Pre-Halloween Autumn Fun – 2013

Heyo! Basically wanted to show off the month of October in both a Halloween and autumn manner. I witnessed Vara getting bothered by Renge along with Renge and Ach having an outing outdoors.

– Renge and Ach having fun with the autumn vibe and the wind.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Panacake lens.)

I was hoping to take images of my gals showing the October Thanksgiving-Autumn-Halloween spirit. Not full-on, but just enough that it does feel straight forward to such. Didn’t have many props to play with. I’m also hoping that the images came out as intended; that they are of viewable enjoyable quality for myself and others to enjoy. Quality may be all over the place. I still approve of them :).

Been wanting to make this a “mega”-thread of images for Halloween which I may split into two parts with this one being for October itself and the other for Halloween.

The weather was also not playing in my favor with constant wind, clouds and rain forcing me to take images indoors. The second half being on one of the more “tolerable” days.

Part 1 – Varakitsu’s Pesky Foxy Annoyance:

Caught a moment with Renge pestering Varakitsu during one of her grooming moments. Renge was attempting to train her Fennekin only to end up climbing onto Vara to annoy her and similar. All for fun; Kon!

– Vara doesn’t look amused ^^;

– Renge and her Fennekin happily try climbing onto her head. Renge clinging on for her dear life XD.

– Attempted to get a nice comb-eye shot; Renge attempting to stick onto Vara till the bitter end.

– Back to a peaceful grooming Vara goes.

– Vara happily posing for the camera for me :).

– Even with all the foxying around they can still tolerate one another happily.
– Vara attempting to hide her pantsu peaks.


– Someone appears to be shyly enjoying Halloween; Renge covering Vara’s peaks.

– Reminds me of the time Vara played with Renge.

An hour or so later Renge wanders back in with Vara’s Halloween lamp. We would go blind yet she stares deeply into the lamp. And yes, it gets insanely dark early which I dislike for fall and winter.

I love how Vara’s tail comes into view in this image.

– I spy a beautiful facial expression! 😀
– *Pokes*
– The tail makes for a nice comfy pillow & blanket.

– She doesn’t appear to be amused.

– Poking Encore; Kon!


Was attempting to have Vara’s butt prodded upward to focus on her tail. Wanted to focus on her fluffy tail arced forward. I either don’t know how to pose Dollfies or it just can’t be done. I did get a similar pose  working only for the image to fail >.< I’ll try again for the next or save it for Christmas.

I love how cute Vara looks with her tail. Looks like a nice fluffy hug pillow/daki.

– She gives off that Koko Hekmatyar vibe to me.


You wondering why I’m not picky about her being skirtless. She’s at home so I find it alright. It’s only when she’s outside that I tend to worry. She’s just relaxing, plotting, and forcing me to buy her new outfits like – This military uniform, second version, and this busty dress. Can’t even find a Santa Dress from CoolCat or Volks. Not sure how to even purchase fox masks from ALBA DOLL without actually being in Japan. I may need to poke my two Japanese contacts, just afraid of doing so with the silence given from previous Busou Shinki related requests and don’t want them hating me either. Those accessories all appear to be event only items needing Japanese assistance or a much needed trip to Japan.

(I should have been in Japan by now; I need to go to Japan – constant echo in my mind.)


Part 2 – Renge and Ach’s Outdoor Autumn Adventure:

Been wanting to bring out my Busou Shinkis outdoors only to get stopped by rain, gloomy autumn clouds, and strong winds. Quite chilly and windy day it was. Brought Renge and Ach outdoors to enjoy the best of the autumn weather.

I basically went to the water filtration plant with an interesting mini garden. It was obviously out of season now to even take advantage of the garden. Still a nice place.

– These Canada Geese were dancing around by slapping the water. Had a nice slapping sound to it.
– This little Dragonfly was shy at first who quickly allowed me to take images. Saw it moving its head around in curiosity.
– Ach and Renge happily holding up their leafs on a windy day.

– Jiiii~

– I’m glad I still managed to obtain a shot of colorful leaves on the branches.

– Renge snacking on more of the “French bread” from the Doll Show back in Spring.

– Loads of squirrels roaming the area feeding.

– I see beavers were busy.
– Renge mimicking beavers XD.
– Sad this image had to be blurry though awesome that I caught them in flight.
– Renge holding one of the many bits of wood flakes from beavers.
– Canada Geese in flight.

– Was thinking of having Renge and/or Ach play with the shrooms. Was getting too chilly so wandered back instead.

That sure was fun. Ottawa folks however enjoy staring at one another. Been wanting to take images like these for the past few days getting quite…..impatient and restless. I’m mostly pleased with part 1 and fully pleased with part 2. Hoping to take more images for an equally big article for a part 2 for Halloween. See you then!

Hope you enjoyed some, most, or all the images.  Hope the fall weather is treating you nicely. Also been told Vancouver has been fogged up by a friend. Would be awesome for images.

Kon! See you in Part 2!