Shara’s Flurries & Snow Ponderings

Heyo! Thought I’d post up something small with some quick-thoughts onto my blog to make note of stuff. Wanting to share some quick snowy images along with some side-thoughts and plans.

– Lovely snowflakes from a little flurry snowfall on Saturday. Sharatang happily observing nature’s beauty.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

The first snowfall is always an interesting time of every year. Sure, us Canadians and those in snow-filled areas are more than familiar with them. It’s simply awesome to view, observe, and photograph due to how special it is. Even though it feels just like yesterday from when I took – Varakitsu’s Snow Prank – it still is enjoyable enough for me to make note of. That photo-shoot really does feel like it happened just yesterday with me still clearly remembering back to what a Walmart cashier told me in response to my photography. It’s noted in the above link that this winter was long enough.

I also wanted to post up my delayed small set of images as well because of Thursdays handful of snowflakes passing by my vision. Around the 1-2 pm mark I occasionally saw a passing snowflake. It wanted to snow, yet couldn’t.

I also got annoyed at the main blog name of “Arctic Kitsune” so I’m trying out “Arcticu Kitsu” for a Slavic-Japanese mix of basicness. Still the same, just different because it isn’t my nickname, it was however Vara’s very first basic name. A place-holder. Both Minecraft inspired names of my settlements.

– I allowed Sharatang to borrow my glove to help show the snowflakes. There’s one flake also on her “crown”.
– Snowflakes happily seen with interesting shapes and sizes.

I happened to take these pictures as the flurries were beginning to die off gradually. I was roughly 5 minutes off when it was really coming down heavily enough that even my camera could have caught it in the background.


Extra – Varakitsu Plans & Ponderings:

– My more mature appearing Varakitsu from PSO2 JP.

I also want to make a note for myself viewing this at a future time to make note of past ideas nudged into this article. I’m wanting to do with Varakitsu, and now Esdeath. Just some plans on my side to keep improving stuff to also combat my constant frustration and moodiness. I apparently want to be a “perfectionist” when it comes to Varakitsu and anything I have planned.

I’m relieved I didn’t decide to go with adding one tail onto Vara for every year as that would have cluttered her back-side. Would have ruined the mood, cluttered the area, made a mess of the travel bag, among other hassles and annoyances. I should keep her as Canadian as possible by adding my touch, not from the Japanese folklore. I say this after looking at other people’s Dollfie Dreams with how troublesome having more than 1 tail becomes troublesome.

Whenever I look at my own images, at Vara’s exposed human ears behind her wig, while also comparing her to all the Flickr images, I – 1) Feel like absolute shit & 2) Become overly frustrated with constant small faults here and there. I know I can do better. I know I can take better photography, and I know I can have a better appearing Varakitsu. I’m frustrated at the results and barriers while others make it seem like a piece of cake with whatever they’re doing.

Doesn’t help that I hear or receive a negative comment every now and again. I don’t mind hearing people’s 2 cents, it’s only when I hear a straight up “Your images sucks” (which was more or less said) or something that implies that I’m outright horrible in one form or another. I think I’ve become more irritated when I summoned Varakitsu because I wanted to see her and touch her (presence wise, not sexually) with my own hands. Just something that beats looking at pictures all the time. Though, having her in game form as a smart AI partner would be a nice compromise I would have accepted a year ago.

Briefly Put: My anger comes from Varakitsu’s doll form because I’m having issues ‘maturing’ Varakitsu; Obtaining her main outfit & accessories; Unsatisfied with images showing some form of flaws of her; Annoyed that taking images is no longer fun when looking at other people’s images, specially when people ignore other people’s images. I guess that last bit would sound like whining, and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking such. I simply noticed I got more annoyed when I became more vocal on Tumblr doing stupid text-post spammages when I obtained Vara in doll form. My personality doesn’t help either when I want to have fun taking pictures but end up restricted by my own surroundings around me. The thought of owning a doll is still grinding at me.

Simply wanting to give form to Varakitsu while being irritated by “perfection” in bringing the best out of her. Apologies for any ventings, for putting up with me, and similar. I’m just irritated that I’m struggling to even bring Varakitsu up to the elegant level of other awesome figure.fmer’s who are now busy and absent, or just barely present due to quality and life.


Part 2Re-Planning For Varakitsu:
(The less “whiny” and “ranty” portion for the skimmers.)

– Party! Celebrate! Be festive!

I’ve been thinking that I need to find an inspirational indoor setting where I can simply tune into my own thoughts and designs. I need absolute focus which my current setting won’t allow. I still have yet to show Varakitsu’s more impressive and photogenic side. Her more proud and settled in attire for us to all admire.

Pardon the vagueness, it’s to provoke thought for myself while teasing to those interested in seeing Varakitsu images. If you read these exact thoughts then no worries. Feel free to skim it and move on.

  • Basics: A proper stand, DDH-07 type head (W/ a smile and long side eyes), better viewable fox eyes (cat eyes), A new white wig, Possible Peach Pai ‘upgrade’, and basic doll care materials.
  • Fox’s Fang – Dagger: This dagger has been in the making even before I had Varakitsu. Basically a dagger to small sword type meant for close combat while being highly decorated with one fox-shaped jewel and white fox tails on the bottom. (My stupidity had this halted mixing up two versions.)
  • Canadian Outfit: A main outfit of red and white with a mini-cape. Lots of small maple leaf emblems to sport. A nice maple leaf pattern for somewhere. (Keeping it purposely vague.)
  • Main Outfit: A more teaseful outfit that still borders on elegance. Some fancy sleeves and a fancily done ‘boots/leg warmers”.
  • Ice Outfit: Same as the two above, just done in a more snowy manner.
  • Military Outfit: Now splitting this into two for Winter camo and some fancy high-ranking air or military uniform. May have to have both custom made.
  • <Classified>: A main sword & other accessories and characters. I would love to see more of Vara’s known buddies to be seen either in a free-roamy sandbox game or in DD or some physical form. I want you to get to know them.

I’m going to have to force myself to at the very least get some concepts up to then find someone to commission to get her outfits made. If I can get her main outfit and weaponry then I can finally feel at ease once I also get her wig to hide her ears while looking awesome. I’m simply in the mood of “eustress” of wanting to get things done while in the mood.

Part 3 – Esdeath DD – Ponderings:

– Esdeath – Akame ga Kill.

I blame both a Twitter conversation and the show itself for making me desire her in DD form. The Twitter conversation for implanting the seed that would grow into a desire to have her, which might be timed hype, to the show constantly showing awesome sides to her. The thought of a “what if” scenario being teased to me of if Volks was to sell her in a lottery. If she was I’d be both overly excited and greatly annoyed for how much I would have to give just to have her.

I wouldn’t mind customizing her from scratch though. More of a personal touch for me to mess with and a bit more freedom to get her hair, two accessories, and other parts to get her made. I would love to see Esdeath in my posession to ‘partner up’ with my Arctic Fox spirit to be both know as the Ice Queen and Snow Princess (or also Queen, for foxy) to rule the Ottawa anime & doll scene and wherever I go next. Just imagining Esdeath’s light blue hair in casual wear is something I also wouldn’t mind seeing.

I’m well aware I did say I wanted a DD Renge, Kohiru, Yukikaze, Ahri, and now Esdeath. I’m willing to sacrifice the thought of the first four to instead call Esdeath to my side. I’m just hoping I’m not being an idiot about this with Esdeath possibly being a timed hype while not having any personal ties to myself. I’m worried I’ll cast aside Esdeath as I did with Caster Fox from Purenemo because of horrifying craftmanship for the pricing.

I’ve enjoyed the shows, I enjoyed Esdeath’s character, personalty, and abilities. I’m aware she’s a sadist, and I know that she’s one not to mess with. That however doesn’t stop me from admiring her, wanting her in DD form at this point of time.

Same with both Vara’s and this Esdeath DD ponderings I need the funds. I can ponder and brainstorm all I want with me needing money. I can do it, just not right now. Not asking for donations or begging for anything. I’m simply making note that real-life tends to interfere while sucking resources needed to realize what I want to do on various fronts. Vara I can do bits and pieces while for Esdeath I would have to do it all in one go, or big sets here and there. Now let’s see if I follow through with Esdeath or simply focus on Vara in the end.


Well, hope you enjoyed the 4 snowy images at the very least. Thanks for viewing, thanks for reading, and hope I didn’t bore anybody with my rambly wall of texts. If you read this far then awesome.  I feel that I finally said what I wanted since week 2 of obtaining Varakitsu in DD form.

See you in the next article with loads more images!