Foxy Sinterklaas 2014 – Part 2

Heyo! Thought I’d add a Busou Shinki version to the Sinterklaas festivities seeing as how I was entertained with some gifts of my own from “Santa”. I allowed my lovely Shinkis examine, play, and mess about while even having Vara observe  in her spirit form within a red crystal.

– Curious? That curiosity appears tense.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

After seeing how Vara had her Santa fun on some European festive fun my Shinkis wanted their moment as well. Sure, here you go! They can play around with the chocolate I was gifted “by santa” to entertain themselves with heh. Saw them gathering around, Ach as well who brougth Vara in red crystal form, to observe the choco-festivities one commonly obtains on such a day.

Simply place your footwear (slippers) under the window or infront of a fireplace to then be gifted small gifts and appliances. Oranges, mandarins, and such are also common to be gifted. It’s basically a mini-Christmas within Europe that I find amusing to blog about with my Busou Shinkis and Vara.

Vara had her fun so now it’s the Shinki’s turn to do so. Renge was busy wandering around with the others to deal with other tasks. I believe I heard a Vic Viper fighter buzzing about every now and again.


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– Kohiru happily surfing the web while also playing some games of her own on Vara’s laptop.
– If lost, Vara is simply wondering where snow, Christmas decorations, and such are at. I had to make due with such as the rest still packed and stuck on windows.

– Just some light Ach & Vara teasing done by a prankful little foxy ninja of a Fubuki. Vara seems amused, as with Kohiru.
– Festive “Cheeeeeese!” Everybody, including Vara & the Minecraft Piggy, all in the shot. Oh, how I wish that $1 mill was real so I could do what I want hobby and travel wise >_<. Upping taxes for food in general as well X.X
– The moment Kohiru has been waiting for! Let’s open those Kinder Surprises!
– Jiiiiii~

– Amused that they opened up an Arctic sticker set. I’m greatly disappointed I didn’t come across any arctic fox sticker T_T.
– At least Ach is holding onto a winter Ram for my zodiac sign. Not bad.

Nice light fun. A nice “after-party” after some festive fun. I guess weekends counts as one day when it comes to festivities such as these heh. Now wondering how to celebrate Christmas festivities. I guess I really shall have to push to take some actual sights and sounds with my lovely girls to keep the fun going.

I’m also amused how energetic Varakitsu is within her spirit form in that red crystal of hers. She attacked me one time spilling all her crystals right behind me. Had to pick them up or else they’d do harm.

– Just so we’re on the same page – This is how I imagine Vara in the red crystal, except red and in ‘energy’ form. Cute. (Trinity Seven ep 9 – Arata & Sora.)

And because I’m in a Trinity Seven hyped mood……

Though, I guess this would be more appropriate.

(Canadian pride right here heh.)


Thanks for viewing and hope you had a few chuckles or at least enjoyed the shots!