Pokemon: United Adventures – Nintendo’s Weakness

Heyo. I’ve been wanting to make this kind of article for a lengthy amount of time now, especially after reading numerous other relating to the same topic as others have gone into detail with. So much detail that it’s highly puzzling as to why we haven’t obtained an actual worthy Pokemon game for one and all to enjoy. Granted, it may be posted in vain.

– Pixelmon used for reference; Flying high, far, and free.

(All images taken from Minecraft’s Pixelmon mod for reference of peoples’ desire. Most likely a vain hope in acquiring Nintendo’s & Gamefreak’s attention.)

This may or may not seem out of place on my blog, though I shall still ramble on about it as clearly as I as I can at the moment of writing. A post about how Nintendo and Gamefreak both being dangerously comfortable with their milk-cow of a genre being their Pokemon Gameboy games. One constant rehash after another keeping things to the same formula after another with minor changes here and there. Occasionally they do get things correct to only remove them a version later. A very good friend of mine also tried to have me purchase a WiiU so I could join him on some Mario fun. I wouldn’t mind doing such, but I also would love to find a very good Pokemon game to make it worthwhile in the long-run. Right now I find the WiiU to be useless because it doesn’t have that “ideal” Pokemon game that I and others desire highly.

I will openly admit that I’m both spoiled by Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal when it comes to how I imagine the free-roaming to be. How G/S/C all added a nostalgic re-visit to the Kanto region for us to revisit for nostalgic sakes. Ever since then I haven’t held a Pokemon version as highly, thus the silence till Black & White, X&Y. It may also appear that I may not even play the new Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.

I know that I may be typing this in vain as Nintendo and Gamefreak both have free reign on their Pokemon license. I’m here however trying to voice both my frustration and desire along with other gamers who simply want to expand our journey into restricted digital lands that should actually be quite easy to make. I want them to strongly consider making a free-roaming world, even if it does seem like a major gamble from their point of view. They need to challenge themselves, even pushing the boundaries instead of leaping “safely” from ledge to ledge. I’ll also give them the benefit of the doubt that they may have considered this and thought of it as a poor concept. Even so, after being spoiled by Pixelmon & G/S/C versions, I still want to push for this idea as one should always take risks, not constantly worry about falling into the safety net. Nintendo has a big enough buffer to play with such a project and idea.


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Free-Roaming – Sandboxy Experience:

– Free-roaming with randomly generated Pokemon fitting for the region.

Not much to be desired, expect for a nice somewhat massive and unrestricted area to experience the Pokemon world in its full glory. A nice world from Kanto to the newest region to travel around from one place to the next battling, meeting, training, and discovering new Pokemon and events on a whim without restrictions. No barriers, no level caps, no story invisible walls…Just traveling while raising your Pokemon while encountering trainers and Pokemon on a whim, and appropriate for their region while also taking in familiar and unfamiliar sights and sounds.

A nice unrestricted world to start off with a random Pokemon (or the iconic ones) to then just roam around at your own leisure to battle trainers, gym leaders, and randomly (region appropriate) spawned Pokemon to battle. I would love to randomly roam around on MY terms, at my LEISURE, to do what I want. I simply can’t play the Pokemon gameboy games long-term because you’re simply stuck in a box. To continue playing I need a free-roaming purpose, not an RPG gameboy rules forced world when once you finish the game it’s game over.

To help with imagining how I’m viewing this you should look in the context of Pixelmon Mod, Skyrim’s free-roam, maybe even Dragon Age: Inqusition of travel, though with Bullet Trains, boats, and planes. Even Pokemon to help travel around.

(- Daydreaming thoughts: Just imagining myself and others, even in a co-op session, simply flying about, riding water pokemon, or even fishing while Pokemon harass openly would be amusing. For those that played Skyrim try and imagine Mudcrabs, but with Krabbys and similar harassing you while having your Pokemon defend you. Freely taking a Bullet Train from one open region to the next, or even a scenic cruise with partial RPG random events triggering on the boat.)


Obtaining Items & Badges:

– Obtaining items in a mix of Gameboy version and Boss battles?

I’m not going to speculate too much as game studios have a horrid defensive fetish of “throwing 3rd party ideas into the trash” because of legal and copyright issues. I’m simply going to keep this simple by ‘assuming’ that item should stay the same as in the Gameboy version. Simply acquire them as you would in the portable games while even needing badges to roam freely around the world.

Nothing much should change from the usual. If it’s in Nintendo’s and Gamefreak’s hands then everything should stay pretty much the same. Though, of course things should change to fit the 3D environment, hopefully lively and unrestricted.

(- Daydreaming Thoughts: Sitting and ordering food at a restaurant would be quite amusing, especially in any co-op form. A digital “Sword Art Online” of snacking up with your buddy, yourself, and/or with your Pokemon party, similar to Poke-Amie. Bringing Amie into the actual world itself. Going from one gym to the next to then battle them again for the fun of it would be appealing.)


Multiplayer – Co-op:

– My Charizard spotting other wild ones.

The cherry on top of the cake would be a nice lovely multiplayer, a co-op mode at the very least to enjoy. Being able to travel the region with your close buddies would keep the fun and games going for a long while. Single-player playing tends to get lonely and boring as one continues to progress. Humans are social creatures so you need other people’s company to keep interested while adding your own fun into the mix. Going around the region with your friends in a party or separately would be quite entertaining, adding extra ‘drunken’ fun to the mix. Seeing yourself flying while following someone on the sea or riding their land-Pokemon around would be quite amusing as silly comments fly about.

Following and taking turns battling the gym, doing 2 vs 2, and ect in a 3D open world would be the most interesting of battles. Again, being spoiled by Pixelmon has me desiring to party hoards of Pokemon, battling random hostile Pokemon trainers, possibly even battling the elements would add to extra gameplay moments. Wouldn’t expect much, simply following, protecting, and taking turns at gyms to obtain a badge, while even possibly staying connected actual nations apart in different time-zones.


Bonus: Owning Homes, Apartments, Hidden Bases:

– Pidgeot flying by a settlement of mine.

Not even expecting Nintendo & Gamefreak to make a free-roamy world, yet it would be wise for them to do so. If they do, and if they play the appropriate cards then as a bonus I would be expecting actual home to be customized, or apartment. A place for you to live, customize, and go back to after journey with actual Pokemon following following you (by yours or their choice) to roam around at their will. Adding any food or storing items in these homes, apartments, and such would be also interesting features to play around with.

(- Daydreaming thoughts: Being able to see my Vulpix roaming around a home while stealing any food, or laying in a Pokemon sleeping bed would be quiet amusing. I’d try and take pictures while even trying to decorate the home in ways I did with G/S/C by also obtaining the Pokemon items through Pokemon Stadium. Having a house you actually use would be most appropriate. Everything else is bonus.)

Whatever happens, happens. For now, I shall still have fun with poking around with Pixelmon’s version until Nintendo and


To Sum Things up:

  1. Open World/Sandbox: All the regions in a nice unrestricted manner would be highly welcomed by the Pokemon fans. Having Bullet trains, ships, and Pokemon assist with travel would be awesome while adding to any role-playing vibes. Pokemon should be randomly spawned at random levels, same with Pokemon trainers, while also being appropriately spawned for their region.
  2.  Obtaining Items and Badges: Should be the same while having badges to be your only limiter in unlocking flight, surfing, and other TMs. Shopping for item and sitting at restaurants should be appropriately expanded on.
  3. Multiplayer co-op: Not overly open, just open enough for you and your friends (possibly even in Mii form) to roam around the world at your liesure while having “drunken” fun as teens+. Gameplay tends to be more fun when you have someone to play with. Shouldn’t be ignored, at all!
  4. Bonus: Acquiring Homes & Settlements: Having an actual home feeling like home for you to decorate as you desire. Having your Pokemon roam around in a Pokemon Amie style in and out of the house as well would be highly ideal. Think Pokemon Stadium + G/S/C era when you could acquire furniture and gifts daily for your room.
  5. Free-minded Pokemon: They should be able to pop out of Pokeballs on their own while even being able to roam around loosely around you while also being able to follow you. This is my nostalgia for Pokemon Yellow speaking here. They should try and do what they want every now and again.
  6. Hostile Pokemon: This links up to #1 & #5 with Pokemon needing to harass NPC Pokemon trainers and yourself at their own leisure. The “tall grass” effect. Simply imagine yourself fishing to be attacked by a Krabby for example.
  7. Bonus: Randomly generated region:  Explore with randomly spawned Pokemon, even legendary types spawning there. Just an extra “fresh” area to venture through for added randomness.


Final Thoughts:

I know I’m doing this in vain. I’m doing this because I want to provoke my followers that follow my blog, who simply know me, lurk, stumble across this through Google, and etc to try and nudge or kick Nintendo off their comfort zone chair to try something different. Something that we actually want. We desire for this game so badly that it’s like an itch. Not expecting this to be made for the WiiU anymore, maybe for the next Wii next-gen console to take more control over such a gaming concept.

I’m also making an obvious note that people are saying Pokemon fans are “out-growing” Pokemon, which may be true here and there, which I find also caused by the constant rehash releases of the Gameboy versions. I found so many postings of well thought-out ideas for a great game go unheard. Nintendo enjoys experimenting, just not where it counts with an actual free-roaming world where you can roam around freely in 3D, in a sandbox-free-roamy world (all known regions) raising Pokemon world at absolutely random manner. Experiencing the Pokemon world at your own whim, it’s whims, and your Pokemon’s whims. I’m worn out, burnt out, and just tired of playing the Pokemon gameboy rehashed games while seeing good features being torn out again. If I am, imagine what the other more hardcore fans are thinking……If people say they’re uninterested in Pokemon then consider how Nintendo isn’t looking into making a free-roamy Pokemon world for you to have your adventures in.

I dislike seeing a great company – Nintendo – lazing around when they have the resources and talent to create a killer hit by making this ideal Pokemon game. One that people desire highly. It’s an itch, a craving that makes them depart the Pokemon world because Nintendo & Gamefreak are in a “comfort zone” making them appear to be lazy.

It’s quite silly to see indie gamers making such a game in Nintendo’s place. Shall link any appropriate free-roamy games when I come across them in this article at the top of the article after the “read-more” break. Friend also tried to get me to purchase a WiiU to only consider not doing so because Nintendo didn’t release any free-roamy Pokemon game with all the regions. Yes, I’m spoiled by G/S/C & Pixelmon mod.


Alright, that’s my rant and ramble. Let’s see how long it takes for Nintendo & Gamefreak to see the light. I want a nice unrestricted Pokemon world while traveling all through-out numerous well-known regions with Vulpix and Ninetales. Not just me, others also.

Common! See the light! See the light! Back to playing Pixelmon Minecraft to satisfy that itch…….