[E2046] Kaname Madoka – Ryuzouji Akane – Sheryl Nome

Hello folks! I three batches of images of figure to share with you. Maybe something that may or may not be of interest to you? Ryuzouji Akane seems to be the most interesting figure of the three for me.

(All images provided by E2046.)

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Ryuzouji Akane:

Ever wanted a lovely lady in traditional Japanese armor, yet modern enough to be in a school setting? Akane is the type of girl for you, who can hold her own in combat with her lengthy spear.

You have the option of swapping her helmet with the spear, and vice versa, which is nice. Always adds to the value of the figure being able to swap parts. The more you can interact your figures is always the best, thus keeping things “fresh”. Less static. The base of hers also looks interesting, fitting for her. Though, my picky side would wish she had some of her series’s scenery.

I also love Akane as a figure because of the whole “samurai-girl” vibe she gives off, even though she isn’t one with the spear. I would love to have her within my collection and I would recommend having her in such with the quality seen.

Kaname Madoka:


Kaname Madoka – Peulla Magi Madoka Magica – gives us a figure of her within an overly elaborate dress. I do have to note that I haven’t seen the show. I do however know she is one of the main characters tasked with “saving the world”.

Her figure form looks amazing, though not in my taste because 1) I haven’t watched & 2) I haven’t come across her enough to care. I can however say that her figure looks beautiful enough for those in the show to enjoy. Nice detailing, nice big dress, interesting wings on her back and shoes. She also looks elegant and cute at the very same time. Beautiful. The base also has some very basic yet nice looking detailing of little symbols.

This gets my seal of approval.

Sheryl Nome:

Sheryl Nome – From Macross Frontier series – is also known as the “Galactic Fairy” within her time-line. A beautiful Galactic Fairy at that.

Sheryl’s figure is both beautiful yet off-putting at the same time. Her simplicity is both a blessing and a “curse”. She looks beautiful in the simple clothing, yet too simple for those seeking simplicity in their collection. Sheryl Nome makes for a nice figure if you’re looking for simple beauty with the added focus on detailing and quality within her.

If you’re into Macross, Sheryl, or want a nice detailed figure in your collection then she is fitting to join your collection. She gets my thumbs up.


Which figure is your favorite in this bunch?

Akane for me. Her armor and the option to swap is a nice plus for me.