VRChat Experiences P2

Heyo! I’m just loving this game that it’s doing a good job at curing my depression that I’ve spawned back in 2017 that I’m just loving the experiences I’m having in this game. I wanted to share more awesomeness from the VRchat community. It may be image heavy for those with poor internet, yet shows how much I love VRchat.

– Having fun with the V1 Camera addition which was added into VRChat “Recently”.

I’m just absolutely LOVING VRchat (even if I do play solo half the time) because of how much fun there is within the community. I love how creative people how, how randomly amusing people are, and just how much fun visiting worlds is on those low days. The high days you get to encounter people just coming up to you that things “just happen” that you go on these crazy adventures that it’s like a night out at some club, yet it’s all in VRchat. It’s awesome. On the low days I simply visit worlds just to see what’s possible that it all balances out in one way or another.

Pardon that it’s also all Scathach on my blog. I shall break that cycle eventually with something else once things start playing nice again. Maybe more Bismarck, maybe back to Renge, among other possibilities.


VRChat Experiences:


The word “vain” seems to be coming up a lot with how we’re focusing a lot on ourselves (not just myself, yet others viewing their own things on Twitch when clipping things) that I’m sometimes stuck pondering how to share things more about the community and less about myself. I wanted to share my love of Scathach so half of these images are of me just experimenting learning how to use the recently added camera while the other half is of the community being itself. I love it so much that I do lightly apologies if I do appear “vain”, as loosely mentioned by people when they’re hyped about things from their POV as well.

I simply love VRchat that you should simply focus what’s around “me” (Scathach) if my images are “solo”. VRchat has awesome worlds that I simply love exploring them whenever the game is at its low in activity.

– Just enjoying the campfire on a nice scenic map while experimenting with the camera.
– Close up of the lovely Scathach <3

While taking pictures out in the “wild” I was startled by a “Hello!” from a lovely American Tennessee girl whom we went on an adventure with on this map, a horror map, until we got lost in a Bob Ross map. These are the moments which make VRchat so attractive and popular, among many other reasons.

Also, at one point I was worried that my Oculus Rift wouldn’t function again after giving me a stupid -8602 error that it constantly kept blacking out my screen. After pranking MAD with some ducks [Here] with Fait, and friends I eventually had issues that caused me to back out of VRchat to then feel frustrated for a week that I couldn’t VR (nor VRchat) until that was fixed. Took me a week that I was eventually able to get back that my conclusion is that my PC simply struggled with power (maybe processing power) that I need to take it easier when it comes to gaming. I guess this shows that VR is still at its infancy while also being highly demanding on the hardware that we still need to get it to where Sword Art Online shows it.

– Posing with a lovely American bunny girl πŸ™‚
– Hanging out with the Tennessee girl while trying to time the shot with the fireworks during the V1 release of the camera update.
– Wanted some “memories” of the visit while also experimenting with the camera trying to time it with the fireworks.

Hanging out with this person was highly awesome (off stream) that we even wandered into a semi-horror map with someone having a bubble field active. We even stumbled across a bird whom we all chased around, as well as had fun dying laughing doing so. It was a blast! I wish I recorded that for the Youtubes. What I however documented was us on the Titanic, a ship that used to be my favourite vessel before I dived into the whole WW2 side of things.

– Titanic used to be my favourite ship while also somewhat regretting not getting a couple shot with the Tennesse girl. We were supposed to do that Titanic bow joke. Still have this shot though so it’s 50% awesome πŸ˜€

The great thing about VRchat is that you can basically/virtuallyΒ  (whatever word you want to use) import any world map into the game to do whatever you want in there. I loved how the mighty Yamato from PSO2 was imported into VRchat for us to walk around and admire. Wish more was done to her (Yamato) though to a ship listed further down this posting. Needs to be more polished and interactive.

– Them bunny ears behind Scathach ha! I love that! I was pointing towards Yamato’s bow, yet this works.
– A shot I’m happier with because she joined in on the shot while exposing those adorable bunny teeth <3
– The mighty Yamato with her mighty guns. /Salute
– We wandered off to a Bob Ross world where we basically drew basic things that I wish I took a screen of her finished “Hello Kitty” art. “Shhhh, she’s painting”
– Drew my bit that I came to check up on what my buddy was up to that I’m amused by the adorableness that avatar of hers.
– Was having way too much fun with the camera while admiring a fellow “narcissist” that I eventually found out the avatar out in the lobby was an interactable statue, as with the one in the painting room as well. The things people do in VRchat amazes me that I love coming back to VRchat <3
– My buddy wrote “Canada, Fuck yeah!” that I found it charming and amusing. Thought of South Park a little bit, yet nice we can be close like this in VRchat.
– Found out that VRchat has a Pokemon world that it had my nerd side going that if Nintendo wanted to they could easily make a VR game of Pokemon, yet won’t because of Nintendo reasons.

VRchat is an awesome platform showing what is possible with VR that it basically contains what we would consider “demos” and “proof of concept” ideas realized that you can have genuine actual polished VR games if these game studios genuinely desired to make actual VR games. I even made a video showing how even Sword Art Online VR can be an actual thing [VR Asuna] that we’re seeing Namco testing the waters in an gimmicky manner with “fake” VR mobile VR. I guess it still works, yet needs Vive & Oculus Support to really catch on.

You know Pixelmon for Minecraft? Pixelmon with VR support while using [cyube VR] as a template is what I’m imagining, yet won’t happen because it’s “too risky” for the game industry that they’d much rather make cheap mobages.

– I tried to find my partner in crime again by joining back into her world yet things got glitched out I started goofing off in the avatar rooms.

I honestly really do love Animal Crossing, yet hated what New Leaf had done by not allowing you to plot where they (Villagers) would live that they would destroy the trees you placed, the gardens, flowers, pathways, and such that I raged and gave up. People labeled me a crazy idiot, yet I love having control in what I build that I play Minecraft & Rising World for more precise control. I enjoyed the mobile game as well, yet dropped out of it because it was slightly grindy and I lack time to really play that.

– I amusingly found an ‘Animal Crossing’ world that I wished was more interactive, yet loved all the fun factors in there. Animals would pop in and out, wander about, while also having K.K Slider with music you can play. Awesome!
– K.K Slider! Loved how you could select the music to the left, something you can barely see in the screenshot. I want to favourite this world Mario Maker style so I could eventually wander back to this fun world.

VRchat is however still buggy that I tried joining my buddy back in the world yet she disappeared that I had to call it a night during this session. All the images above are from one single session that happened on a Monday that I missed 80% of Nagzz21’s stream. Was a bit disappointed I couldn’t join her again that I had fun catching up on Nagzz21’s Monday community stream on YouTube when he gained his Mafia outfit.

– Camera V2 Update:

A week later when I had more time the VRchat developers noted that they updated the client to now contain a somewhat sleeker and more detailed camera with filters and such. It was one of those best updates that I just hopped right in to have lots of fun grabbing more pictures in that joking narcissistic manner trying to learn more about this camera that I found how it how ticks. it ticks in a clunky & funny manner, yet it’s reliable.

– Scathach among some surreal trees and scenery fitting Fate/Extra & Fate/Extella type scenery.
– Being amused by the lighting that I took advantage of it showing Scathach glowing next to the tree.

There’s this meme in VRchat with Nagzz21 calling Megumin “Megaman” while also shouting “Explosssiioonn!” that I found it hilarious that I became her in VRchat to reference that.


– Nagzz21 Sub Explosion Semi-ful:

– Nagzz21’s Explossssssion!~

They should be embedded into the article that I hope you can play them. Simply hit play.

Me being Scathach seems quite fitting because I simply hang back allowing VRchat to simply be itself that I record everything that happens. I sometimes become a part of the fun, yet it’s just mostly observing & recording whatever is happening that I love everything about it, such as this little dude being chased & dabbing.

– Little KanColle Abyssal avatar dabbing while being chased by an ’02’ (Darling in the FranXX) avatar.
– The Japanese Shrine seems to be a highly popular gathering spot because it used to be for Japanese that it’s now for Chinese, Taiwaneese, and Korean players that you find a lot of silliness in that world. Dangerous lolis can be found in this world.
– 02, Alien, among other crazy casts of characters. 02 must be exhausted after chasing after a little Abyssal avatar whom dabbed a few images up in this blog posting.
– One of those “I wish you were here” type travel postcard images, minus the text and such. You can easily photoshop this, yet haven’t. It’s implied.
– I went back to the Japanese Fireworks world to try and time it with the fireworks with mixed results. Better than last time, yet happily with the Gae Bolg lance πŸ™‚
– I’ve used the Scathach avatar for so long that this caught me by surprise with her eyes being closed that I had to share this. It appears she had enough of my own crap, or just simply admiring the breeze of the Japanese waters.
– One of those images that if you were to encounter a wild Scathach this may be how you encounter her with her lance out in a semi-casual manner, yet somewhat defensive because of the nightly environment.

I’ve encountered two shares of “Hackers” incidents with one being at the Japanese Shrine inverting both the main character POV and the controls [Twitch clip here] with the second one being on this Japanese fireworks map teleporting me up to the rooftop so I could view the fireworks. They don’t really worry me, yet it does how what people are capable of with messing with you that it forces people into private worlds. The second one was a confusing moment, yet something I passed off as a “good will” action.

– I stumbled across a photoshooting world that I stuck around for a little bit before hopping off, yet observed people having fun with such worlds.
– I handed this little cutie a violin that she played it in desktop mode. Simple fun like that is what warms my heart and why I love VRchat as much as I do <3
– Posed for a picture with the strangers and wandered off as a shadow of the night type character. The contrast here hahaha! I just don’t fit in with this picture, yet still within it; Accepted. It is what it is, and I’m amused.

– Camera Antics/ Multi-Session/ World Exploring:

The next batch of images being me having more fun with VRchat, the fun V2 Camera, and just testing out Twitch streaming again, and all that loveliness.

– “What is that floating thing next to you?” – “That’s a camera ‘they’ recently added in the recent update *snaps picture” – me

Even with the patch notes people simply jump onto VRchat to simply have fun that I have to explain what the floating orb next to me is by mentioning that’s is the recent camera the VRchat developer have added to the game. I’m also approached asking what the red line is from my camera when I (or them) hit escape that I have yet to witness that. I have nothing to say to that except to be confused.

– Roaming about exploring worlds that I stumbled across VRPill’s world with lovely Mustangs on it. I see a LOT of Mustangs in my city, yet the oldies is how I prefer my Mustangs. Not the plastic recent crap. Even the new modern Corvette looks far better than the recent plastic Mustangs.
– Kon! Kon! Kon fox (Kitsune) gesture heh.
– Was told I needed more spears for Scathach that I tried going back to a Fate/Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works world. A shame that wasn’t uploaded in the longest time…. I do enjoy this image though.
– The joys of VRchat is that you can be any character provided to you that I was curious how she appeared. She’s quite….. gifted…. well endowed…. Yet rude.
– Wow, how rude O_o

WARSPITE! YATTA!~ I found a Warspite in a public world, yet her avatar is rough because it was hastily uploaded into a public world. Her skin is invisible to the transparent filter, her hands are large, and she can’t thumbs up. Other than those issues she’s awesome that she’s quite shy, well endowed, adorable, and photogenic. I wish I had her & Bismarck as my avatar, and I could actually have her if I took the time to upload the one public Warspite avatar to my profile. The thing would be I would want some custom objects with my avatars to stand out now that I’m spoiled by Scathach.

– “Weigh anchor!”
– Adorable. A ship sailing a ship; Ship-ception!
– V V!
– Warspite is so elegant and smooth that you can just feel her “softness” in her presence. When I first obtained her in KanColle web it was like smelling a nice fine perfume when I sortied her into various worlds to level up. She’s also a high level in my fleet, yet not maxed out.

I love KanColle, and I do have a KanColle web account, yet feel more needs to be done on an Azur Lane mobile game manner, or at least make KanColle Arcade available on a Steam platform with transactions available through it, or something…. Even a proper VR experience where you’re probably using a drone to follow them, or something. It needs to come to PC with arcade functions, or more, while being supported over many years. RIP KanColle Kai for Vita, you were a great idea yet stupidly supported that I wish your game developers cared more for your concept. Sorry that KanColle Kai had to die off because the game developers are fearful of many things……

Scathach Mom:

Mom! Mom! Mom! What do I do? What do I say?

One night I came home feeling frustrated because workplaces treat employees like slaves (or mine does) that I just jumped onto VRchat to find myself becoming an “mom” after joining a Lasagna world. I was a poor mother being somewhat blunt that I told my “son” to just talk to the girl while laughing and chuckling through it all that it worked out in the end. They exchanged Discord names being a “happily ever after” story. A silly Knuckles even came in doing the “I don’t feel so good” meme that he shattered away. He even cubed all our POV (shown below) with a blue cube that it was another silly thing to note.

What a silly night that was haha!

– Lasagna world has a photobooth.
– My “son” to the right & the girl to the left. My “son” kept running away and coming back while being highly nerves showing that I’m quite rusty in my roleplay that I’d get a B Rank if we scored it with those S-Rankings.
– “Be careful of the tinfoil hat”, or something along those lines.
– Amusing mini Team Fortress 2 Pyro avatar with actual muffled character sounds.
– Mini-Miku cuteness
– A weird funky Yuu head.
– Knuckles cubed the middle of our POV.

And that wraps up that amusing silly night. I was briefly an mother for 2 hours that it was an “interesting” experience.

– Streaming Testing & Ramen Time!:

After confirming my Oculus Rift worked again I wanted to up the bar some more to see how much my computer could handle streaming. It was quite laggy because of the whole Oculus Mirror thing that some worlds are a big issue for me while the in-game camera works a little well, yet you can tell it’s like running to VRchat clients at the same time. One client sometimes has issues running smoothly in populated areas that you can imagine what it’s like running “two” clients at the same time that it tends to chug.

– I popped into a world where my friend ‘Nighthawk’ was jumping around while talking on a Discord call that instead admired his friend’s effects of black butterflies. They have neat avatars that I like so much.

This person named “MOM” enjoyed singing that I recorded her a few times yet waiting to get permission to share it, thus haven’t shared it yet. Some little warmup amusements before wandering into the actual VRchat world. And just to note I found this autumn world highly beautiful that I stayed there for a little while taking screenshots with transparency using the V2 Camera’s filter options.

– A beautiful world with a simple pose to acknowledge the map’s beauty.
– One of those “where could they be, where could they be hiding” type poses. Just trying to be creative πŸ™‚
– An AFK ‘MOM’ with a slightly foul mouth that I had fun trying to bunny ears her. It’s hard to see because of the tiny fingers of Scathach.
– Probably the only time I could gain Nighthawk’s busy attention posing among the scenery with how I lost him fully to VRchat. He plays VRchat nearly 24/7 that I can’t even talk to him. RIP. I introduced him to VRchat, we explored, and now he’s in a Waifu Army while also being a Bagel Bandit.

Not salty or anything. Just trying to be witty that if anything appears negative or salty that’s just me trying to spin things into an amusing manner. Hope it worked :).

– This image basically sums up my experience with ‘MOM’ with that “teen girl attitude” going on. Some fun was had and not really knocking her. People need that time to grow in various ways πŸ™‚
– This Hoppu is so gorgeous that I love how lightly smooth she is. The light blue hearts, the trim on that avatar…. Smooth. I hope you know what I mean when you connect the colour blue to the sky above during sunrise and the arctic blue in certain parts of the ice.
– AH! So adorable! I love this simple smooth Hoppu!
– I was a Ramen Bowl trying to spawn some reactions that I actually gained some. No external POVs, just these ones and what I gained on stream.
– Funky stormtrooper (Middle), little hellish gatekeeper (right), and a Naruto chibi (left)
– I eventually gained an external POV, yet a little too late.
– A quick little chat with this person as I snuck closer to her avatar for this screen. She was briefly amused by my jumping onto Epona.
– Eh, close enough! It was for the laughs πŸ™‚
– Stylet! I see a lot of Gourai, and a little bit of Stylyet, yet wish people would go for that variety of looking into adding Innocentia, Jinrai, among others. Glad to see Stylet though.

A guy in the Temple Shrine a few images up (not shown) tried telling me that the steam coming out of my Ramen bowl was actually squares, something I realized a little too late. I realized too late because I assumed it was something else that I accidentally came off as a jerk saying “Yeah, I know…” type deal. Sorry! You meant the squares on my bowl such as the ones in the below image.

– A new clever map addition being how you can use the ‘data’ filter on your camera to navigate the maze in a weird ‘AR’ in VR manner. People are clever and creative that I love it!

People are clever that you can use the data filter on the camera V2 to spot the invisible walls/objects that it helps you navigate yourself closer to a target point or come across a trigger wall in a horror map.

– Compare this image with the one above and you’ll see what I mean about navigating an invisible maze. Not sure what made me figure this out, yet I did and am thankful for realizing to use the data filter.
– I was ready to just ‘rage quit’, yet kept playing to be rewarded with an Golden Bear statue avatar. It took away my Ramen Bowl avatar that I went back to my default Scathach avatar to celebrate! Woot!
– “CHARGE!, my Fox Familiar. CHARGE!” Just having fun with fox spirits heh. πŸ˜€
– The eyes are derpy because it focuses on the camera. I still wanted to share this because of how adorable this is of cuddling the Bowser plushie.
– Messing around with an oversized gem/diamond because of the camera V2 reasons.
– Simple Canadian flag drawing in VR that it’s surprisingly fun. I actually want to do more yet need to know what and how to draw.

– Heavy Cruiser Suzuya:

Suuuuzuuuuuyyaaaa~ (said slowly and teasingly)

Two clips of me trying to teasingly say her name.

1) Suzuya (Normal):

2) Suzuya (Softly):

Taken from the Stream of when I first stumbled across her beautiful beautiness.

– LOOK! It’s Suzuya! Suzuya from both WW2 and KanColle! This world was released as an interactive map where you can shoot the guns and fly in a Zuiun Seaplane!
– I mean, LOOK at her! Look at how beautiful she is! LOOK!

For those baffled as to why I’m nerding out, I’m sorry. The early days of my KanColle hype is going out that I can finally see Suzuya in 3D, in motion, and as an interactive experience! This map needs to be supported by some War museum to pay respects to both history and the vessels. That, and because of KanColle. The guns fire and you can fly in a Zuiun! I love that! THAT’s what we need in as an actual playable VR war game on steam!

– That detailing! Absolutely stunning!
– That Yamato map sure is something, but it needs to be updated to be more like this Heavy Cruiser Suzuya! Gorgeous! Detailed! Interactive!
– KanColle reference that you can be the Fairy that fly these planes with heavy casualties that I love that nod to KanColle. Nerding out.
– Not the specific AA gun you can fire; The detailing on these weapons sure is something that I’m in love with this map. If I could star it Mario Maker style, I would.
– Those big beautiful interactive guns <3
– I heart this map <3
– The lovely view from the bow with the mighty Imperial crest at the front.
– This is how I learned you can fly the Zuiun by hearing and seeing someone else fly it. WIN!

I’m happy you can fly planes that it’s like actually flying an actual plane. Almost. The way you fly is by grabbing the purple rectangle in the cockpit without letting go to then rotate it as you would an actual plane by tilting it sideways and such that you can yaw things nicely. You can actually use the tail portion of the plane to come in titled and angled that it’s a nice step us in using Flight Simulator X heh. You can even fire the guns on the Zuiun while even being shot down by Suzuya’s own AA guns.

– Wow, you’re so beautiful! I’m so glad I stumbled across this map to be stunned by your beauty. You guys honestly need to visit this map if you already haven’t!

I was told this map was to see some updates of actual ship to ship combat that it would be interesting to see such. Makes me wonder if you could eventually steer the ship to other ships, and have ship to ship aircraft battles. This is the things I’m talking about when it comes to showing the potential of VR games that this is a platform for “demos” and “proof of concepts” that you could turn into actual legit working VR games for Steam. This is why I’m here and why I love VRchat!

The funny thing about this experience was how I could feel artificial G-Forces without actually feeling the real world version of it when piloting the Zuiun while banking and turning. When making sharp steep turns, among other manouvers the stomach would sink and react to what you’re doing that you can easily get VR sickness from it, yet somehow survived all that. Feeling that ‘G-Force’ though, madness. It makes you sweat and gives you that nice rush that it’s like almost flying an actual plane. For those that flown in an airliner would know the sensation you get during liftoff of that sudden lift, that’s what I felt at times. That lift sensation.

– Not sure how, but this guy flew in the air while also trying to get into combat with me in a Zuiun. He tried to hit me with his particles that it was a very fun experience!

I honestly could have split this into its own article, and I may later if the map evolves. For now I’ll leave it here to later spotlight this map in its own section on my blog if we were to gain ship to ship combat, among other rumoured things.

Concluding Images:

The last few images to wrap up my overly large blog posting being other fun images I couldn’t forget about, yet had to share.

– Threatening Nagzz21’s Megaman.
– 2D animated Skyrim Spider be terrorizing Black-Ops members at the Japanese Temple map that it was hilarious to watch.

Video of the spider & the PT Silent Hill map can be found below:

It’s thanks to visiting this Japanese Shrine map that ‘Queen Tepe’ came up to me asking for help to test out an Horror map, something I would eventually find out to be a PT Horror Map. Nice! I died laughing at Tepe’s crazy screams that he at times sounded like a Raptor, or even other weird entities.

– Thanks for inviting me in some PT Horror madness, Tepe & Vyve (VIVE)! Thanks for those awesome fun moments haha!

The green ‘data filter’ I shared above for the maze was also used here in the PT Silent Hill horror map to see the triggers, something I eventually figured to do part way into the adventure. One of those random happenings.

I’m even trying to learn how to make a world that I made one for myself. It’s still very rough that many things need to be tweaked and change to be more of a fun map. It’s just something I wanted to learn and have a home linked to a Youtube screen, and such. I wanted to be more in control over my own “home” world.

– Vive & Tepe in my home world as I shall be adding to it as time goes on. It’s still private, yet it’s there.
– Tepe drawing on Vyve that I had fun laughing at the silliness. Vyve noted it feels weird when you get drawn on in VR that it’s like it’s being done in real life. The results though, priceless.
– Outline of a posing cat that it’s almost like a crime scene.

VRchat is awesome! Even if there’s down times of where I spend time exploring worlds there’s still something to be gained from doing even the “boring” things. Just seeing what people have created, how VRchat ticks, and just seeing what VRchat is capable of is enough to entertain me that I love what VRchat is all about. It’s making people learn, making people happy, interactive, among other great things.

– A Canadian spider my friend Nighthawk shared with me because I’m Canadina. It even has a hockey stick and a Canadian toque!

Now that’s a Canadian stereotype I can get behind. I can’t get behind “aboot”, or the other more cringy stereotypes because of how low tier they are, but this… This is awesome.

I’m having a blast! Lacking time to play, yet when I do I seem to have fun in each and every session I can. Though, there’s this issue of people hiding in private worlds that it tends to ruin things for everybody that they need to be more open to those around them. Other than that, VRchat is a blast!

Thanks for giving me fun memories, for bringing me on adventures, and for being awesome!