Happy Spooky Foxy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Decided to mess around with some simple light play with Varakitsu tonight on this spooky Halloween by playing around once again with her ghost lamp. I’m sure I brought out Vara’s spooky side thanks to all these spooky light angles.

– A powerful gaze to freeze one solid in their tracks.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

Happy Halloween to all my fox minions and followers! Hope you are enjoyed, or have enjoyed, your spooky 2014 Halloween in one manner or another. Me? Always lost in thought trying to also have fun with my lovely foxies when I can. Varakitsu happily tried to show me her scary side today, and let me tell you I got spooked. Some sadly had to be left out of the collection due to not being “sharable”.

Wanted to play with pumpkins which I did partially succeed at during this photoshoot. A little pumpkin can be seen on Vara in every few images while the background is directly behind her. No actual pumpkins around as I wasn’t able to obtain such. I however did have loads of fun with the light play I did it in two parts.

– Jiiiiiiiiiii~
– “What demons do you hide in this cover of light and darkness?” – Varakitsu.
– “Is your personality true, or a mask protecting your true self from others?” – Varakitsu.
– “Myself? Allow your imagination run wild. I’m what you would consider a human woman with fox ears and a tail of what you call an arctic fox holding a lamp next to a witch hat. The rest? Run your imagination wild.” – Varakitsu
– “What is invisible to ones’ sight means not is non-existent. One simply requires another vantage point, another perspective to view the hidden.” – Varakitsu

– ““Pluck thou my flower, Oothoon the mild; Another flower shall spring, because the soul of sweet delight Can never pass away” – Varakitsu quoting William Blake in a serious teasing tone. (Varakitsu playfully ‘mocking’ Sharatang’s version of similar quote.)
– ““There is no mysterious essence we can call a ‘place’. Place is change. It is motion killed by the mind, and preserved in the amber of memory.” – J.A Baker (Vara once again quoting in a more serious tone lacking any ‘playful’ tones.)
– “A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.” – Charles Dickens

Thanks for viewing! I hope hope you felt a genuine case of either uneasy, spooked by Vara’s stare, or now somewhat fearful of Vara’s darker side. She can get quite….spooky when in her serious foxy personality, which this Halloween allows mood wise. If not then she’ll simply become spookier as time goes on every Halloween heh. Why no more Minecraft festive images? I was pissed off by constant protesting and delays in patches that I just shoved it to the side. PSo2 also IP blocked us dirty foreigners so I can’t be bothered. It’s back to figure and Varakitsu images, and Halloween image plays.

The quotes? Just to mess your mind as well as being Vara’s hobby when seeing me doing other things. She enjoys studying human behaviour. Pumpkins are in the image, just very hard to spot. Good luck spotting them. Was also amusing playing around with Sharatang’s lights.

Again, Happy Halloween and thanks for viewing!