Belated Canada Day | Vintage Car Spotting [2020]

– Canada Day 2020 – Belated, though noted.

Heyo again! I’m aware its late August, not July. It has been awhile because the year 2020 has been harsh to me, thus this late blog posting. I was not able to blog in a cheerful manner because of the figurative cards it had dealt me causing a chain reaction of craziness to occur. Wasn’t able to blog, had to move locations, and just basically doing damage control. Certain people weren’t supportive while certain others were; I’ve seen people come and go and its been a semi-frustrating experience. I’m thankful for the help certain people have given me while seeing others giving me a cold shoulder either intentionally or unintentionally. Its been a crazy year, or at least a rough few months thanks to my father having passed away from liver disease. With that, it had opened my eyes to a certain things allowing me to see things in ways one wouldn’t normally see things otherwise. People have tried, though this is more than how they tried to guide and assist me years before 2020 had even occured. 

I’m still car spotting, I’m still making note of things. I play Pokemon GO, as with Azur Lane. I still have fun, where able…..I’ve gradually been “clawing my way back” by getting my PC set up once again, though with new habits. Things are still going to be rocky forcing me to be unable to livestream, to attempt various projects. People may probably see me as “lazy” when that isn’t the case. Life is throwing me various curve-balls constantly knocking me down and stunning me. Either way………. 

Happy Belated Canada Day! Now, without further delay please do allow me to post my belated images I’ve been meaning to share for a long while.

– Lets start off on a happy note with some necessary “dad jokes”. I love my dad jokes because they cause people to laugh, even if slightly.
– If the car looks out of the norm then I do take pics, such as this pink Jeep.
– Vintage Beetle.
– Vintage vehicle in the middle of image.
– One of my favourite, a Ford Falcon. I was proud to have spotted this and taken its image.
– Military Airbus taking off (May 4th). They’ve been taking off roughly 5-10 minutes apart heading north then heading east. I never did find out why they’ve done this. Other people would have missed this, though thankful and glad I spotted this odd behaviour.
– It may be hard to see on your monitor, that is a mouse between the coke and the wall. Amused to have noticed this, more so having the opportunity to take a picture of the mouse.

Snowbirds (May 7th, 2020):
I was happy we were getting a fly-over of these snowbirds. I stupidly waited outside for an hour, though glad I had done so while heavily tracking activity through Twitter awaiting their eventual arrival. There were people who were waiting during those moments. I stood there awkwardly as people sat nearby doingtheir own thing. I was grateful and thankful for this because I had an opportunity to take a screenshot of this. For any kid who could see this hopefully was happy to see this as well. Its a shame to hear what had happened out west in Canada with a crash and a death. My condolences and respect, though still thankful and grateful for this flyover. 

I wish people weren’t so negative all the time when reading their responses about this in both Canada & USA. Understandable people wanted masks for medical staff, but now is not the time to be a negative fools. I’m sharing these pictures because it makes me happy; Makes me proud, though tied with sadness because I can’t share this moment with my father who passed away shortly after this. This is what I mean,……… People are taking things for granted needing to appreciate life more…..Be grateful and thankful for what you have in life, or make the most of it at the very least. 

– Saw them before I could hear them. I’m glad I looked up in time to see them.
– Nice! Was awesome seeing the contrast with my own eyes. It differs in the image.
– Even if blurry, this is still an awesome shot. I love it.
– >Snowbird hype intensifies<
– ^_^
– I was at the best vantage point at that time, though still suffered with buildings in the way.
– One last peak before they vanished. o7

Again, regardless of what the whiny internet said about this I’m honestly grateful and thankful we had this fly-over as thanks to the medics. Just like art, it takes time to get supplies so this was a nice gesture until those supplies arrived. Small gestures go a long way. And just to clarify I’ve seen positive reception locally on Twitter, it was mainly those in other areas trying to flex for clout and attention. (Noting this for blogging reasons). 

And again, I wish I could have shared this moment with my dad….. He was barely alive, though in a heavy daze where wouldn’t have been able to comprehend what I was sharing…. His simple acknowledgements is something I now miss and would have loved to witness one last time. Things happens, life-is-life,… time moves,…. Time to move on. I however had to note this for the blog…… People are taking life for granted though proud I made note of the Snowbirds……

Back to the various car spotting and on a happier note…..

– Old Ford pickup truck. They’re just hiding in plain site, roaming around waiting to be spotted.
– Random Lamborgini roaming around.
– Cropped image to focus on the vintage convertible which snuck past me.
– Fancy car…. Not vintage, though still noteworthy.
– Going by the Science and Technology Museum noting this for blogging purposes. I do love old steam trains because they have a cool character to them. Diesel trains as well, though mainly European ones.
– Old Mercedes appearing like a Lada, or may have actually been a Lada.
– Another vintage car to make note of (middle of image). Always sneaking past me!
– Stormy and rainy weather every other day, or once a week. Ominous appearing cloud arms.
– An unfamiliar Ferrari roaming about, though may be a Lamborghini for all I know.
– Another vintage car spotted. 🙂
– Hey! A Dune Buggy I used to work on in my highschool’s Transportation class. Recall a video of the host screaming like a madman when the buggy only accelerated 5-10 km/h, or so. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”. *laughs*
– Messy, if neat evening sky. Amused by the sunset, the plane, and how random the clouds were.
– Similar to the Ford Falcon, this Ford Mustang is a beauty! Closer to the Ford Mustangs I respect, unlike the newer more plastic-appearing modern Mustangs. This car is a beauty!
– Two planes following one another before splitting off.
– Nice GMC Truck! Amusingly enough the driver is even looking at me for how I tried taking multiple shots of his truck.
– An oddity in a more modern garage. Was a nice find seeing this because this Volkwagon truck is still neat.
– Image best seen minimized; Sunset when heading home.
– Big Spider at a bus station. It was taken down later, but damn…. Could easily walk into this one.
– This place was shown to me, and I was amazed. Nice vehicles!
– Beautiful! Amazed by how many they have.
– Old vintage from the 1920’s or even 1930’s spotted. They seem to switch between different types per year.
– Canadian Chinook military aircraft flying over. I always make note of this for how unique they sound.
– Neat vintage truck roaming around. Shame that sign was in the way.
– A more instagram-type image of me trying to take a picture of my Ferrari sweater in a friend’s car being driven home.
– Cycled home one night to hear a plane coming in for landing (plane appears further than it actually was).
– Tried grabbing a few shots of it, cursing when my phone was acting up. Happy I managed to grab these images in time. I loved the sound it made on approach to landing.
– Beautiful.
– Was watching the Matrix movies (on the final one) when we obtained this warning. I made note of it because we were getting rain & storms nearly on a daily basis.

Tornado warnings are nothing new to the area. They’re rare, though should be expected at least once or twice during the summer here. They usually won’t hit, but they will threaten to spawn. Two decades ago I’ve witnessed a few tornado seeds passing by in clouds during thunderstorms when being introduced to my highschool at that time. We get nasty storms with crazy downpours. We had one major power outage back in 2018 causing a major blackout for a couple days. It was nuts. 

– This was spotted on August 17, 2020 when we were given a tornado warning on various devices. It appeared to be true because it was about to spawn two funnels. From the looks of things it went back up, most likely from the pressure present in the city causing the tornado to be dismantled by that pressure.

– Nice spotting! Barely managed to get this image of a gorgeous classic car to rival the two Ford vehicles previously shown.
– Spotted this car a second time when doing my errands. Twice in one day. Even witnessed people looking into the car in amazement.

Jumping back in time a bit to May, though adding things recently as well. The below images are panoramas taken from my phone appearing further than my folder, thus shared below in the blog also. 

– Back in May, view from my dad’s hospital room shortly before his passing of liver disease. It was snowing in a light sprinkle. Saw various snow flurries in the distance falling.
– Algonquin College – Baseline Station one evening when heading home. In this image to the far left some dudes were yelling at one another. Hard to make them out, if at all.
– Another panorama of same noting the sunset on another evening heading home.
– A third evening noting the sunset once again.
– Playing Pokemon GO one day I stumbled across this field with a friend. We took a peak, I took a panorama and sent it to him.

Prematurely Visiting Ottawa’s DND Military Monuments:
Eager to see HMCS Iroquois’s dismantled bow in my city I went to visit it, though had to search for it first. It took a few minutes to find first by going parallel to many majorly sized parking lots before we stumbled across it. Once we had found it I was disappointed to find it was still under construction. It was being touched up, though glad it was polished from its rusted self months previous as I’ve seen [noted on Flickr from another person].

– C2 Leopard tank with a nice design being set up.
– HMCS Iroquois bow on display, though not finished.
– Another angle, though obscured by various construction related objects. I feel horrible coming prematurely to this location….. At least I know where it is.
– Alternate angle……

“What the hell is that guy doing taking pictures of this right now?” – Them
That’s what they’re probably thinking….. For blogging, Twitter? Just making note of things because that is the way I am. I do plan on revisiting this place before winter so hopefully they’ll be done with this by then in some manner. At least the bow & the tank. 

For the unfamiliar I visited this place with special thanks and influence from two games called ‘Kantai Collection’ (KanColle) and Azur Lane. I visited this place because of my desire to see Canadian (RCN) naval vessels in a WW2 naval game. I want to see Canadians added in ‘Azur Lane’ without any lame excuses or reasoning by seeing their full naval roster of numerous destroyers, 2 light cruisers, and various aircraft carriers suitable for those games. 

HMCS Haida:

I recently visited HMCS Haida back in September 5th, 2019, something I’m still highly proud of. I’m just trying to connect with my Canadian side of things because I myself am Canadian. Oddly enough, Canadians feel ashamed in connecting with anything military related because they will somehow feel barbaric in that Nazi Germany manner, or something. Canadians don’t want to appear “militaristic”. People are strange. That is a whole different topic so I’ll avoid it, or keep it brief. Basically put I love Canada’s technological side of things when it comes to navy and aviation because when serious Canadians know what they’re doing. Mostly. Canadians are a fearful type though……Skittish and worrisome of their own national identity outside of respecting the flag. I however respect our aviation & various other accomplishments. I’m simply desiring to pay my respects and connect with my Canadian side. o7

– Spent AA shell | HMCS Haida’s AA shells. This shell is owned by those I’m staying with allowing me to learn more about the RCN than I otherwise would have. (Tweet)

Greyhound Movie:

HMCS Dodge (Dicky) – Based on HMCS Sackville

Loving WW2 movies I had to watch this, especially hearing about a Canadian Corvette being present in the movie. I wanted to watch it more for the anti-submarine warfare side of things, though fell in love with how it represented the Canadians, how it took itself seriously, and how it portrayed things accurately, if in an obvious Hollywood manner. Downside is it may be short, though quality over quantity. This movie goes next to ‘Das Boot’ as the best World War 2 naval movie out there. Not everybody can do it right because they tend to tunnel vision too hard missing out on the things they desire to focus on.

What I especially loved is how focused ‘U.S. Navy Cmdr. Ernest Krause’ (Tom Hanks) is. You see his struggle and pains all throughout the movie to where the ending shows the true strain of the crossing, on the crew, and especially on Ernest.

I admire how serious and dedicated they were in being true to the real world by using HMCS Sackville as a model for HMCS Dodge (Dicky) making sure everything is authentic. This is why I praise Greyhound so much and why I place it next to ‘Das Boot’ as an awesome ‘must-see’ movie. The music is great as well. They used HMCS Montreal to gain specific seascapes for various scenes, the water in front of the bow, and various other movie related scenes. Special respect to HMCS Sackville & HMCS Montreal for allowing this movie to be what it is. Canadian respect and pride right there! 

– HMCS Dodge on the hunt for German Uboats. She even spawned a meme of ‘LEEEEROY JENKINS!”…. I’m amused 🙂
– Authentic and accurate Canadian representation. Loving it!

I love this movie. Shame its exclusive to Apple forcing me to watch it through alternate means, though love what I watched. If only other movies could do national representation as this movie had done, its not hard. Tunnel visioning is what costs a good movie to turn into trash. Shame. 

Same reason why I admire ‘Silent Hunter 3’ game because it added numerous other nations (even Canadians), something other game developers refuse to add. 

On a final note: If there is a way for me to visit HMCS Sackville I’ll do so. I want to visit any accessible Canadian naval monument I can. I want to even revisit HMCS Haida for video & panorama purposes. 

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my image dump. If you notice any odd grammatical errors then do note I’m going through a lot trying to keep calm. I’m far more exhausted than I ever was struggling to gain any sleep. I do gain 8 hours, though feels less. Eating slightly less…. I’m still roaming around trying to survive in the year 2020. I’m trying to have fun, and etc. Hope you admired the various images in a similar manner as I had. Catch you in the next blog postings o7