Varakitsu’s Koko Hekmatyar Cosplay

Heyo! Second of my packages arrived unexpectedly quickly right after my first Cool Cat order. Contains more goodies for Varakitsu’s to wear for an anime convention at the end of January. A Koko Hekmatyar – Jormungand Anime themed cosplay attempt for her.

– Renge happily sitting on Vara’s recent Jormungand themed loot.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

It sure arrived quicker than I thought. I was expecting a box also which caught me off guard when I was handed an envelope containing the goodies. Could have easily slipped it in the mail box, like that time with ACNL that was shoved into the mailbox. I was also worried that some items wouldn’t fit (saying such on Tumblr) with my relief that they do fit. All of the outfits I purchased fit Vara nicely. Some are even puffy.

Received my loot from “Nightfall” who sells an impressive selection of Dollfie clothing. May even purchase more from there at a later date. Had a bit of a problem coming across any office lady type skirts, Koko’s light coat, and Koko-ish type outfits only to discover that shop to satisfy that need. Thanks to Nightfall I was able to get quite close to having Vara cosplay as Koko Hekmatyar, or as close as cosplaying possible. I asked kindly and obtained a nice white skirt, instead of a gray one. Much thanks! Three steps closer to a Koko cosplay and a bonus with a pair of pants.


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Ever since I obtained Vara I wanted for her to cosplay as Koko Hekmatyar from Jormungand anime with the vibe she gave off. Started during the – Knitted Long Top – article onward I’ve been trying to find bits and pieces for her. I enjoyed the Anime, I loved Koko’s foxy-dragon character, while even constantly listen to the music. How can you not enjoy an anime that even went to Cuba, even showing them drinking Havana Club with a loco Koko? Reminds me of my trip to Cuba heh. Koko was just an amusing and serious female character, one you wouldn’t disrespect in any form.

Neatly packaged with care and an amusing simple sticker that made me chuckle. I’ll also make a vague note that I am having a “nightmare before Christmas” type situation on the side.

*Note: I received a “Why is she/the clothing all white?” type  comment so I shall answer that here with – 1) Varakitsu is based on an Arctic Fox – 2) She is cosplaying Koko Hekmatyar, or supposed to.

– Neatly packaged with everything hidden within one another.
– I’m always checking my mail I obtain to see any amusement factor added into them, like that sticker. Amusing.
– Paranoid at first they wouldn’t fit; They do fit Vara nicely! Even a bonus little hand-bag for Vara heh.
– The skirt wraps around her foxy highness perfectly. I simply put it on “wrong” for the image. Has 4-5 buttons to keep the skirt on her allowing to slide on like a towel.


I’m relieve to find out that the skirt goes on easily. Could slide it up or can button it up on her in a towel-like manner over her hip. Amusingly enough, this skirt was actually quite difficult to find outside of Nightfall’s merchant site so I’m highly thankful to the site of her’s for having a selection I desired. Was originally gray but had it changed to white thanks to Nightfall’s kindness. Much thanks for having it made in white for Vara!

It has me puzzled as to why that, the pants, and Santa Suit aren’t mass-produced for Dollfies.They should be the most common type of outfits and accessories that should be easily acquired. At least I got it from these side-merchant shops so all good in the end.

Everything has to be custom made or people simply force a card onto you to “if you don’t find what you desire then go craft your own” type thing. I would if I could! I’m inexperienced in making clothes and having one made from someone who knows how to make them is a more logical choice for myself.

Main Photo-shoot:

Don’t mind a few “teases” here and there. Vara has to put it on and try it out some how. 🙂


Skirts are actually quite common, populating every Dollfie related site out there. Pants on the other hand, not so much. Trying to find pants for Vara was oddly difficult. I only found DD, not DDdy scaled pants on Cool Cat, accidentally purchasing one to see it didn’t fit.. Ever since I summoned Vara she needed something to wear below. Since then – Knitted Long Top – I’ve been seeking pants for her to wear from Spring till now. My noviceness in the Dollfie field didn’t help either. Now that she has them all is fine and dandy.

Most likely because of the whole school-girl and female Asian fashion sense/fad going on that is also needing to be mimiced onto Dolls and Dollfies. Even the whole gothic and lolita fashion sense. I’m however looking more towards “elegant”, European, and North American type fashion for Vara. Something that is a bit harder to do.

– To mine and Vara’s relief the pants actually fit! Discovered buttons that allowed her to wear them. They looked so tiny, something for Caster Fox I have.
– Like how I can stick the tail onto all the accessories, some with a little poke and nudge needed.

Had a little accident with the wig. Was trying to keep it groom but it would constantly give off the vibe that I didn’t give a care to her well-being. I couldn’t have that so I kept grooming and her wig came off. As mentioned on Tumblr and past articles – I’m going to get her a new wig and even fox ears sometime around 2014. That wig is evil! Helpful, but evil.

Doctor’s Coat:

I’ll say that I was surprised at how handy it actually is. Was aiming it more towards a simple Koko Cosplay with it actually being something I’d use for other poses for Vara. Has two nice pockets on either side, fits on mostly tightly, and can be buttoned up. It fits on tightly, though loose enough to allow her tail to flow through the back. It was a bit troublesome to put on with the sleeves getting caught on the hands. Also have to point the arms backwards so they can slip on easily.

I believe all that needs to be done to this coat is to give it a blue tie and add some kind of feather-like material on the neck/collar area. Adding something fuzzy onto her collar as on her light coat in the show and manga.

– Free gifted handbag for Vara. We’ll see if I use it or not.

Short Shirt:

Something I obtained on a whim while ordering the other pieces of clothing for Vara. It appeared appropriate for her to wear behind her white coat and skirt. Had a bit of trouble putting the shirt on in a similar fashion to the Doctor’s coat. Need to aim the arms behind Vara, slipping it on as you would with any tight jacket, sweater, or shirt. Simply need a blue tie to compliment her shirt and cosplay style now. That’s all that is missing now.

– Experimenting with the best Koko Hekmatyar appearance. Any thoughts?

– Renge wanting a closer look at Vara’s clothing; Renge happily hanging on.

Awesome stuff! This would have easily turned into a very disappointing moment, instead turning happy and pleasing with how everything managed to fit nicely onto Vara. Getting it on the next day after the CoolCat order adds another shine to Vara’s collection. The only problem I see though is the pure white-ness, the troublesome evil-though-helpful white wig, and the missing blue tie. Otherwise, everything should be fine.

Not sure how to have her cosplay as Koko Hekmatyar at GAnime. She won’t be a Koko Hekmatyar herself, just a cosplay of Koko. The wig and head throws it off as well. I guess it should be perfectly fine if I get her as close as possible with the accessories while leaving a bit of herself in it. Still waiting for 1-2 more accessories so we’ll see how close I can get Vara to appear as Koko, or if she can be passed off as her.

(In short – Overly happy and pleased; 50-50 feeling of approval and pickiness of Koko-cosplay appearance.)


Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed seeing what I got for Vara. Still not done! Hope the image quality ain’t too bad, having lighting and setting issues so my bed is the best place to take images.

See you in the next article! 🙂