Varakitsu’s Summer Attire

Heyo! Thought I’d post up some more images of Varakitsu with her next round of clothing to wear. Mostly summer-wear with one or two being colder-wear.

– Vara happily holding up her neatly packed clothing.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens; NSFW Warning for bikini images and teases.)

I wanted to get Varakitsu some more summer wear and to expand it just that much more. I wanted to have her wear something fancy after some internet styled window shopping for clothing a hell of a lot along with some teasing summer-related wears. Basically a purchase of an overly revealing bikini set, female workout underwear set, black chained swimsuit for summer fashion all from Nightfallwalker. That, and some warmer leggings and a warmer one-piece top set for the cooler periods. I also blame all the dreams and invasive thoughts I had with her in them. It’s insane how much Varakitsu has invaded my mind just so I can keep “improving” her appearance and form.

I obtained the package on a lovely Kitsune Wednesday after Canada Post acted all so silly by not leaving any delivery notice slip in the mail box. I did get the package, just wasn’t appropriately notified. Seeing how I encountered this problem before I know how to deal with Canada Post’s new habits.

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– I’m always amused by the stickers attached to these packages.

I’m also truly hoping the image quality is enjoyable because these were snapped a bit too quickly for this blog’s purpose. Wanted to take images of Varakitsu in full in an outdoor setting pretty soon, especially after missing the Ferrari Festival.

Microkini(?) / Mini-Bikini:

I won’t lie that this was the main reason I bought got this whole packaging set. I, for fun, wanted to see how Vara would look with it on and how it would suit her. I’m going to assume that it makes her look “pure” while needing to mature just that much more. Need to still allow Varakitsu mature like one would be patient with waiting for wine to age appropriately. Even now though this is quite teasing, interesting, and fitting. Need to keep her hair however in check.

Now if I can get her to a beach setting without anybody observing I would be overjoyed to have her having fun at the beach with this on. I also did want to get her standing indoors but my room isn’t photogenic so no standing shots. That is why I prefer outdoor settings.

I have to also note that because they’re practically non-existent in size and revealing that they are quite tricky to put on. Quite tedious at times to even place and keep her tail in place.

Quite hard to keep her tail attached to the panty portion of the mini-bikini.

Fancy Pants:

I also felt the need to gift Vara some new pants because she is lacking variety in them. They’re quite hard with these chain-mail type fabric feeling quite neat and heavy for those cooler periods in photo-shooting, like fall and winter. I quite like these and may mix-and-match them with the clothing she already has for when the time comes. I approve of them and quite like them. They even look neat on Varakitsu. Very easy to put on.

– Observing Vara pulling up her new pants to cover her exposed foxy self.

One-Piece Outfit:

Similar to the pants I felt that Varakitsu needed more one-piece shirts for the cooler periods in the weather. Just something to keep her warm for when she decides to wander and enjoy herself during photoshoots. Quite nice and easy with how it goes on her with all those buttons. With this outfit on Vara it even reminds me of seeing a foxy Holo from Spice & Wolf at times. I’m quite curious as to how she’ll appear during the cooler meets in the fall.

No complaints, well unless you note how difficult the buttons are to move through the holes to put on and off. A tiny bit tedious.

– I say she looks gorgeous in her new one-piece outfit. Quite fitting to wander around outdoors in a casual manner. Also curious how she’ll appear in outdoor photoshoots in such, while standing especially.

Black Chained Swimsuit:

Just like the mini/micro-kini, I got this for the fun of it for Varakitsu. I was curious how she would appear in something other than white in colour. I actually quite like this swimsuit with it just barely passing my approval. Love how you can play around with the chains by inserting some appropriate “pet play” that isn’t +18. Even attaching the chain to the lower portion in fear that one or the other might become loose during photo-shoot environments, such as high waves or similar.

If it does fit Varakitsu then I again note that it “just barely” passes my approval. May have to wait on year 2 or even a year 3 version of Varakitsu. And again, I can’t wait to take her out also to a beach or river setting with her wearing either white or black swimsuits.

Gray Work-Out Underwear:

Not sure what it is actually named so I’ll just go with the generic name I gave it. It does remind me of all the work-out underwear woman would wear casually in gyms and in military settings in Anime I’ve seen. Felt like Varakitsu might need it for any “casual” or workout related photo shoots in the future and to further justify purchasing all the above with this. I quite like this and I approve of it on Varakitsu’s form.

The top half of this set gave me quite a scare when I heard and felt ripping. My stomach and mood sank immediately upon noticing that the back came loose. I was simply trying to stretch it over her body to place on her person to find out that I can undo the velcro to place on her. Quite neat! Not what I was expecting, though helpful.

Bonus Images – FIFA Mood Test Images:

Just some test images and quick-shots of Varakitsu in some FIFA mood fun. I’m of course wanting to take more images of her playing ball in an outdoor setting.

– Vara happily wanting to play some ball after watching some FIFA games. Told her she can play soon during the next meet-up heh.

– Vara happily examining one of my very old noise-making footballs from Europe. Ole~ Ole~. It still somehow barely works for its age.

– So adorable. With this I think I need to turn her more icy blue with clothing. That shall be fun!

Even for quick-shots images I do hope you enjoyed these images and the loot I acquired for Varakitsu. She’s happily prepared for summer festivities and photo-shooting fun with her summer & cooler wear. I truly can’t wait to take her out for an outdoor photo-shoot now. Hoping the one coming soon shall assist with that and to finally bring out Varakitsu’s true foxy beauty.

Thanks for viewing & hope you enjoyed! Kon!