Happy Foxy New Year – 2014!

Kon! Happy New Year, and a Happy Foxy New Year 2014! Hopefully this shall be a happy and foxy one for myself and you!

– My Foxes wishing you a Foxy New Year! Kon!

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

Me and my lovely foxes wish you a happy 2014! It’s been fun transitioning from 2013 into 2014 with the fireworks display I hosted in Minecraft along with taking these quick shots of my foxes jumping onto spoils of 2014. Kon!

If you would like to know how my 2013 was like should check out the following article I shared multiple times the past few days. 2013 was the year of constant frustration and the year of Varakitsu. Maybe not the full year, though I’ll get back to that when I go to celebrate Vara’s birthday on March 06 :).

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Arctic Kitsune’s Favorite Images P5 – Images of 2013:

Paizuri Kitsune:
(Not mine, but insanely gorgeous!)

Canadian Fox sneaks up to Photographer:

I couldn’t leave my New Year’s portion empty, thus these quick-shots and my Minecraft festivities. Vara eagerly wanted a sip of some champagne to celebrate the New Year’s with, as she does with Sake on a full moon.

I even had Vara redo her poses loosely when I first had her drink to a full moon. This is Vara’s way of paying respects to her younger year’s self.

– Tried to get her in the festive fun, even though her joints wouldn’t allow it. It appears I even wrapped her kimono/yukata wrong ^^;
– POP!
– Let’s drink up! A toast to a new year!

I spotted a happy little Caster attempting a bow in her puffy kimono/yukatta. She tried her best to hold a pose. Cute :).

– Don’t mind Vara, she’s happily going for a second and third serving.

And again – My Foxes wish you a Happy Foxy New Year!


Minecraft – New Year Celebration – 2014!

Minecraft is a big part of my gaming life-style. I must create, celebrate, and have fun in Minecraft, or any similar game. I enjoy games that are open, not linear. With that, I spent all of the end of 2013 clearing out an area of my rebuilt Kyuukon City just to host this fireworks display.

I even tried recording a video for Persocom who sadly didn’t make it.

– Set-up complete! Now to just enjoy the fireworks show!
– Nine condensed ice pillars representing 9 fox spirit tails & A mini flag covering the dispensers behind it; Canadian flag as Arcticu Empire flag.

I had to rebuilt Kyuukon city because the first main map was heavily riddled with mods that it couldn’t be rescued. I even had to clear out a large chunk of dirt just to clear out the main city lay-out, then improvising a design to that layout. Having to rebuild constantly sucks. Enjoying the festivities is however awesome!

Thank you enchanted diamond shovel!

– Preparing the VIP sitting area.

– Glorious fireworks over the growing Kyuukon City

– My friend, me in a Renge skin, and Nas in his WW2 outfit.

– After-fireworks celebration.

– Used a Minecart system with redstone as my FTB timer. It starts off instantly.

And now the clean-up process awaits to remove every creative mode spawned blocks and items. That shall be fun heh. ^^;

– Minecraft Fireworks Display:

I do hope you folks enjoy this fireworks show that I spent the whole of December 31st preparing for. This video is also meant to be shared with Persocom who couldn’t make it for whatever reason. Also meant to be shared with you folks as well! Happy New Year’s from my Minecraft world!

(Watch all 8 minutes or as much as you’d like.)


I find it both frustrating and amusing how I was denied twice from an online site that does commissions for doll outfits. It was linked to and recommended by those on the Dollfie Dream Forum, even with outfits fitting a “normal” DD body. I got denied twice with a – 1) “Sorry, we don’t have a DDdy to model” – 2) “Sorry, we won’t meet your expectations“. I believe I’m supposed to say the latter?

Ah well, no matter…Not really important and I won’t really name them as I don’t want to bring down their reputation in any form or manner. Just noting that I was denied twice because I was trying to get Vara one of her few “main” outfits. Guess I’ll just move on until someone does want to make her one. I’m most likely going to have to drop down what costs an arm and a leg on a commission service, if they accept. Something that even costs as much as Vara herself if it comes to that last resort. $300 USD upward which jumps even higher when converted to CAD.

I’m hoping Vara will obtain one or both of her blades to display with. Either her Fox’s Fang or even an “Ice Blade” (still needs a proper name; I suck at names?). We’ll see how that comes along. I even need to get her new foxy ears.

Going to see who bites, what is made and when it shall all arrive. I’m hoping all in time for Vara’s coming or next birthday next year. Either that, or on a festivity of some sort.

It also appears that 2014 is already calling me into taking scenic images with Vara all over the place. I’m constantly getting flooded with ideas as to where to take images with her, what outfit she should wear, and how to do things. Looking forward to what I actually end up sharing and recording on my blog. I’m hoping nothing shall sour my mood. 🙂

Happy Foxy 2014! Hope you enjoyed both the festivities and what I shared here! Kon!