Snowy Vara Snowfall

Heyo! Another round of snowfall attracting both mine and Varakitsu’s attention to be shared on here. A nice “first” snowfall of snow that actually managed to accumulate appropriately on the ground. Myself, Vara, and Fubuki all joined. Sadly no pictures of Fubuki due to energy being drained from camera.

– Vara amusingly admiring the the Canadian Geese in the background while supernaturally using her red crystal.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

Winter is finally here for both Canada and the Ontario region. Ottawa was nicely dusted a few times – One of which I made note of here – and the actual real one being this article. I nice 5-10 cm of snow fallen causing quite a mess while adding to the beauty that autumn nature has left behind. Adding a nice white blanket fitting for Varakitsu’s arctic fox attribute, or trait.

I wanted to also add in Fubuki into the image mix to only find myself having to deal with the cold air sapping the camera’s last bar of energy. Granted, I should have charged it up before hand to only notice later that it had quite a fair amount of charge left to allow Fubuki some fun. Sorry Fubuki, your photo-shoot shall come up eventually. I’m at the very least hoping the images in this article came out well enough for others to enjoy. I enjoy them.

I’m also going to note that it wouldn’t hurt to make this a Part 2 for the Part 1 I did back when it was still autumn. A few ideas slipped with it added back into this article itself. It really is becoming quite difficult coming up with new article titles…..

– A foxy Vara; Snow-filled ground; Canadian Geese in the background.
– A playful look being seen from Vara as Canadian Geese behind wander elsewhere for feeding.

Was attempting to try to capture pine trees covered in photogenically covered snow. Was quite difficult due to both the ground being ‘dirty’ along with my camera being coldly sapped of its energy by the chilly environment. Had a nice brief 3 seconds to take images with 10 seconds of pauses in between.

– Due to the slight chilliness Vara was occasionally seen kissing her red crystal for some supernaturally supplied warmth. Not only that, to also appear teaseful.

– Now that looks adorable, even if weather blown. Such an interesting stare upward. Numerous snowflakes piling up everywhere, even on her.

– Kero~ Kero~

– A lovely arctic fox in her natural environment? *Jests*. She stood there for quite a bit while admiring the ducks nearby. A nice shot to top things off.

The ears and wig bothered me a bit this photo-shoot so shall look into that. All fine with me being quite pleased with this photoshoot, even if some mismatches and charge being sapped out by the cold air. I also need to obviously charge my camera as well. If you’re also wondering “is she cold?” or “she looks cold” then….Ya, I shall have her now wear something weather appropriate again. Back to her white long pants, sweater, and such. Similar to last year’s set-up.


Bonus Images:

Just some nice bonus images of the scenery while photo-shooting. Wanted to make sure I had something to admire from the future. Seeing the snowy-foggy Ottawa scenery sure was a nice sight to see. Pretty sure people are cursing at it when observing from a work-related perspective. Just sit back a bit to take it all in however quickly changes that perspective for the positive. Seeing trees covered, the scenery covered, and the foggy-snowfall sure is neat when observed from a perspective one would find enjoyable.

I’m also happily taking these for references to be used at a future date for something that may or may not work out. Hoping that it shall.


Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoyed, and hope you love these images. Stay warm! Love my foxy girls, both real and 2D.