Trip to Japan – Round 2 – Day 5 (2024)

– An interesting morning in Ueno, one which isn’t a weekend. Lots of traffic and people going their various ways.

This blogpost covers the day of January 31th while in Tokyo to Hakodate, Japan.

A new day has arrived, one which had me wake up at 7:00 AM in the morning to check out of my APA hotel. I packed up the final bits in a slightly stressful manner. Caught up on Twitter/X, and swiftly washed up as swiftly as possible. Rush, rush! Gave the hotel their keycard back, ventured to Wendy’s for a meal, all in preparation to head to Hakodate for some winter amusements.

Why Hakodate?

  • Reason 1 – Hakodate called out to me via Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (even if the game is now bloated into an unplayable state) attracting me to Hakodate. I experienced a neat snowfall in the game trying to land a CRJ aircraft.
  • Reason 2 – being the scenic point of view from the nearby mountain, one which I had assumed was positioned in a different manner. Basically a top-down view overlooking Hakodate.
  • Reason 3 – Was for Kantai Collection, something I failed to line up. Instead, I experienced other fun stuff along the way. Little did I know that Hakodate would actually provide me a real sense of winter, one which Canada refused to provide during this winter season.
  • Reason 4 – For visiting Hakodate also ties in with my initial admiration of Hokkaido and Sapporo, one which would pull on my 2023 nostalgia. The Anime-manga in reference being ‘Hokkaido Gals are super Adorable’. Seen similar callouts to Hakodate via that manga, hence the strong pull towards Hakodate. I had various validations to visit, even if I didn’t need any. Japan is just awesome to travel when you’re a tourist.

Japan Trip 2024:

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– Ueno Wendy’s First Kitchen – Eating on main floor thanks to my luggage by my side. POI!~
Screenshot_20240131_092345_Azur Lane
– Azur Lane – Chi An get! (Happily obtained her while eating away at Wendy’s in Japan).

Once satisfied, I made my way back towards Ueno Station to head my way back Haneda Airport using the JY line to reach Hamamatsucho Station to jump onto the airport Monorail line to head to terminal 2 for my flight. I especially left Ueno early to allow for a proper buffer zones for any confusions. If anything stupid occurred I had enough wiggle room to make my way around to correct issues, something which I needed a decent amount of time to figure various things out.

– JY Line to Hamamatsucho Station.
– Awaiting my monorail train for Haneda’s Terminal 2 for my Air Do flight to Hakodate.
– Capturing an image while I could.

I stood and sat in very awkward places because I desired to obtain scenic images, if at all. Japan is neat when seen from the windows of trains.

– Something I failed to make note of during my 2023 trip, something I made note on my 2024 trip, was how Tokyo had a hidden race track in city boundaries. Curious. There is always something interesting to find hidden away in a corner of a street, or similar, with how everything is nestled into one another. Always a surprise.
– Attempting to make note of the Coast Guard planes off in the distance in those giant hangers. Was far more magical seen in person than it was captured on a camera. Admiring how they were working on their Coast Guard aircraft. Pains me not having obtained a proper point of view of those coast guard planes.
– Making note of the interior of the Airport Monorail train. I could have placed my luggage in that area, I however refused. I felt, at that moment, needing to keep it closer to my person.
– Happily, yet slowly made my way to these automated self-checkout baggage. I weighed my baggages attempting to confirm both of them. My brain had too many brainfarts.
– Attempting to process what I’m seeing. Yes, it’s straight forward, but what am I allowed to bring on and off the flight? I’m it’s a stupid question, I had to still ask this because it’s Japan with their own set of rules.

I went to seek out help, even noting the sizes, something in hindsight I shouldn’t have because it’s fine. It’s simply a baggage you check in and everything is fine. All fine and dandy. I thanked the staff for helping me, to which I gained an “No Arigato”.

Did you mean “No, thank you”, but as a compliment, or in “don’t thank me, I didn’t do anything” type of gesture? Whatever it was, I’m thankful the guy solved the issue for me. Every airport handles their luggage’s/baggage slightly differently causing me to lose my mind.

Made my way through security to eventually wander my way towards Tully’s Coffee for some ‘Cold Royal Ice Milk’ and to book a hotel in Hakodate around the time I would arrive there.

– Cold Royal ice Tea Milk. Delicious! Spent time also attempting to charge phone as much as possible. Even catching up on Twitter/X while sharing more Japanese goodies online.
– Attempting to figure out a route from Hakodate to my hotel, something I hadn’t done prior to my trip. Everything was on a whim, something I had to do on a whim.

I felt a lingered too long at Tully’s Coffee, something which I ventured further into the terminal wing, something closer to my flight. I already had sat at the café for a few hours (or maybe 1 hour), and a few hours more at Gate 56. I sat at Gate 56 for my ANA 4759 (Air Do) for a long while catching up on both Twitter/X and YouTube this time. I would also plane spot, capture more images, videos, attempt 360 videos, etc. I also happily noted the Alola Vulpix themed Air Do plane, something I strongly desired to fly on. Awesome!

– Plane spotting within the terminal.
– What I saw for a lengthy time while sitting at the terminal in an overly early manner. I arrived there very early needing to burn a bit of time prior to my flight.
– Gate 56.
Screenshot_20240131_130850_Azur Lane
– Catching up on Azur Lane with it glitching out on me.
Screenshot_20240131_130926_Azur Lane
– Azur Lane – Obtaining various units and outfits.
– There’s that Alola Vulpix themed plane! Awesome!
– After a long wait we were finally allowed to board the plane. My section was eventually called up, something to which I happily took pictures of this Vulpix Air Do aircraft again, and same with others. Everybody was happy to see this livery.
– Tons of picture taking was done by other people as well. We took our turns.

While boarding the plane I noticed two Vulpix plushies (normal and Alola) elegantly hanging out of a pocket, something I failed to capture at the time. I wish I had. Would have been nice for blogging purposes. I tried acquiring this upon landing, something to which it was taken away from, something to which it confused the female flight stewardess.

– I’m amused by the sleeping Alola Vulpix themed head rests. Cute!
– Vulpix and Alola Vulpix! Sleeping, curious, and sleeping. Rokon Jet!
– Zzzzzzz~

I was stuck at the very back, especially without a window seat. I was disappointed not to have booked a flight in time to acquire a window seat. I had to basically stare at my GPS, and whatever else was in the area.

I also, accidentally, and embarrassingly, multi-buzzed the flight stewardesses without knowing I was basically “fat-fingering” my elbow on the call button. I was baffled as to why the flight stewardess came up to me, just as much as they were with me. I was highly embarrassed to have made that horrible mistake of laying my arm on an arm-rest, especially with buttons placed in horrible mind-baffling locations. Elbow-dialing the flight attendance by mistake by resting my arm on those buttons. I desired to take a picture of the poor placement, even forgetting to do that. What a major brainfart on both my side and the engineers who designed it this way.

My bad! From this point onward I would lean in an awkward manner to a side to prevent myself from buzzing a flight crew any further. I’m certain they noted this, in how I awkwardly positioned myself away from those awkwardly placed buttons on the arm rest.

– Alola Vulpix themed cup with orange juice within.

During take-off it appeared, with the way things were sounding, the plane would fall apart. The lights flickered a few times, the plane shuttered. It felt like the plane had a Vulpix lipstick needing tons of maintenance and repairs, something I’m unsure if it actually needed such or not. I however admired viewing the take-off camera of how the plane was taking off from the runway, and towards Hakodate.

– Normal Vulpix.
– Poi!
– Poi! Poi!
– An overly simplistic flight tracker rotating between variations.
– Nearly at Hakodate! 🙂
– Lining up to the airport, West-to-East.

Had to observe the landing through gaps between the seat, and between other people. It was hard to see, yet I saw some light snow, rough rural type scenery, and the eventual landing into Hakodate. It was a decent flight.

I also attempted to capture the images of two Vulpix plushies on my way out, even thanking the crew for the flight. A simple “arigato”. I sadly confused the female staff who looked where I was looking, confused about where the plushies went. Disappointed, I hastily departed the plane. I missed my chance.

I’m now in Hakodate! WOOO!~


Finally arrived in Hakodate! Let’s see what new sights and sounds await me in this awesome place.

– Hakodate Airport Sign focus.
– An overly simplistic arrival sign I struggled to capture an image of. Air Do/ANA code-share flight of 59/4759.

The place was packed, and even having that obvious rural vibe to it. A nice vibe to everything. Waited a fair amount of time, something to which we eventually obtained our baggage’s.

– Snow Miku! This is also another reason why I came to Hokkaido. I was hoping to capture Snow Miku, something I’m overly happy about doing. In season, this time.
– An Twinkling Snow Miku!

Explored various parts of Hakodate’s Miku booth, even how and where to obtain our bus. I had to make sure I had an 500 Yen coin on me, especially of the right age and style. There are two 500 Yen coins, one I was hoping would fit the trip. We were firmly told, even stated on signs, to be ready with 500 yen coins.

Unsure how, but I would eventually discover my 360 camera overheated “somehow”. I’m certain I turned it off, it however decided otherwise. My 360 Camera was behaving highly weirdly, possibly even from the flight itself, the pressure, or similar. It was baffling to me.

– Waiting in line.
– Hakodate emblem.
– This was exactly why I was wearing my overly puffy (Christmas gifted) winter jacket! For this specific Hokkaido trip. +1, feels chilly, and even desiring to snow for the night.
– Snow showers! 🙂
– Everybody was accepted onto the bus with no issues. Happily taking the #3 bus to Hakodate.

I would have assumed they would have ran a tram line to the airport to link up with Hakodate Station. That would normally be the case. I desire to know the reason as to why Hakodate doesn’t have a train, nor tram line linking to the airport. I understand it may be “rural”, it could however benefit (in some manner) in having a railed network linking up to the airport.

I may also be noting “rural”, for a lack of a better word to simply describe “out of city” vibes. I’m using it highly loosely, and not in an insulting manner. Hakodate felt like a “rural” town to me, if a tourist hotspot for various locations. I understand farming towns are rural, my meaning here is far more loose and lax meaning “small town”, which Hakodate felt like such. It may be a big city, it however doesn’t have giant skyscrapers. It’s a neat place.

– Obtaining a more “smaller city” vibe from this bus trip, something which I actually highly enjoyed.
– A road and a park, one I had swiftly noted on Google Maps prior to this bus trip.
– Rent a Car!
– Woosh!~
– Seeing the gradually-revealing coastline was awesome. Mount Hakodate coming into view, yet still being concealed, was awesome. I admired the “raw” messy vibes I was gaining from these views.
– My focus was mainly on Mount Hakodate.
– Capturing random images for blogging purposes.
– The vibe appears gloomy. Maybe even Ottawa, Canada gloomy. I’m sure certain parts can appear nice, yet it’s interestingly relatable in various ways. Some very slight admirations.
– Video – A quick video capture viewing out the bus’s window. It may appear gloomy, it however was highly surreal, and neat for me. Neat scenery.
– I was genuinely awe-struck when I saw Mount Hakodate poking out like this. The raw nature and vibes coming off this had me in admiration.
– A better capture, one of which was awesome seeing a messy side of Japan. Mountains in these weather states tend to command more respect and power. Loosely reminded me of British Columbia, Canada with the various mountain rages similar to this.

We eventually arrived at Hakodate Station to which I saw everybody’s baggages & luggage being carried off the bus’s storage area. I even saw mine standing in clear sight, something I wished to have secured as soon as possible. I produced the 500 yen coin, after having waited in an impatient line-up, even hoping the 500 yen coin was of the right variation and style. It was accepted. Relieved, I rushed off, obtained my baggage, and took the sights in.

– Hakodate Station, I’m here! I’m in Hakodate now! Awesome! Explored every part at a glance. Walked past various winter festival designs, even having past a winter festival display prior to this station’s arrival. I desired to know where this park was to capture it for blogging sake.
– Miku! Miku! Trying to make sense of everything. Food, orientation, etc. Coming here to see Miku. Obtained a few loose ink stamps on loose sheets of paper, something I would come back for later. I was itching to have fun with ink stamps again.
– Snow Miku and Golden Kamuy movie advertisement. I still have yet to watch Golden Kamuy in both Anime and movie format.
– Various information on Snow Miku, AR Mode, and 1 day tram pass, something I forgot to take. It’s fine, I can use my PASMO.
– Satisfied, I ventured towards my APA hotel. It’s not the one on the right, it’s on the left. This whole snowy Hakodate vibe sure was highly surreal.
– Oh? What’s this? Appeared to be, at a glance, an entertainment center. Nah, it’s a restaurant. Lucky Pierrot Hakodate Ekimae branch

Checked into my hotel. Proceeded to drop everything off at my hotel room to then promptly venture out to the nearby park I saw while riding the bus towards Hakodate Station. I discovered the location, running towards it with aid of Google Maps. I found what and where I was aiming for. Time to rush towards it!

– Interesting restaurant style.

I made a stupid mistake by being highly hesitant, or even “too pushy” while crossing the pedestrian crossing while an ambulance was blaring it’s sirens nearby. I was uncertain as to where, it however was nearby, even hidden by the tram shelters. I saw it too late, even nearly rushing into two other fellow pedestrians heading the opposite direction. I was startled when I saw the ambulance coming up to me, nearly panic running into the two folks by mistakes. The Japanese women evaded me, thankfully, yet felt highly embarrassed by this one. I was too embarrassed to even look back. I wasn’t sure how to react to this. I never looked back, I however openly said “gomen”, my attempt to say “sorry” in Japanese to them.

Sorry for nearly running into you in the panic of seeing an ambulance hiding in the tram stop shelters. Shaking it off, I simply proceeded to aim directly for that winter festival park. The park.

– Coca-Cola tram!
– Coca-Cola tram.
– Various Japanese eatery locations. Being a local I wouldn’t even know where to start. (I also should have searched up that KanColle place, as was kindly provided to me. I failed to go there).
– YAY!~ I found it! Hakodate Lumi-pop! Hatsune Miku fun! 🙂
Video – First loud capture of Hakodate’s Lumi-Pop area. Loud traffic.
– Cute trams!
– NCV Tram.
– Multi-captures attempting to make sure I captured it properly. Though, the view across is neat. A park on the other side.
– Hakodate Lumi-Pop.
– This makes up for Ottawa’s lacking Winterlude in the 2023-2024 winter season.
– Tram and park.
– Video – Now we’re talking! Oshi no Ko Opening playing! I was cheering and hyped up! I disliked how it transitioned into a song I wasn’t familiar of. More ‘Oshi no Ko’ please!
– Where, when, and how to find Snow Miku. You can even use her snow Miku AR mode.
– Video – Surprisingly fast tram capture. WOOSH!~ Look at how fast that tram is going!
– Blurry tram capture.
– Lightly snowing at this point. Heading my way back towards Hakodate Station, if crossing it properly this time, even towards the hotel to the left. Straight and left.
– I admire trams.

I venture into a nearby 7/11 (enroute to hotel) to come out to an overly snowy scene. I was surprised by how snowy it was.

– Video – Snowy Hakodate capture. Was ready to start snow-storming. Little did I know what was waiting for me in the morning. The morning would be special.
– 7/11 Konbini food is luxury food. Not to the Japanese, but to the Canadians who lack proper Japanese-styled Konbini food in Canadian Convenience Stores. Japan is true to it’s meaning, something Canada is not. And yes, I’ve also happily obtained my Gundam SEED FREEDOM themed folder. I’m happy. 😉

Yes, I’m well aware the Japanese locals shall harp on me to try actual 100% local Japanese food, and they’re correct. I botched my second trip, 2023 trip being far more intwined in local cuisine. Yes, I’ve went to coin shops, but that’s also Japanese food. Correct? Food is food, and I’m eating Japanese food created in Japan, and I’m happy I can eat each and every bit of it in an restaurant & Konbini capacity.

I retired into my hotel at 6 PM to play Azur Lane, Blue Archive, catch up on Twitter/X, and all the other lovely stuff. I genuinely admired APA Hotel’s Ueno & Hakodate’s styled rooms. Yes, Hakodate had a more ‘rural’ vibe to it, even spooking me slightly, yet in a good vibe. Rooms are designed overly nicely. I however enjoyed everything about the hotel room. The modern appliances and the showers were awesome. I enjoyed my ramen and rice 7/11 meals. Showering in Japan feels so much better than it does in Canada, especially with the constantly heated toilet (bidet features) as an added companion prior and after showering. Canada pisses me off so much, especially with it’s moronically corrupted Liberalism bias causing everything to be “ghetto”. Japan is awesome, Canada is “ghetto”. Canadian government actively preventing the very things which makes Japan awesome making mundane things like Konbini food in Japan very luxurious. Japan, you have it awesome, and I admire Japan for the big and small things. Appreciate what you have with more care and love! Once it’s gone, it’s gone, and you turn into a Canadian sink-hole of idiocy. My trips to Slovakia (prior to Japan) yielded more natural human living styles than in Canada. The way you get food, beer, travel, etc. Proper buses, trams. What Slovakia has is the way Japan has it set up. Common sense!

Heck! Even buying beer in Japan is far better than it is in Canada. In every other sane nation you can simply go to a corner store (or “A” store) to buy beer, yet in Ottawa (and Ontario) one has to go to a specialized “Beer” & “Liquor” store to buy beer. Both Slovakia and Japan have common sense when it comes to food and transportation. 😉

Japan, you don’t know how well you have it if you’re going to view your Konbini food as “mundane”. Maybe it is, you shouldn’t take it for granted. Both Konbini food and Japanese transit is leagues better than what is located in Canada. It even shames Ottawa’s transit routes by many times! Two, three, or even 20 times far more superior than whatever Ottawa has going on.

Hakodate made me happy! Yes, I’m a naïve Canadian tourist, but even being in Hakodate made me feel like a human again. Once I gradually gained more and more of my navigational bearings (familiarizing myself with the location) everything was becoming far better than how it was in Ottawa, Canada. I felt more comfortable reaching out into more Japanese locations for their own specific foods (something you shall eventually see later blog posts, and in previous 2023 blog postings).

– Something as simple as this 7/11 Konbini food was awesome! Look at that! Noodles, corn, Croquettes, meat. Delicious!

Oh, I had a good night! A few fumbles here and there, it however was a neat transition day from Tokyo to Hakodate. Well worth the trip. The atmosphere was highly different making me even question if what I was doing was even the right call, or how screwed I was. Everything was proper. A nice snowy time in Hakodate!

Had a great time transitioning from Tokyo to Hakodate’s colder climate. Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoyed the viewing and reading! Hakodate was actually fun to be at. 🙂