[VRChat] – Midnight Haven Halloween World Hop 2022

– Visiting a few Halloween worlds

On October 26th, 2022 I joined Midnight Haven on their journey through spooky world hopping amusements. I at first attempted to do so via VR mode to switch back to desktop mode as to not miss out on the various fun and entertainment.

– Fancy lights and visual effects, especially in VR Mode.
– Visiting Midnight Haven’s Halloween hub while trying to get everybody loaded in on my end. This was a sign.
– Are you joking?! Only one managed to load in out of the 30-ish folks eh?
– Being greeted by Bluefrosty, my lovely floofy friend. They gifted me a hat and then a lovely wiggly toy. Sadly, I couldn’t see Blue load in.
– Cute.
– Visiting the Backrooms with Midnight Haven.
– My loading problems. Can’t even download characters fast enough for whatever reason.

I was actually depressed. Raging. Just like my time at work I had to come back to VRChat and VR acting up stupidly. I was apparently not allowed to have fun, not to enjoy my time in VR, let alone even in VRChat. I thankfully had a moment where Blue came up to me to guide me in how to enter the backrooms. They showed me how to activate the machine, where to go, and how to go into the world. I was frustrated, yet happy and thankful to Blue.

I followed Hunt and friends to be a bit sidelined. Hunt went on their adventure, and another Frosty had as well. Once reaching another level I obtained a disconnect error, my internet went down locally, and I was just furious. I vented on Midnight Haven’s Discord I wasn’t allowed to have fun desiring to instead watch ‘Star Wars Andor’ ep 7, and even the ‘Shadow Garden’ anime. A mood inside me told me to keep going with VRChat. I had to, it was Halloween.

The Moments I Could Have Missed:

I came back via desktop mode just to see what I would have missed. I was testing the performance of my VR Mode versus the whole desktop mode seeing what was and wasn’t possible. My work already made me feel miserable, VR & VRChat almost made me feel that same way.

I lurked in the Backrooms in desktop mode for awhile before venturing to this accidental winter world which should have been a Halloween theme (Reading Club). I was left ignored in this world.

– Fireworks fun.
– Lurking, exploring. Not one of these folks decided to talk to me during this world session. Also, out of respect I censored the names of the players. I’m aware I could have hid name-plates, etc, etc. Hindsight is always 20/20. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.
– Among Us weirdness.
– Playing around with the desktop mode camera.
– One world hop later we arrived at a spooky gas station convenience store.
– Trying to make use of the flying camera feature in desktop mode.
– Checking up on what’s inside via the camera feature.
– Giant Monkey.
– Spooky. Censoring names again out of respect and formalities.
– Blue caught trying to shoplift, or something.
– Blue pondering murder.
– Blue planning murder – Part 1
– Blue planning murder – Part 2
– Blue planning murder – Part 3

Thankful to a Frosty fellow who checked up on me while in desktop mode. He wondered if I was doing alright, if my mic was fine. Had to swap to desktop mode thanks to some nasty technical difficulties.

We later ventured to a spooky space station.

– Chatting, being spooky, and even laying back during the freights.

During the whole space station part I was indeed left alone. I was left to my own devices…… Shame.


I’m happy we eventually jumped into a gaming world I could actually do something in. WoooO!~

– Blue sleeping on the job.
– VRoom!~ Vroom!~
– As a runner I had my fun. Now, as a Tagger I unleashed my inner troll teasing various people. Muahahahaha!~
– Teasing people gaining interesting reactions from them. Things about seeing my “art” in the art channel relating to Busou Shinki.
– Teasing both Hip and Halo guy.
– Hahahaha!~
– >Insert Evil laughter here<

With that sadly done we went to another spooky world, this time relating to dolls.


I followed the person I trolled in the world previous for some bonding moment during some horror fun.

– Attempting to eat fishy~
– Slippery fish is slippery.
– Seeing through Halo Guy’s helmet. Tripped him out bad heh.
– Someone’s mind sure was blown.

Various people decided to leave causing me to be more “alone” than previous. I’m always ghosted, but I did have my fun with the various folks who chose to interact. Good times. I’m happy for ‘Halo Guy’ and others, even if those aren’t their names. Changing it slightly for blogging purposes.

After ‘Party’ Type Hangout:

Consider the following a ‘Bonus’ to the ‘bonus’. Just hanging around seeing what people were up to, curious. Various people (in my circle) chose to leave leaving me behind with folks I know less about. The other folks I’m not even acquainted with even verbally saying certain things frustrating me more than making me happy. Saying rude, crude, and/or insulting comments, something they’re probably not even away they’re saying in the context it was said. It frustrated me. I’m glad we went to these worlds, it appeared it wasn’t the “after party” type deal I should have gone to.

– Checking out some neat Photogrammetry worlds. Actually neat stuff.

One (or a few) people frustrated the hell out of me with the stupid things they’ve said about these photogrammetry worlds while I was flying my camera around. Just plain crudeness (blunt wording) in how these worlds suck, how they need to be polished up, and how they’re basically “low effort”, or whatever. These worlds seem polished to me, even polished to the point it has a fancy skybox. Hearing any insulting comments any world creator doesn’t want to hear simply hurts, especially when I’m even fiddling with ‘WIDAR’, the thing they’re openly bashing on an open mic. I appreciate and respect those fiddling with ‘WIDAR’, or world scanning projects with how difficult and tedious these projects are, hearing any vulgar nonsense is just off putting. It wasn’t even criticism (at least partial criticism), not to me. Granted, the concerns could have been better expressed with more thoughtful and honest expressions. Yes, the scenery and objects are rough, that’s the point. It’s scanned in via iphone, and pieces together via software, and all that stuff. The software still struggles with it.

This is for VRChat, this is for fun. This one actual genuine nonsense, and maybe faux-trans beliefs, something that may get me booted. If I get booted from VRChat and Midnight Haven then so be it, that’s as hurtful as hearing creators who work with WIDAR, photogrammetry, and etc post “worthless photogrammetry worlds” onto VRChat. I’ve scanned my Busou Shinki of Renge, my Ferrari watch, and my loaned bike. I have yet to insert them into both VRChat and Rising World, I have scanned them though.

I love these scanned worlds, hence why I’m also wound up. Both from the crudeness and the bluntness. People can’t appreciate art until they try working with it finding just how difficult it is to deal with it. I’ve found Japanese hobbiest far more respectful pushing various boundaries even I’m struggling to go down. I try to emulate them in curiousity, hence why I also admire the Japanese over anything the “western” side does.

– To that crude “touching up” comment, I see this world has been already beautified for VRChat purposes. Their comment is moot.
– I love these scenic photogrammetry stuff, wish I could do these myself.
– A war broke out.
– This fight lasted for a good 10-20 minutes. Just pure firefight I could have joined myself using Bismarck.
– Giant monkey.
– They were in their own little bubble I ventured onwards minding my own business. They were saying some “crude” things I disliked anyways.
– Nice! Respect to the folks who scanned out this cave.

Have to say this was a nice 50/50 good-bad hangout. It has its ups and downs, more so to do with my work caused depression, how my VR headset refused to play fair. I wasn’t allowed to have fun, I still chose to have fun allowing me to have fun. The best fun was with the ‘Halo guy’ in both the Taggers & Runners game, even the Halloween doll house as we ventured through. A few folks poked me, something I appreciated. The rest I was pretty much ignored, was frustrated, or struggled with. Either way, good times. I would love to visit more photogrammetry worlds, and if allowed, I’ll be having more fun in Midnight Haven. I’ll be trying to join them as much as possible in VRChat.

Happy Halloween!