[E2046] Nagisa – Saber Attack – Belldandy Angel Movie Version

Heyo! I have three interesting figures to show off today – Nagisa from Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, Saber Attack Pose from Fate/Stay Night, and Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess movie.

(All images provided by E2046)


Nagisa –

The overly gorgeous and elegant Nagisa from Sega’s Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity (PSP). A “Love at first sight” character with a very charming and elegance radiating from and off her.

I haven’t played the game, yet I am familiar of who she is within the game.

Always have, and always will enjoy seeing her in figure form. Even in this figure form. Everything, or mostly everything on this current figure represents her nicely, and with the proper amount of elegance. Great attention of detail has been placed onto her that I can easily recommend her to those who like her as a character, or those looking to spice up their figure shelf with a beautiful looking figure of Nagisa. All those markings, buttons, the flower, detailing on the sword, and etc.

Saber Attack Pose

Hey! Watch out! A dashing Saber coming through!

Need a simplistic, yet detailed Saber in your collection? This Saber shall assist with obtaining that Holy Grail of a figure shelf you’ve been seeking. She is quite detailed and in a simple, yet fancy of a pose that one shall enjoy Saber’s presence on their shelving. Perfect for those claiming Saber as their waifus. Any still around?

My have two main issues with the figure, which can most likely go easily ignored to those that can ignore such issues – Saber’s face and the base. Saber’s face looks a bit odd and the base is too simplistic. A command spell seems necessary.

Belldandy Angel Movie version

The angelic and beautiful Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess. A beautiful figure of an angelic, yet lovable angel. The show was highly enjoyable and very touching, if one decides to actually watch the show while allowing their heart strings to be pulled by said beautiful show.

Belldandy here has a highly respectful figure of her, one of which I would go out of my way to obtain if I actually had room to store more figures. I’m finding no real faults with said figure, highly enjoying how she is held upwards by her angelic outfit. Her wings complimenting her beauty while adding to her size in a nice way.

What I said probably sound forced, and it most likely is. I genuinely do like this figure along with the detailing, quality, while also respecting one of the best classic Animes hidden away in time. I will highly recommend this figure along with the Anime and movies.


Thanks for reading and hope this article was worth your time. 🙂

Until next time!