Frame Arms Girl – Jinrai (Indigo Ver.)

A lovely battle ready Frame Arms Girl has been waiting months to be unboxed, and here she is. The lovely Jinrai, if in the Indigo verison. Lots of blades, ninja starts, knives, and even a butcher knife. She’s quite a character.

– Renge & Materia checking out Jinrai

[All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.]

Took me way too long to get to this, yet finally did and happy I’ve finally done so. So glad to have finally unboxed & built her up, yet still not done. This is even after getting at her accessories, and even alternate set-ups to her accessories. She has way too much accessories, way too many variations in set-ups, as well as numerous spare parts (12 trays) that I had to leave Jinrai as she was.

Also, my delay was a number of things; Work, games, stress, winter illnesses, winter blues, and etc. She came a few days after her release, same with Caster Fox Figma, yet chose the ‘happier’ of the two which was Jinrai. She kept calling out to me when I had my mental break down on Saturday because of various winter illnesses, work, & etc related happenings. I’m so glad I finally poked at Jinrai. Jinrai is a beast when it comes to her parts, and also obviously being battle ready at that.

Also, a mandatory: “FUCK KONAMI FOR BEING SO BRAINLESS! Killing Busou Shinki the way they did!”

Kotobukiya deserves high praise for tapping into the Busou Shinki market via these Frame Arm Girls, yet the acronym names is highly unfortunate. There’s even an [anime] releasing used as advertising the model kits, even tapping into Konami’s market by improving on various things at the same time. Now we’re just missing a proper ‘open world’ type game.


Frame Arms Girl – Materia Normal Version:


– Makes me happy to finally be fiddling with the box; Unboxing Jinrai to see her full beauty.
– The better portion/siding of the box showing actual examples of Jinrai.
– Materia & Renge playing in a sandbox of Jinrai’s parts. Think a ball pit, yet for Shinkis & FA:G scaled.
– The lovely instruction manual into building the lovely Jinrai. Quite a beauty to the left, and neat instructions to the right. Quite reliable.
– All these part runners overwhelmed me. They burned through one of my days off and I’m STILL not done. Maybe 10% left, or so. Those accessories & customization options…..It’s insane. 2:40ish to 8:11 pm. Brutal.
– Starting with the first bit: Jinrai’s head. Her head also has nice leveling of detailing & customization. With or without the pony tail stuff.
– Materia respectfully holding Jinrai’s head being the first completed.
– This image is important because it reminds me of ‘Gundam Epyon’s‘ ear style.
– Pony tail, smooth head, head allowing two ponytails, & a smaller pony tail w/ ribon.
– Jinrai’s naked upper torso. This part ain’t bad in progress.
– Jinrai’s lower torso reminding me of Bismarck’s bottomless uniform.
– Closer peak at Jinrai’s upper torso in detail decoration.
– Frame Arm Girl ass fetish going on. I won’t deny it, even praising how gorgeous they appear in that teasing manner. Materia has white panties; Jinrai has grey panties.
– Now, does a Shinki have any chance to compete with Jinrai, or Materia? What about Bismarck’s lovely stern?
– That’s now the lower torso connecting the crotch & ass area with a mechanical skirt.
– Size comparison? About the same size.
– And now for the arms so Jinrai may manipulate things in her favour.
– Jinrai’s feet are larger, also because she’s combat ready.
– It feels like I’m building up a Gundam from any era. Maybe a specialized Zaku II, or Super Human Samurai Syber-Squad. Maybe even Beetleborgs in the same gritty style.
– Materia spaced out long enough allowing me to add in Jinrai’s upper torso portion, attaching them to her legging. Materia checking for a mechanical pulse.

(I should have been swapping Materia’s facial expression, yet Jinrai was already a handful. I already burned a lot of time simply building up Jinrai.)

– There’s life! Jinrai lives! Her first breath seeing Materia around.
– Even without her hands she can be fiercly dangerous with that tank-like turret. This made me love her more once I saw this among her arsenal. A nice KanColle styled weaponry, in a way thinking of ship turret barrels. That sound <3
– One thing that greatly bugs me about Jinrai is how her torso is eager to pop out of her lower portion, even with that ball as articulation & connection.
– Alright, let’s fine-tune Jinrai’s weaponry & accuracy. Her turret is attacked, giving off that middle-finger hook type effect. Or maybe something else. Wolverine claw effect?
– That pause inbetween each test. She has a nice idling pose.
– Selecting a new target…..
– That salute of confirmation that she’s ready for another round.

– That lovely rear end. I’m amused how they designed Jinrai that everything is covered yet they allowed her ass to be elegantly exposed. That tease to expose an exotic design of or string pantsu.
– Jinrai is now back at testing her weaponry by now ‘quick firing’ her weaponry without pre-readying herself.
– Jinrai supporting her left firing arm with her right arm. FEUER!~
– A necessary Jinrai & Materia grouping.
– That’s a lot of parts, and counting. They just took way forever to build, even piecing together. Some alternate leggings, heavy & small weaponry, even alternate ninja stars. A samurai sword, even an ungrouped turret not shown in this image, yet shown above. (Also another ninja knife, yet it somehow went missing during this image.
– Jinrai immediately displaying how deadly she is with a blade. Love that pose. Wish her blue eyes showed more in a crystal clear manner. Her ribbon also sideways.
– That’s a bit more promising. Jinrai is quite a deadly beauty.
– Tried to do another pairing with Materia coming off a bit like a yandere. That unfortunate expression on Materia. If I wanted to I could customize Material in a similar fashion as with Jinrai. More Frame Arm Girls en-route to do so.
– Jinrai now testing out her nicely sized samurai sword by grabbing onto the handle to pull. The great thing is that she can place it anywhere on her back. It can be attached in neat places.
– I’m impressed with Jinrai with her medium firing range to close-range combat. She is nearly a balanced fighter that she could hold her own.

One thing I didn’t properly note, nor share, was her shredded leg that I’m assuming is from another unfortunate Frame Arms Girl in battle wrapped around her leg. This shredded & twisted hulk of a leg should be fused with a more normal legging (look at Materia) which makes it seem she is quite fierce some in battle. She does what needs to be done, or that she even may show no mercy, even bordering into battle sadisticness.

(Scroll up 5 to 6 images to see the accessories image then look to the leftern area.)

– Jinrai comes with standard black, and shiny clear yellow ninja stars that you can decorate her any way you wish. It’s basic, yet even in this basic she has A LOT that it’s overwhelming. Loving how she’s a modern ninja. She could rival Fubuki in Busou Shinki realm.
– She’s quite heavily armed, even heavily armoured. Maybe not a ‘heavy’ type, yet just enough that she becomes quite bulky in battle. Again, ‘balanced’ is the word & term.
– Decals to add onto Jinrai, something I haven’t done. Eye types, her name, even Japanese lettering. Take your pick & stick them on. I shall poke around with this later to add something onto her black head gear on her forehead.
– 3 of the four facial expressions. Wishing one of them was sleeping.
– From 2:40 pm till 8:11 pm I was left with 12 runners. She was quite a time sink that I wish I could have played ‘Rising World’ also in the same day. Quite an accessory heavy lass.
– Creeping scissor formation knife (think of a tactical knife assault, not with guns but with knives/blades).
– Pirates are often shown wielding their blades in this formation, and I love the opposite blade pose.
– Jinrai once again testing out her samurai sword, in proper now. *swoosh*
– Alert pose with the samurai sword.
– Jinrai can carry quite a lot of weaponry. Do NOT mess with Jinrai, unless you want to be cut into pieces & die many times over. “People die when they are killed”. Do note the two blade holders, her katana, the ninja star holder on her arm, and even on her leggings. Yeah. Then you attach that turret…….
– Precision sniping with cautious calculation.
– Looking at this image I can hear a very serious gunfire from a WW2 warship. Maybe a destroyer, cruiser, heavy-cruiser, or similar type. That glorious sound. Even an elegant canon fire during the colonial age.
– Yeah, she could also be a part of a special, and unique, ‘SWAT team in those generic future sci-fi societies. Her beauty though, that’s not generic. She’s quite gorgeous & unique <3
– And now a rest until next time. I’d love to share more images of her roaming about.
– The difference between Jinrai & Materia is obviously clear. That difference.

Final Thoughts:

Even though it took me months to get to Jinrai Indigo Ver. I’m loving her. She is a gorgeous figure, yet the amount of attention and time sink is vast when building every last part of her. Every little bit, from the shredded parts of another unfortunate Frame Arms Girl, as well as all her weaponry. There’s just so many accessories and so much to do with stock Jinrai that I’m highly impressed, even worn out, that I also have yet to fully complete her. Adding the final touches to make her that glorious FA:G of the family. Again that accronym is highly unfortunate (derogatory), yet the design is glorious.

I love Jinrai for being a modern ninja with all sorts of ninja weaponry, some samurai parts, and one lovely modern turret to deal with enemies from close to medium range. Highly adaptable to her environment that I would truly love her if in a digital gaming environment to command. Not myself personally, yet in a semi-RTS manner. All her accessories (again) overwhelmed me, and I’ve built quite a few Gundam model kits that this one was the most time-consuming of them all. There’s a ton of attention to detailing poured into Jinrai, and it shows.

I sadly cut myself when piecing together by trying to cut away those ‘pegs’ from the part runners, yet that’s now the pain for a gain. You have to feel pain to gain things, and thus I have. I curse, I vent, yet I in the end achieve my goal, and thus I have with Jinrai by having her in ‘figure’ form.

I’m amazed with how you can mix-and-match her accessories that you can place the katana anywhere. Same with the blade holders, the ninja stars, among other accessorie. No joke! They can be put on her legs, her arms, back, or even to the sides on the back. It’s impressive! Just be careful not to lose those accessories! They’re quite easy to lose that Kotobukiya needs to learn from the useless Konami by adding parts boxes to store accessories in. That’s the only fault Kotobukiya has, and it’s with not having parts holders or containers. I now have to go out & buy a few part containers, or maybe one big one, to hold everything from Busou Shinki to Frame Arms Girl. There’s just way too many. I need to re-organize all these parts…..

The flaws with Jinrai? That’s rare seeing as how I’m struggling to think of a fiew. Would probably be the model kit looseness that you may have to go back and glue a few parts so they don’t fall apart. If you want to even take them outdoors you’ll have to strategically glue them, or pre-prepare for any indoor & outdoor shoot (mostly outdoors). It’s so easy to lose parts. Her small feet, and parts randomly falling off during falling off. I guess even her torso connection coming loose when not staying snug in that rubber/plastic ball.

I recommend Jinrai Indigo Ver. highly, and even rate her a high 9.5/10. That rating is quite rare, or so I believe, that I respect Jinrai I hell of a lot.


  • Greatly detailed (as much as a model kit can be) that you can also customize Jinrai in any manner. So many accessories, so many parts that I even have left-over part runners with extra parts.
  • Tons of accessories to mix & match with; To pose with. You can place weaponry anywhere, even placing it on the back in various orientations (look at katana blade that you can even make her reach back over shoulder & grab them instead of holding a sword upright).
  • Typical 4 facial expressions & extra hands to swap with.
  • Jinrai comes with two hair styles, even a back-head pieces without an photogenic hole to allow for posing in any angle. You can give her a long ponytail, a short one, or none at all.
  • Great posability that you can pose her in any which way you want, accessory willing.
  • Water decals to add onto Jinrai for further customization & personalization. You can have your on face plate, or whatever you desire.
  • I love her balanced combat approach to being close range focused, even medium ranged with the turret gun. I love that turret making me think of  WW2 warships, KanColle, even mainly a tank gun.
  • The amusing colour variety to each Frame Arm Girls panties. The fancy string panties with colours probably matching to their colour scheme.
  • The extra accessory that makes Jinrai appear far more merciless in battle of having a probably unfortunate Frame Arms Girl’s leg wrapped around her leg. There’s even an extra arm accessory.
  • Laughing at how the ass is made elegant, even teaseful that it’s even teasefully covered showing a just enough that it’s very close to ‘artistic nudity’, yet not. That fancy string panties being made to stick out, yet in that artistic tease manner while also having the matching colour scheme of on their panties. With Jinrai it’s her ass that sticks out with everything else being covered.



  • No parts container with the amount of accessories gained from Jinrai alone. I was left over with 12 parts runners that I feel overwhelmed. I need to go out & buy a parts storage.
  • Still being a model kit these ‘Frame Arms Girls’ suffer from parts becoming loose that you have to cautiously glue parts together as to not loose them indoors, outdoors, or wherever. They’re quite tricky to transport.
  • No sleeping face for Materia or Jinrai, or maybe even any Frame Arms Girl. Needs a sleeping face. I don’t even see any options in the water decals.
  • Feet are too small for posing. Way too small that it’s been a challenge to have her stand in any pose. Needs to be on a flat smooth surface, not fabric or things like that.
  • Slightly struggling to have Jinrai’s torso connecting with the upper & lower where the peg would pop out of the rubber/plastic ball that pokes into it.

I’m sure I have more to list, yet with how overwhelming (in an awesome sense) this kit was I need time to further piece things together, even process Jinrai as a whole. Insanely detailed from my perspective.  I also have more Frame Arms Girls pre-ordered that I’m awaiting their release and arrival. One is even on her way.