[VRChat] – Seekers of The Lamp Anniversary (2021)

– Seekers of the Lamp – Myself, Nighthawk, Hunt, and Floofy; Missing Maiya & Kobi.

Another year, another anniversary from VRChat as we meet up as a group once again. We became best buddies when I took a 1 week stress leave from work to test out my Oculus Rift back in 2018. We had a highly eventuful hangout to which we befriended one another, we hung out, we laughed, and we messed around till 6 am in the morning.

Two friends reminded me of the hangout for September 20-21, 2021 to which I booked it off. We had a brief, if eventful time in VRChat. A little mellow to what we usually had done, though still noteworthy and memorable all the same. Life is still hitting us hard, some more than others, though we had fun meeting up in a classic VRChat world from the good old days, then ventured elseswhere.

On a side-note: I feel I screwed up a few times by trying to moderate the meet-up when someone else wanted to put a world. Or being more vocal than I should have been. I feel I may have been out of tune with folks, or Slowpoke styled delays in conversation because of how long it has been since I was in VRChat in VR mode. It’s like a reset button getting pressed.

– Myself and Floofy. He sadly had to play in desktop mode.
– Nighthawk & Hunt.

I was surprised by Hunt’s avatar being “fit”, different, and just ‘unique’ in a certain way. Even noted how “fit” his avatar was. May have come off as creepy, though was oddly fixated on his buff and foxy feminine avatar. As for Nighthawk, that’s a new and unique avatar. Tribal. Interesting touch.

– Hunt and Hawk reunited as they talk about things while I screw things up verbally trying to make sure the hangout goes well.

Are you not entertained? To which a few jokes and chuckles were to be had.

Though, an animetized version of this scene and meme would have been handy.

– “Heh~”
– Oh? Hunt phasing out of reality a tad bit. (Middle foxy character).
– Delta slapping his way into the hangout/meet-up. Take your pick.
– Gundamu!~ Hunt & Floofy also having their hot moment.
– Myself, Delta, Nighthawk, Floofy, & Hunt. Gradually taking more proper groupshots as more arrive. The timing is funky.
– Second shot.
– Delta and Nighthawk just doing their own thing. Delta is avatar swapping between many.
– Unsure as to why, just oddly fixated on Hunt’s avatar taking a sip of water in VR mode.
– Jiiiiii~
– “Heeeeyyy!~”
– Serious Floofy staring at an altered Hunt’s foxy avatar with a face mask for cooler climate.
– Floofy mothy moment. Bzzz~ Bzzz~
– Floofy seeking out warm legs. It’s VRChat, don’t question it. This is how we have random fun.
– Seeking out the best pair of warm legs. Bzz Bzzz~
– Flooof~
– Delta’s older avatar + Floofy examining Delta’s legs.
– “Don’t worry, I haven’t looked up the skirt. I haven’t looked up” – Floofy
– Jiiiiiiiiii~
– Jiiiiiiiii~
– Stylin’ foxy. Worth of a chill bartender, or something of that sort. Nice!
– Realizing what sort of public avatar I had I swiftly switched to this cute foxy one with a floating mount. Scales the avatar’s appropriately to Busou Shinki size. Floofy sitting on the stuffed city with a bell. This avatar also reminds me of a certain someone I miss dearly.
– I love how adorable this avatar and Floofy moth appears here. This, again, however makes me miss that one awesome person in VRChat who tended to have similar avatars as this one. I genuinely miss them a lot. They’re fairly popular and I rarely go on anymore because of my situation causing this whole “we can’t hang out” thing.
– Slight Giggle.
– 🙂
– Hilarious. A certain someone decided to join while being chased around by a moth. Identity crisis moment, possibly. Hilarious to watch Maiya get chased around by a moth.
– Moth chasing a moth XD
– Fuzzy mothy legs. The warmth. (Don’t question it, it’s VRChat. Act as if you’re drunk, that’s the kind of place this is.)
– Bzzz Bzzzz
– 🙂
– Delta having a Santa moment. Lit.
– Best lit shot ever. Delta is on fire today, woooO!~
– Christmas group shot. WOOO! Merry Christmas!

One of those ‘YOLO’ moments “just because we can” type of moments. They desired it, we took it. We had our fun.

– Version two. Happy scuffed all in the name of fun and entertainment. 🙂
– I’ve always admired Nighthawk’s avatars he obtained from Booth. This is just his style, and I approve.
– Various talks happening to which I’m just oblivious to and others I’m just going to keep private. Yeah.
– HEY!~ Delta found his favourite avatar which made him laugh while streaming VRChat on Discord in the Pug world. When he saw this avatar with the googly eyes he bursted out laughing in an honest genuine manner. I still remember it. It’s a highly memorable moment for the both of us.
– Cheesy~
– Crunchy foxy cheesy.
– Honk! Honk!~

Space Colony – Island 4:

Having seen this on Twitter felt it was proper to head over into a Gundam territory with infinite world loading. A space colony you can freely explore, travel to, etc. I had issues loading in at first with my controls being one-directional. It was mended once I didn’t have VRChat up on my monitor. They had their fun while I struggled in my own. Once again, I feel as if I screwed up, though happy they had their fun.

– Island 4. A good place to land, just as long as it doesn’t get blown up by Gundams. It however triggers your fear of heights in various subtle ways.
– Car gossip happening between Hunt and Maiya. Nice. Struggled to take pictures while this happened.
– Hey!~
– Snuck into Maiya’s car this time.
– Hunt decided to sit, Maiya chillin, and Delta going foxy.
– Caught Nighthawk going for a ride so I followed after him in hopes of looping around.
– We stopped part way to see where we conversed to see where to go to next.
– The scale is insane. The curving, the looping. Wish we could have seen where spawn was.
– This place is so massive it needs a revisit.
– A quick selfie.
– Semi-group shot. Delta in his Gundam avatar, Nighthawk, Hunt, and Maiya.

Jet Set Radio:

Been meaning to visit this world for the longest time. Never managed, until recently. Had our fun, though struggled on tutorial. Eventually made it. Tagged what we could, had our fun. It’s a cool world. Like with the Space Colony, it needs a good chunk of time to explore.

– Maiya welcoming me to the world after a world reboot. Rejoined second time.
– They be chillin while I was struggling. Nice to see this POV though.
– A more spread out ‘Group shot’ of JSR world. We had our fun, we approve.

Time forced us to venture to a new map. A horror world.

The Tenth Floor:

Something “quick”, we decided to jump onto this world with hopes of venturing to another world after. It was noted to be 20-30 minutes, so sure. We loved the atmosphere while I was in ‘awe’ by how atmospheric it was.

– Into the elevator we go.
– Uh oh…..

I genuinely had fun in this map, just neutrally noting for blogging purposes that my experience was a bit “scuffed”. Not majorly, just that I had a few lag spikes with things loading and unloading. Things would take longer, also because I’m not on the best internet connection. It’s stable, just not… strong enough. Secondly, I’ve tried for some small talk to instead obtain crickets which frustrated me. (“Are you not entertained?!”, springs back into mind).

I tried. At this point we enjoyed our experience, I however felt like a third wheel, or felt their eagerness to venture to their hangouts forcing me offline VRChat after this world was done. No fault to them, I always feel this way because I’m socially awkward. Not seeking pity, or to ruin our meet-up. I blame Ottawa for the constant bullying, social pressures, etc. There’s just that disconnect to which I also feel like I’m doing wrong, even if I’m told I don’t. I may have been forceful, even in the snowy world telling Delta to wait for Hunt to place a world. A bit “too stiff” in my vocalizations.

– Barely managed to capture Maiya’s glowing eyes, though still scuffed. They were shy, or reluctant to show their glowy eyes.
– Puppy! I hate this trope/cliche of where a dog gets killed, ripped up, or abused. It’s the worst “go-to” in a horror scene. I’ve seen my fair share in older anime like Battle Angel Alita, or Elfen Lied, among others. Or another Anime where a dog gets crossbowed by bored Japanese teenagers. Or, Chronicles of Riddick where an alien dog dies at the end of the movie. Or, even the first John Wick movie. They always die……. Instead of being scared of this scene I was more in anger. Disconnected.
– Spooky~
– Getting far too close.
– Yikes….. That is indeed a valid cause of death with blood rushing to your head. Simply being upside down can kill you.

A few valid jump scares here, one of which a monster hugs the gate, and another with a skull appearing in front of your face. The latter made me jump.

– Oh? Oh no! Hunt is being carried away while being funny about it. Saying how not to kill him, not to do this, all in a calm and comical tone.
– As awkward as this may be to note, Hunt is the star of the group. His performance was great. Knows how to entertain.
– The 10th Floor! Final group shot. Just the 4 of us with us going our own ways after this. Two meet-ups, Maiya followed me then. Yeah.

Not knocking on the hangout. It was a nice hangout with us meeting up again. Shame Kobi couldn’t have been on, among other folks I’ve invited. Still a great hangout with it still showing I have great social anxiety and depression still. Awkward cricket noises, some weird moments I’ve spawned. Everything else was great though. We had our fun. I HOPE we had our fun. It be nice if I could play VRChat as I had from 2017 to early 2021 without the negativity I had to go through preventing me from playing. I miss VRChat, the fun times. This is still one way to feel connected by coming back at expected times.

I thank Nighthawk for joining, for others for having fun, and just going when I had some slight hiccups here and there. Everything was awesome considering the situation we were all in. One or a few people couldn’t make it because of work, life, etc.

– Hunt being relax, yet cool while Maiya being confused.


– Building dolls.
– I finally have my very own Steam Deck. WOOO! Shame it’s VRChat use only.
– Chillin in a pool.
– Maiya going “splishity-splash”. Weeeee~

– Maiya had to leave so I went to join the clone army in their battles.

Again, a great meet-up/hangout for what it is. We had to deal with our own situations making the most of it to which we can now look back being all nostalgic towards the “good times”. As we should.

Genuinely happy we had our meet-up. We could have easily skipped this one by mistake. o7