Sinkterklaas Festivities – 2013

Greetings & Happy Sinterklaas Day! Still attempting to celebrate it for blogging purposes. Renge & Vara enjoyed their chocolate treats from said Sinterklaas festivities, and a new pair of shoes for Vara.

– Vara & Renge foxy-ing around for Sinterklaas festivities.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake Lens.)

Vara & Renge decided to have once again this week thanks to a third and final package arriving aimed at Vara. Gifted Vara some sexy clothing from Cool Cat, Koko Cosplay material from Nightfall, and then this article with some high-heeled white shoes from Dollfie World; Recommended you click/check out both links before continuing on. All gifts in time for Sinterklaas Festivities.

To know more about Sinterklaas I would recommend clicking – Detailed answer here – to learn more. But in short, it is similar to Christmas, instead you put shoes and receive smaller gifts like chocolate or shavers Small things. I know Sinterklaas thanks to my Slovakian background and from the cultural interaction there on vacations. I noticed neighbors in Modra once cheerfully unwrapping their gifts in a very cheerful and excited manner, both parents and children alike. Everybody was so excited. I’m reminded of it thanks to my Dutch comrades I met on and an old gaming site I no longer want to mention.

*Note: NSFW – One or two images may be NSFW due to festivity fun. Trying to keep tasteful, but fun. More like a foxy ecchi tease I’m aiming for, though not needed with warning.


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Vara’s third package arrived nicely, though silently. Had to go pick up her overly expensive high heels from the nearby Canada Post without one of those notice slips. Maybe there was one somewhere, just me probably being blind or there actually wasn’t one.

This was what I shouldn’t have came across by accident when trying to Google my way back onto the Dollfie Dream forums. I’ve been wanting to get her high heels to cosplay Koko as when seeing it on Dollfie World’s site made it a necessary impulsive purchase.

– A nice small package.
– Renge happily examining the little package.

– Renge happily trying out Vara’s new Koko-themed shoes. The more elegant one from Volks behind. Both being overly-costly pairs of shoes.
– A lovely hugging moment XD.

I have to say they were well worth the overly-costly price I paid for them. Well into the $100’s that ended up making me seem like a hypocrite whenever I mention being low on funds when asking help to obtain more goods. One excuse being funds regenerate/reallocated and second being me being an idiot by spoiling my Varakitsu blog mascot.

Vara shall look overly awesome during the next meet-up! Or I truly hope she does after all this December 5th Sinterklaas gifting :P.

(Vara’s December 5th Gifts: Sexy tops & Koko Cosplay articles if you purposely skipped those links while skimming.)


– Sinterklaas – December 5th Fun:

Remember the Santa outfits I’ve been hiding till now, only sharing a teaser or two in places? Finally time to take that out! Still not fully ready but it is appropriate for Varakitsu to wear it happily in time for December 5th fun! I had a bit of help with modifying the suit that it now fits Vara while also being attached with various little bells for visual appearance fun. It still needs modifying to actually fit her though….

The Santa pants makes her appear chubby in a comical manner! XD

– Just some harmless festive ecchi foxy fun ^^.

– Merry Sinterklaas Day! Enjoy your Kinder-treats! XD

Ah! Kinder-eggs! These never get old. I keep saying time-and-time again that they were my #1 treat in Slovakia. I was gifted them everywhere I went, even by expensive hotels in Bratislava. I loved them! Even the silly knock-offs. Even had an egg-carton full of then heh.

The whole Sinterklaas I know is about putting gifts on, in, or around the shoes in the living room. I’ve never really known the background until I actually Google’d it back in 2004 or so and with the informing from Dutch buddies I’ve come across. It makes December that much more enjoyable.

Vara attempting to demonstrate how to place gifts on shoes, however Renge took the place of said gift ^_^.

– Just a random image; A scarf to keep one warm during the winter season :).

The pants connections needs a little bit more work. The Velcro buttons got caught up in her hair and pulled off. Most likely have to reinforce the Velcro buttons to not stick or to keep the white wig away from them at all costs. Thinking of making the pants a tighter fit along with the Santa outfit. Was hoping it would be done but it is still neat to show off regardless. They’re nice, just needs more modifying.

– Bonus: Kinderegg & Advent Calender Fun:

Splitting from the above and onto more sweat and chocolaty note. Both Vara & Renge digging into their December 5th treats. Vara also decided to also slip back into her white business-like outfit. She seems to like it.

I also didn’t want to make a rushed article so I bit the bullet and continued taking images, thus this “bonus” ^_^.

– Renge itching to play with the advent calender, instead redirected by Vara to try the Kindereggs.
– Time to open up the Kinder-tree!
– Those lovely eggs radiating a glorious aura every time I see them!

– Renge obtained one of those “paper airplanes” type toys. Already have one, now two.

– Apparently Kindereggs kill and guns are safe for kids in USA. That’s what the above images are about with the headless Renge; Vara having fun with her toy helicopter.

– Ah! The joyful advent calender. The few I had the past year had chocolate that tasted as if they were expired. This one fairing slightly better.

– Renge & Vara both happily munching away on some advent-chocolate; Vara actually having a cute choco-spot on her nose XD.
– Renge examining Vara’s actual chocolate-tipped nose. Could be awkward/creepy; hopefully cute.

Happy Sinterklaas Day!
(Red for Santa and orange for Dutch influence.)


Actual Bonus – Santa Vara Tease Shots:

Some tease shots I took of Vara in her Santa suit back in November due to excitement of finally coming across a Santa Suit for her. Volks USA simply doesn’t sell what should be common and Cool Cat was sold out since 2011 or so. Wish Santa Suits for Dollfies were more common.


Pokemon Y Gifting – Vulpix!

I was gifted a lovely Vulpix from Naito (’er) who I partially influenced into getting Pokemon X&Y. I don’t care if I can acquire one in game “easily”. I’m just very thankful Naito sent me a Vulpix. Much thanks!

– First thing I see in Pokemon Amie……

Can’t wait to Poke-bank my precious Pokemon from White (2) into my Pokemon Y version. My shiny Ninetales <3


Hopefully you enjoyed all three parts of this festive article! Too bad I couldn’t take images of decorations or with lights. Most likely saved for December 25th itself. I enjoyed taking these images so hoping you enjoy(ed) looking at them 🙂

*Throws a mandarin/Orange/Tangerine in your general location.*