoyable. A few characters make cameos (image below) as well which was surprising. Caster’s rampage, chaotic. So much to say, so little room to say it.

Soundtrack wasn’t forgotten. If anything, it was equally matched with the show which it was composed for. Quite enjoyable when heard within and outside of the Anime. Sadly, the first opening wasn’t as entertaining as the more liquid-sounding F/SN OP was. ED was easily forgettable sadly.

As with every Type-Moon Anime made, this one stays dark all through-out.

*Note: As much as I liked this the hyped killed it. A quarter of the hype should of went to Fate/Stay Night (stupid parrot-people) while the second should of went toward Jormungand. It was great, but not the best.

3) – Jormungand:

A group calling arms dealer seeking world peace is led by an overly sly and energetic lady called Koko. As they go around the world supplying arms they come across a child soldier named Jonathan who introduces us into the lovely world of arm’s market. Each and every adventure, both before and after, are highly entertaining, over-the-top amusing, tense, and quite rewarding in entertainment value.

This anime is one of those that should be given proper respect. Why? Because it is one of those shows people keep whining and asking for, one of those that breaks the mold, and one that just does what it wants to without giving a care to people’s negative complaints. It knows how to be sarcastic, fun, entertaining, adventurous, and just out right entertaining. The fights are done in a way with it being both tense and tense+comical with the gang’s punchlines. Each battle feels unique in a very good way.
Characters are also drawn up in a more masculine way, even the females….minus Koko. There are moments when you do see their less youthful and masculine “weak” self, yet that is within one or two episodes. Hate it? It gives you a bit middle finger in return.

Everything, or most at the very least, is grounded in reality in some form. The current events Koko uses to her advantage is based on actual happenings within the world – i.e aircraft trading supplying. If not fully, the show does make subtle references that those well versed in regional history or current events may know of.
The show has quite an interest in the new A380 to the point you see it replaces all the aircraft with it – taking off, landing, or simply parked at every airport the gang usually visits.

The music is something to take note of in this anime, and people did in a meme sort of way. “Her name is Koko, she is loco, I said oh no!” – being the preview music’s “Time of attack” track. The OST for Jormungand is to greatly appreciate and to support. Being White Fox studios you should expect a great quality Anime and the OST. Watching Katanagatari I have to vouch for such quality.

With the second season’s “Perfect Order” coming out soon expect more comical serious chaos!

(A separate Jormungand article is in a back-log; I enjoyed this Anime that much yet couldn’t word my review appropriately.)

4) – Aquarion EVOL:

Every 12,000 years a new page is written by Apollo & Silvie’s desire to re-unite. Another 12,000 years has passed from the original Aquarion series, making this a connected sequel and not an alternate history series.

If you haven’t guessed that love is the main theme of Aquarion then well, you are made aware of it now. Love was made forbidden for a reason, which I’ll let you figure out, due to it constantly being referred to all throughout the series. Love, desire to flirt, and the will to mate is all forbidden. Why? Go watch and find out! I most likely spoiled it for those that haven’t watched already!

Having watched the first series protecting the Earth from “abductors” using mechs called “Aquarion”  or “Element unit” is still the main focus. Protecting the Earth while finding out who you truly are in between combat. Story actually had it’s awesome moments which is why it made its way into my favorite, getting deep into every character’s background along with the enemy. You could actually get very attached to the character, probably missing them if they disappeared for a few episodes or more. Yes, they are that likeable. Still light-hearted, but deep enough to enjoy.

The soundtrack for Aquarion Evol got a massive improvement with the uppity and cheerfully proud music. Every track sounds more proud. Probably inspired from the first season’s opening that was just as motivating and cheery.

You are what you make of reality, make the most of it!

5) – Mouretsu Pirates:

The show centers around Marika, a daughter of an ex-pirate family. It follows Marika at a nice detailed slow pace as Marika inherits her pirate legacy from her family during her innocent school period. Both comical and piracy combat chaos ensues as Marika struggles to deal with both her school and piracy.

The show has a nicely strung plot going from one arc to the next, assisted with memorable ending credits to mark each story arc. This assisted in helping me enjoy the show all that much more due to the movie-esque vibe to it all.

Mouretsu Pirates takes itself in a mostly light-hearted comical way fit for both the female and male audiences at the very same time. There are battles, yet done so in a way similar to German U-boats hunting convoys – attacking and defending themselves from targets without getting themselves destroyed.

The show sometimes does get carried away with a bit of yuri here, a bit of cosplay mayhem there, and just straight out awkward comicalness that may or may not float your boat. Regardless, it is a fun show to watch as Marika learns how to be a space pirate. Seeing Marika both struggle yet having everything under control just for an interesting watch.

Only the opening, ending, intro, and the combat music were of interest to me. I’m not into comedy music so the OST doesn’t interest me all that much. It is quite enjoyable though, not knocking it down.

More piracy coming in movie format, see you around then.

6) – Oda Nobuna no Yabou:

(Even though I have a review here I shall make a quick note of the show here.)

An anime advertising itself as an overly ecchi-harem historical Anime sure surprised its viewers on many occasions. If anything, comical mixed with seriousness describes it better.
Taking place during the Sengoku, a highschooler named Sagara Yoshiharu travels back to an alternate version of the Sengoku period where most of the samurai lords are turned into girls. Sagara eventually joins up with Oda Nobuna and aids her in her conquest of uniting Japan under one banner, aiding her in ways that put into question if interfering with past-events is wise or not.

What makes this anime stand-out is that Sagara actually does things that you would expect a main character to do. Instead of being spoiled and a clueless moron Sagara actually goes out of his way to assist those in need, worrying about others in the process. The battles are actual battles, if rushed at times for either funding issues or similar, yet still quite enjoyable and tense. It doesn’t alienate its viewers as other comical historical shows might.

I have to also make note of the soundtrack, especially the atsumori dance. Being slightly above the generic genre’s music quality is something to take note of and to take your time listening to. Each were placed in appropriate places giving off the appropriate vibe, so much so that I replayed episodes just to hear more. The character albums are quite enjoyable themselves.

Oda Nobuna hinted it may come back for a second season with unclaimed territory claiming, the ending with Takeda (red army) invited us for more conquest, and the ending message told us to return; to see them soon. Hope we do!

*Note: I feel like Samurai Girl’s art-style (the ink drops and etc) should of went to Oda Nobuna instead of the Samurai Girl show itself. Samurai Girls disappointed me with the ecchiness instead of sticking to seriousness.

7) – Dog Days’ – Season 2:

Seeing the first it was quite natural that I had to jump on the second show. With Shinku returning to the lovely world with two guests things escalate quite a lot, which surprised their world, myself, and the viewers watching the show. A third nation – Pastilage – with a Chipmunk-esque ruler Cou-sama (Couvert) specializing in flying and flying magic was introduced as soon as the heroes joined in. All fun breaks loose in their fun war-zone on numerous occassions, the ecchi-zone, and just in general. Everything that was fun in the first gets amplified greatly within this show, including the lovely concerts sung by Millhiore.

Just like with summer time this Anime is aimed for such to just have FUN! You know? FUN! The point of not being picky and just letting loose; That point of just having fun without pretending to be intelligent. This is that kind of show, just letting loose and enjoying the fun being held within for those that did or couldn’t travel during their summer vacation. This show greatly makes one wish we could travel dimensions just like Shinku & Dr. Who at will, even though I haven’t watched much Dr. Who.

The music is mostly meant for the show, while listening to it outside may or may not change the mood. It is meant for the show more than it is ‘traveling’ (music device or winamp on comp) but it does sound awesome when you do listen to it. Nicely composed and everything fits the show.

Third season is now confirmed! It confirms it both in the Pastillage river & waterfall scenes, at the end, and at the end portrait. See you next summer, or Christmas time in Biscotti! Wish we had a free-roam game to play. Japan! Consider it! Please! I don’t care, just give me a nice free-roam game!

I just love this expression Yukikaze gave off. Should of gotten a raw to savor it better but it still works heh. Now seriously! I want a damn game of whatever you do effects the world in Dog Days with a nice co-op or multi-mode!


My one favorite from the list? Oda Nobuna no Yabou! Dog Days comes in a very close second. Both were quite fun, with Oda Nobuna stealing more of my attention than Dog Days did because of all the surprises it kept showing me. Dog Days itself was just as entertaining all thanks to Yukikaze and the gang throwing a nice fun festive war heh. I’m going to feel a massive void now without Oda Nobuna and Dog Days in my viewing schedule. Hope something in the fall season fills it in soon!

I was going to add Blood-C TV but I lost interest in it fully now. Had this draft up from early summer or so swapping Blood-C with Campione because of Athena and the music. It managed to reach out to me more than Blood-C managed to. Wanted to add Kokoro Connect yet it didn’t officially end, one of those fake ends. What is your favorite and why?

*Hears crickets instead.* – Awfully kind of you folks :P.