Hating Konami Before It Was Cool

Nothing new with how much hatred is being aimed at Konami Japan only because they keep asking for it. Thanks to the recent news to what they did with Kojima and Silent Hills (P.T), that only adds to the flames caused from the Busou Shinki side of things. One can’t help but be furious with a retardily evil and greedy company as Konami.

– Fubuki being spooky in that folklore Japanese ninja & tengu manner. [Busou Shinki]

Not trying to be special with the title. Consider it just a ‘fancy title’. I simply wanted to mention why I’m pissed off with Konami Japan on the Busou Shinki side of thing that simply fuels the fire with what they did to Kojima, Metal Gear, and Silent Hill. I hope you’ll hear me out to see my point of view that you can merge along with what you heard on the web and elsewhere. Something that people ignore because it’s Japanese, and it’s Anime. Something people don’t want to know because “Anime is shit” to them, or might be.

Thanks to a friendly ex-blogger – Persocom – I was introduced to Busou Shinki during the Spring & Summer of 2010. I remember Persocom trying to nudge me with Shinki Renge, which I did eventually bit, yet hesitated because I found those screws ugly. They eventually grew on me that I jumped onto Konami’s Busou Shinki MMO. I even purchased Kohiru, Benio, and Renge almost all at once. I pre-ordered Renge as my first and got Benio & Kohiru as second and third. The concept was awesome with how you

[Articles – Battle Rondo & Diorama Studio MMO – BenioKohiruRenge ]

I had to deal with Konami’s bullshit from the summer of 2010 till present. Same can be said for the Busou Shinki community for 5 years now. More so for those that had to deal with them since 2006. Konami had the greatest of ideas for their line (the employees anyways) with a great concept of purchasing figures to insert codes into the MMO. It made it feel real. They however gave up on it by half-assing the updates, slowing down the figure updates, even being lazy with the features. Konami wanted to kill the Busou Shinki MMO bluntly a year later, on October 31st, 2011.

They wanted to kill Busou Shinki because they no longer had hope for it by replacing it with the a less-functional and dumbed-down version of Battle Rondo on a Japanese cell-phone/smartphone. That application being called – Busou Shinki – Battle Communications – with you needing a Japanese phone to play it on. They wanted to make the whole Busou Shinki experience more mobile while stripping it of the features that made Battle Rondo fun. It goes without saying why it failed. They never put enough attention and features onto it. They also put the game on PSP/Vita for you to play with, with missing characters an HOARDS of costly DLC.

The Busou Shinki OVA & Anime were a nice touch, and I do approve of them. I’ll also agree that it could have been much better on the TV Anime side, but that’s beside the point with it actually being neat. Not the best, just something I can enjoy.

To further add salt into the wound, if being purposely oblivious, they decided to cut the figure line at the Chinese weapon type themed girls, two biker girls, and the Gargantuan. The biker girls being the only ones seen in the Battlemasters game, the other three being ignored.

……….From then on…….R.I.P Busou Shinki in a painful manner.


To Recap:

Just in case my grammar failed anywhere, and if it isn’t clear why I hated Konami before 2015 on the Busou Shinki side of things…… 2006-2012 [2010 to 2012 + Extras for myself]

  • They failed to update Battle Rondo appropriately. They didn’t modernize it, replace it, or properly care for it after 2010.
  • Updates slowed down becoming more sloppy, drought-like, and sought-after. We wanted to know more with myself and the Busou Shinki fans becoming edgy and agitated.
  • They closed down their L.A (USA) headquarters with the English site following soon after. Site was never updated after Kohiru while containing a false-advertising image of Benio in better & brighter red armour.
  • They abruptly killed Battle Rondo without giving us a parting gift of an opening cinematic containing Renge, Gabrine, and the other girls. The signs of death could be seen with lacking codes in newer figure lines after Renge.
  • Konami released two games named “Battle Masters” with truck loads of costly DLCs. So many that it’s like purchasing 5 games for one…..The game is awesome, not so much on the DLC and missing ladies. Kohiru and Benio being the two missing ladies.
  • They tried to force a watered down and useless ‘Battle Communications’ onto us shortly after Battle Rondo was pulled. It goes without saying that the game flopped over in Japan due to how basic and sloppy it was.
  • They never released the biker themed girls, nor the Gargantuan, or the Chinese/Korean themed weapons girl.  Only in games with the bikers, nowhere else.
  • Konami purposely ignored the Busou Shinki riot when they held lotteries to get rid of the final stock of Shinkis. Japanese fans went into nearby stores to purchase every Busou Shinki they could.
  • After the OVA & Anime, the lottery clearance, and etc…….No more Busou Shinki. A few merchandise here and there……..
  • Busou Shinki died around the 2014 mark, or at the very least on a very lethal life-support with it being 1% close to death.


Even though what I’m about to mention should be considered rumours, it would make sense with the way Kojima does things. Everything that’s been mentioned holds air/water, with it sounding overly pathetic and evil. Just as evil as the aura they enjoy radiating from their offices, in games, and with the way they do things.

Add this on top of what Konami did to their employees, what they did to Kojima, and how greedy and dated they are and you’ll see mine and other people’s anger. Mine containing anger on the Busou Shinki side to see them as the ‘Evil Overlords’ in Japan. This also being supported by the office fire Konami had in Tokyo, same with their Playstation Home space with dark buildings, and again in ‘Busou Shinki -Moon Angel’ with that militaristic facility to make military grade Busou Shinkis.

They made the offices a living hell by purposely shutting important parts off, shuffling work places, moving things, harassing the employees in abusive ways that they would be forced to quit on their own terms. Same can be said to Kojima so they could prance with an evil grin to their mobile game headquarters to reap the rewards from the mobile market. I pity the Konami employees being harassed and the mobile gamers ignorant enough to consider supporting Konami at this point and time.

They purposely killed the Busou SHinki line, they harassed their employees to quit, they don’t give a shit, while doing what they want to in a dated economical bubble mindset Japan had.  At this point Konami needs to repent heavily for their evil greed, their horniness for more profit, and their fossiled ideals. All the damage they caused by greatly upsetting the fanbase bringing great shame to the Konami name, the gaming industry, along with their own name and families.

I have to cry within my mind that Busou Shinki had to belong to Konami and not some other more genuinely passionate company. They would have treated the line so much better and with more care. Busou Shinki, Metal Gear, and Silent Hills would have been so much better elsewhere. I don’t hate the employees because they showed themselves to be skilled. It’s those higher up in the corporate ladder of Konami that we’re hating here, and that’s where I’m aiming my anger.


Konami’s Injustices – In short:

  • Purposely making office workspace a living hell by turning off stuff, moving things around, complicating things to force their employees to quit on their own terms. Purposely blacking out offices, security doors not working, and etc.
  • Doing the same thing to Kojima.
  • Konami wants to burn MGS down to the ground, just like they did with Busou Shinki.
  • Konami wants a piece of the mobile market by being all violent and sloppy about it that’s causing them to shame their own name and company.
  • Killing Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hills, and P.T Demo [+ Busou Shinki].


At this point I want to say:
FUCK YOU! Fuck you Konami for being so greedy, so dated in your mindset, and so evilly retarded. You need to repent/apologies heavily. Fuck you all around! Fuck you for treating Busou Shinki like garbage. Fuck you for forcing your employees to quit, and fuck you for not caring about anything. Great shame has been brought to the Konami name, and the fossilized bastard running Konami.

I really want to show my support to Busou Shinki & to Silent Hill, but you dated fossils no longer care about such. You killed everything, and I can’t support the series anymore. Myself and the fanbase did, not Konami’s higher-ups. Fuck them for fucking with quality ideas!

Konami JP needs to realize their fuck up by going on a serious and massive damage control that would revive what they destroyed, even repenting. That’s not going to happen so the next best bit is to do the following below………

– R.I.P Busou Shinki – R.I.P Metal Gear – R.I.P Silent Hills & P.T.
[Sorry you had to be with a dated, evil, and greedy company.]


– Videos for those not in the loop:



– Extra Thoughts – Busou Shinki Mod:

Fuck…..I wish someone would help me grant the wish to make a Busou Shinki mod for Minecraft or Rising World. We need to keep Busou Shinki alive in a mod with Rising World being most appropriate for something like this. Konami no longer cares about console games and Busou Shinki so I see no harm. They should be busy dealing with their great shame while we try to remember what has been lost.

I’ll at the very least create a Busou Shinki museum in Rising World, if given the chance, by using in-game posters next to statues. That is when and if I do jump ship onto Rising World. Persocom, if you want to help then join me. If not, that’s fine. We’ll leave the past be the past…..


– Tim