My Favorite Anime – Top 7 – Round 7

Hello fellow Anime folks, Busou Shinki fans, and Fox Minons! What do I have to offer this time? More of my ramblings and opinions for the anime shows I like and enjoy!

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Why seven? When I first started this my YouTube embedded plugin wouldn’t allow me to post more than 7, now it can. Either way, I’m sharing seven to keep things simple and to share the Anime I actually liked and still enjoy remembering.

I would also like to apologize if the YouTube embeds die on me, I have no control over those. As you may or may not know there are idiots claiming copyright forcing the video(s) to be pulled. It pisses me off but I can’t do much about it.

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1) – Last Exile: Fam the Silverwing:

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I loved the first season that I wanted a second season, or a game. Luckily the producers of the first Last Exile decided to make a second season  – this Silver Wing Fam anime. It goes without saying that I instantly followed it, notifying others with similar interests. It was worth the wait, worth the watch, and a nicely made sequel to the original. Sadly, our Anime fans don’t know their left from their right when it comes to awesome Anime forcing this anime to be “sleeper-hit”.

Fam was well worth the watch with the numerous ship battles, the awesome hockey game on the “ship” (minor spoiler), the underground Vanship race, and the hi-jacking of ships. All the new additions of newer and a handful of older ones to please those that enjoy drooling at ship designs. There is obviously more that I love yet they fall under spoilers meaning that I can’t really mention them.

The whole universe Last Exile exists in (the far future) is a nice world where you may wish to live for the sake of flying steam-punk vehicles.

Surprisingly, there actually was light fan-service scattered around the whole series. Just some slight hidden nudity here and there, some slight loli teases, and such. Nothing major. Glad it was done very tastefully.

Fam & Giselle made the Anime feel more light-hearted and more comical which was a nice addition. All the adventuring, pirating, and the struggles made it well worth the watch, though not for those seeking pure combat anime. Seeing Fam constantly push & pull people around the sky truly brought out the flight within me. Such a vast under-appreciated environment, like this Anime, welcoming those that want to experience the beauty from above.

Quite uppity and cheerful, wanting to get things done when others couldn’t or didn’t want to accomplish the tasks at hand. Seeing Millia being added into the main character cast made things all the more interesting, if a tad bit odd. Fam assists those in need, that is the pirate motto and way after all, thus her assisting Millia with every single thing. Well, to the point where Millia started influencing most of Fam & Gissle’s actions. No complaints really.

The soundtrack is as unique and awesome as before. I keep coming back to Last Exile through music. The OP, ED, and the soundtrack all work as one which I find as a rare trait for an Anime. The music all works with itself and the Anime itself. The atmosphere within various a ton – from serious, comical, sadness, and despair and all in between. Quite a deep Anime, probably why people “hate” Last Exile.

I would highly recommend people watch this with an open mind, not a close or lemming kind…Appreciate the beauty, not what others want you to make of it! Now fly within our precious blue sky before it disappears from us!

– Food for thought: Did the Canadians influence the inhabitants of the Last Exile universe to play hockey well into the future?

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*Didn’t fully express why I love Last Exile due to spoilers and similar.

2) – Steins;Gate:;Gate

“I’m Mad Scientist Sonova bitch!”

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Who doesn’t like science merged with conspiracy theories? Makes for a nice mind-screw scenario when mixed with saving those you love with conspiracy theories, and time-machines. How far and to what lengths will you go to save those dear to you?

Unleash the mad scientist within you to accomplish what is deemed socially unaccepted, socially destructive, and destructive to the things deemed both precious and taken for granted.

What made this stand out was the overall uniqueness and the toned conspiracy theories our beloved Mad scientist spewed from his paranoid mouth. The bravery to simply touch on what others deem as idiocy.  Such as? A microwave oven with the ability to send (censored) texts, themselves, and others all the while covertly operating and infiltrating “Cern/Sern”.

Experiments and conspiracy theories are fun, but harassing Kurisu is far more entertaining when unleashing a tsundere’s wrath. All that Dr. Pepper, side-plotting, and hidden impersonations can take a toll on both Kurisu’s and Okabe’s mental health.

All is fun when texting to the past, treasure hunting for old gadgets, experimenting with gelly bananas, and toying with an American tsundere.

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3) – Busou Shinki – Moon Angel:

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Welcome to the world of 15 cm tall battle robots! No! Not Infinite Stratos! I said 15 cm tall battle robots! You know, Angelic layer style with full on AI with the purpose of fighting it out in mini battle arenas similar to air hockey or pool tables size.

The anime itself has the main character – Tsubasa – discover a heavily damaged prototype – Arnval – Type Angel in some tree branches overlooking a massive full moon (supermoon?). Tsubasa swiftly repairs Arnval, names her Kaguya, and then proceeded to do battle as any other Shinki master would. Sadly, all goes astray when a certain program lets loose.

Something to swiftly note as a notable spoiler – Arnval is an “EX type” Shinki, meaning that she didn’t rank up appropriately in a way other Shinkis would. She was given special treatment in some way, shape, or form. Also, the three Shinki orbs in a Shinki’s breast dictates how a Shinki behaves in combat – (i.e Attack, defense, mobility and etc)

Seeing “01” let loose was ultimately satisfying, especially with the art style and animation complimenting her. As for our Greek mythological entity, she was quite a trigger-happy surprise.

The Anime sports a decently loveable soundtrack which people most likely didn’t notice due to it being appropriately balanced with the show itself. Even so, Busou Shinki sports Shinki character songs for your musical pleasures.

A lovely mini-anime for something that started as an MMO. It now has numerous figures, two PSP games – Battle Masters & MK.II, along with a now dead cellphone version – Battle Communications. A great concept with a company leading the franchise a bit too carelessly.

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You can see more on my review here – Episode 1 & 10. 10 has the episode list.

4) – The Princess and the Pilot:

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As a person who enjoys planes and flight I couldn’t ignore this movie at all. I even regretted holding off in watching it for a few weeks. That is how amazing this Anime movie truly is!

It is truly stunningly beautiful with the amount of attention to detail was placed within every detail of this Anime.  The music is beautiful, the scenery is over-done with detail, the story flows well, and feels like you’re watching three films in one with the phases. Ya, I know those are story arcs.

The voice acting for our gorgeous Fana has some work to do in the laughing and crying field. Overall though, the voice acting is awesome and people (anime fans) are simply being overly picky, as they always are. For both being new voice actors for both Fiana and Charles they did better than expected. I quite enjoyed it and my ears didn’t bleed.

As for escorting the princess – others and myself would of fled with the Princess instead of gaining false national pride.

More ramblings and opinions of said movie can be found here (click me).

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5) – Rinne no Lagrange:

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A trance-styled mecha show with a trio girl group tasked with saving the Earth from aliens. Such Madoka is tasked with by Laffinty, an alien from another planet to pilot a unique mecha. Madoka showing no fear at all as she non-hesitantly approaches the task with her sweat-club passion of accomplishing the task head-on. Such is the motto of her own club! The catch? There obviously is one? Do not unleash the three monsters upon the world (censored)…

One would be lonely, two would be unbalanced, while three would provide positive support holding everything together as one.”

This anime is quite strange to word appropriately, or properly…except for the fact that it takes itself both seriously and comically at the same time in nearly every situation. Loads of gags (maid outfit moment), lightly censored fan-service, and loads of slice-of-life comedy. Unleash your passion upon the world to save it from the would-be invaders!

Rinne no Lagrange attracted me with the trancy smoothness of the mecha, the OP, and the trance music soundtrack BGM appropriately named “Midori“. For being a slow paced slice-of-life there actually is a handful of mecha combat. Satisfying ones at that.

Rinne no Lagrange’s Opening, especially in full form, is quite pleasing to both the ears and the eyes. Found that the Try Unite OP had a slight Fate/Extra theme vibe to it at the near beginning in a musical sense, yet minor.

As mentioned, the trancy watery world known within Rinne no Lagrange pleases me. The show itself pleases me as a whole when given enough patience.

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6) – Mirai Nikki:

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Not recommended to those under 18. I mean it! You’ve been warned! Don’t play the hero or “mature minded” card either. I can’t stop you so have fun destroying your mind.

How nice it would be to predict the future with a simple peak on any information device. Yukiteru and Yuno both have such an ability to predict the future with a simple glance on their phone. But hey, we all know there has to be a catch to these things, right? Of course! You’re place in a survival game in a life & death manner to to become god or die trying. Cruel eh.

To make matters worse, Yukiteru has a yandere stalker named Yuno who follows him everywhere doing his bidding wherever she goes. Not as a brainless follower, but a semi-loyal plotting evil-minded seductive killing stalker that will do anything to achieve her goal. Nasty.

*Spoilers*I can still remember that one rape scene with (censored) to the point where it constantly invades my mind on various occasions. May be stuck with it for a while.*/Spoilers*. Oh, and if that made you check out Mirai Nikki then you’re a damn idiot! There isn’t any nudity in the Anime itself so I’ll burst your bubble right now, if you had one inflated.

I can’t remember exactly why I picked up to the show, yet I can tell you that the uniqueness and Yuno got me hooked. Yuno, the story, and the constant surprises kept me hooked on this crazy minded show which seems to boarder closely to Higurashi, Deadman Wonderland, and a bit on “Another“. The amount of effort Yuno put into keeping her plans on track with her killer maniac personality is the main “attraction” of the show, with all of us who enjoyed Mirai Nikki falling for her at first sight. That carefree bad-ass unpredictable yandere personality…

The soundtrack is nicely put together. It itself added that nice dark atmosphere to this show that already had a brutal survival game added into it. That, with the above reasons is why I love Mirai Nikki. It took me off guard while adding a “nice” dark atmosphere with crazy minded characters trying to tactfully slay one another to become god. I don’t support killing but this quote is appropriate for this show:

“Who cares if I kill people, I’ll revive them when I become god!”

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7) – Senki Zesshou Symphogear:

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Music is life and life is music! Unlock the power of music by singing to keep humanity safe from harmful noise invasions. Allow the various pieces of fragments to grant you the ability to wield music as armor – Symphogear.

You’re probably thinking “Why Symphogear? It’s horrible! But but! It has horrible Engrish, noticeable bad animations, awkward relationships, horrible punchlines, bad yuri relationship, and an annoying main character.

I’ll give you those points regardless of right or wrong. It does have a nice reward for those willing to give Symphogear a chance – Macross-esque concerts, awesome character albums, Chris Yukine voiced by same seiyuu as Sharatang  (busou Shinki), interesting combat scenes, and the overall soundtrack sounds awesome. Yes yes, I’m aware that the show was also poking fun at itself and parodying other Anime with various “specials”. Not defending it, just saying I love it for the music if you’re not on the same page as I.

I love this anime from the musical and character side of the story because music is known to cure and influence the way you behave in both anime and our world.

This anime was mostly enjoyable up until you either notice or ignore the flaws. Because I enjoyed the music from the show I kept watching it thus it became my favorite. I’ve also grown to like Hibiki’s manly scream. Chris Yukine Figma want! SYMPHOGEEEEEAR!

Don’t sing your swan song just yet, we still need you in this world!

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Well, this most likely ended up mostly rambly instead of informative yet I still said what I wanted. Also long-overdue so double glad. If you got something out of this than I’m pleased and if not, ah well….I’ll come back and edit my silly mistakes.

This spring & summer line-up looks very pleasing so I might add another round soon after this one once those Animes finish airing.