Flight Sim 2020 – Having Fun Flying Again (P2)

– Checking out Canada’s Equilmalt seeing it needs a proper revamp. 2D scenery.

Flight Sim is a nice ‘go-to’ game when flying solo, or with a friend. I can fly almost any plane I desire, or at least feels proper, while looking forward to more planes coming out. Exploring the scenery, the weather, and multiplayer vibes to things. It’s always updating and evolving. I love flying, I love how it updates, and the various planes we get. Even hanging out with friends.

– Nice that they’re there, shame they’re 2D.
– I’m genuinely happy this plane was ported over from the FSX game. I used to fly this plane a lot, though a shame the engines are painfully loud to which I can’t fly it as much as I desire to. I used to fly it a LOT in FSX.
– Looks good, flies well. Landing is wonky, and the sound is deafening.
– Aermacchi MB-339PAN is my first payware plane loving everything about it.
– I desired a military plane with this filling in that void. Had to learn how to start it up manually.
– Love the side views.
– Cloudy in that foggy manner. Makes it look awesome.
– Ooo, rainbows.
– Loving the colours. We seriously need proper Canadian military planes for MFS2020. Also took me awhile to learn how to put the gear down with how it behaves in a weird manner.
– Flying with a friend in the Icon.
– Admiring the beauty.
– Came across one of the most beautiful areas, if flawed by horrible terrain generation. Hoping this shall be fixed. Had fun trying to land on the snowy mountains and take off again. Even in a Cub plane.
– Friend wanted to show me a crazy aircraft carrier type island and the island chains with it. Insane.
– Landed at a neat resort to call it a night.

  • Ottawa to Hamilton Flight:

This flight took a few tries to manage, though once going it was a nice trip down memory lane, even if I was oblivious to the meaning at the time. When I desired to fly to and from Ottawa-Hamilton was around the time I visited HMCS Haida in real life.

HMCS Haida:

– Flying over Ottawa airport to further test-fly the plane while attempting to land. I crashed.
– Double rainbow!
– Few landing frustrations later I decided to fly the TBM9 towards Pembroke and down towards Kingston as far as I could manage.
– Canada’s scenery is awesome, it’s the people you have to be wary about. I absolutely LOVE Canada’s scenery and aviation.
– At least the wind farm looks gorgeous. If it’s actually practical is another story.
– Flying over Kingston.
– Flying by Kingston.
– Landed at Kingston to give it a go another time.
– Gorgeous sunset.
– New day, new test flight of the M99 trying to finally make it work by deploying the landing gear properly. I bought it, I need it to function. I eventually figured it out.
– Once again, great view.
– Satisfied, I finally headed towards Toronto to then aim for Hamilton.
– Admiring the scenery.
– This should roughly be around the area I went by IRL.
– Ontario’s Nuclear power plant, the one that gave out the scare alert saying it was about to go critical. Groggily assumed I was going to perish that night to realize the actual context in the morning.
– Arriving in Toronto desperately needing fuel.
– This area is insane.
– Lots of people, insane scenery.
– Aiming to land at Toronto’s Centre Island airport.
– Safely flying over Toronto this time.
– Waiting on the traffic to clear while looping around to land. This person flying out of Centre Island.
– Looping around.
– Observing traffic.
– Landed!
– Observing a plane coming in for landing. They bounced and “possibly” crashed.
– Bouncy.
– Readying for a take-off thanks to a drone bug “crashing” me.
– A few scuffs and error later I finally managed to fly past HMCS Haida again, with an obstructive view of a take-off marker and the accidental menu.
– Landed at Hamilton assuming this plane was a player. It’s an AI plane.
– Another day, another flight. This time from an alternate parking in Hamilton airport.
– Taking off from Hamilton while flying past Hamilton’s football stadium coincidentally during the same time as a special game they’ve won that day.
– Flying past Haida once or twice more before heading back home.
– /salute
– Off to Toronto we go for a quick loop.
– Looping around the CN Tower quickly.
– Observing WILEM5 in their Cessna/Caravan until they paused in place.
– Ascended higher to make it back quicker to Kingston/Ottawa.
– Admiring the beauty of Pembroke before turning towards Ottawa. Noted because of a train crash (Derailment) that happened the day or two previously from when I was flying. Search up Pembroke Derailment.
– Flying past a more nostalgic side of Ottawa (left and right) while also seeing a friend waiting for me in Ottawa airport, following me via the drone feature.
– Wooosh~
– Wooosh~
– Wooosh~
– Landed safely, made it back before sunset. Good flight.

Ottawa Airport Add-on (Paid add-on in marketplace):

Loving the detailing in this. Every floor has various details, lounges, and etc to it. Very faithful to the original. It’s a paid add-on via Microsoft Flight Sim’s in-game marketplace. It’s been updated a few times, even as recent as October 2021.

– One of the best views of planes waiting at the game.
– Convention Center – Place where Comic Con and Doll Show took place. Been to both events while hearing of others.

Was nice paying my respects to HMCS Haida, even if subconsciously, and even within Microsoft Flight Sim 2020. If I can turn it into a tradition, I shall.

Bonus Images:

Bratislava City Pack:

I’ve traveled to Slovakia numerous times to which I missed seeing various landmarks in that place. Flight Sim 2020 was missing it, though thankful thre is a free-ware add-on pack for it. I’m glad I can finally see the Kamzik Tower, UFO Bridge, and even the main castle, among other nostalgic scenery.

– Slovakia, Bratislava – Kamzik Tower
– Old town Bratislava, Main castle, UFO bridge, Shopping center.

Marine Traffic populates the world with various boats and vessels while also giving you the option to do the same. You can command the Titanic, among other vessels. Just as long as you disable collisions, slew to your destination (water airports didn’t work on my attempt), then have fun sailing around.

– Testing out marine traffic add-on + Drivable boats. Have to turn collisions off.
– Goes without saying I wish I had access to Canadian vessels.
– View of Ottawa’s Costco near airport
– Art Museum (downtown Ottawa area).
– Old city hall.
– Testing out the Grummen finding it neat, though stubborn staying lit. It needs a certain amount of throttle to function.
– Plane was stopped, I accelerated further to reach the ‘bay’ area. It beached itself.
– Payware Corsair plane. Great plane, even flying in Vintage Gatineau airshow liverlie. It’s a beast.
– Best started on a runway for quick flying, parking for a more authentic take.
– Various attempts were to be had.
– Accelerate too fast and it’ll veer off the runway. Push it too much and it’ll explode in your face.
– Flies well, though can’t land this plane for the life of me.

Airbus H135 Helicopter:

– Airbus H135 Helicopter – A highly detailed freeware helicopter. Slightly hard to handle, though great to use.
– Test-landed at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Landing is tricky.
– Helicopter landing, parking lot challenge edition.
– Landed, though not where I desired. Keeps drifting, swerving, etc upon landing.

Been a great time flying various planes. Next blog posting relating to flight sim shall cover the JU-52 and the trip out of Ottawa within Flight Sim 2020. Great flights and sceneries to be viewed.

Thanks for viewing and happy flying!