My Favorite Anime – Top 10 – Round 7

Hello! Time to share more Anime that keeps making me want to stick within the Japanese animated realm. Even being seven rounds in I can clearly mention 7 more Anime.

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Guess I got a bit tardy with this. Well, more time to think about what Anime is worthy of watching and those that can be “skipped”. I have another set of seven Anime that I actually like. One from past season even comes into the list.

Looking back I noticed I mentioned Anime’s twice – Wagaya no Oinari-sama, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Spice and Wolf. Guess I’ll have to fix this by adding three bonus Anime into today’s list, as well as making a list on my desktop. Apologies, me being careless. They’re great Anime’s though so I guess it’s only fair they get re-recommended haha.

For those wondering: Why seven? When I first started this the YouTube plugin I had only allowed me to share 7 videos, thus top 7. Now it can do more so I’ve been gradually upping the count on other blog articles. I’m now going to add top 10 because now I can add more anime onto the list.



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1) Ah! My Goddess: (As a whole)!_My_Goddess

Awesome show as a whole. Keicchi, being an unlucky fellow, attempts to make a phone call to his sempai instead receives a call from the Goddess help line. Instantly, him and an angel named Belldandy are caught up in various comical situations forcing Keicchi to be booted out of the dorm and into a shrine home.

Why is this my favorite? Well….humans attempting to co-exist with angels, a higher life-form, the properly placed comedy, angelic humor, and the provocative school life. Seeing Keicchi trying to co-exist with Belldandy, let alone other angels and other human partners is quite an amusing scenario.

You have various stuck-ups attempting to bud in with Ferrari’s, rich-personalities, and basically simply being annoying. Keicchi uses every waking moment to better himself while attempting to share his love towards an angel named Belldandy.

Simply romance? More like a slice-of-life which is always entertaining next to comedy and a touch of properly portioned romance. Keicchi has to constantly prove himself while keeping those around him safe. Urd and Skuld, two other Angels, attempt to assist Keicchi in his tasks while also attempting to intervene.

This show hit all the right notes with the music (OST), slice-of-life, comedy, combat, automotive in the university, and the various messages it gives off about life. The whole series I find awesome.

And on a side-note – Best AMV I’ve come across with A!MG:

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Bag-pipes in opening is something to note :).

2) Claymore:

In a world where humans co-exist with “yoma” (monsters-demons), there are those that weild Claymores that keep the piece in this delicate world. The Claymore are a fragile, yet necessary balance to keep peace and order within this troubled world.

I guess that sounded a bit cliche, but it get’s better. There is more than what has been mentioned in trailers, synopsis, and summaries. It’s a world where female bodies are merged with demon ones to create Claymore warriors who slay demons. Both the story and concept is very nice, however, the story ending didn’t really sit well.

I’m probably saying that the ending “sucked” because I listened to other people’s opinions and not my own, but I thought it was an alright ending. I need to stop listening to what other people think about shows and simply listen to how I like it….What they call that? Invasion of privacy? Others’ thoughts budding into my zone? Jesting a bit here.

On the bright-side again, the music is very well done (sample). Just like Kurokami, I keep bring brought back to this Anime via the music.I shall also recommend the manga of this because I actually did read quite a few chapters. I noted a few differences, but it was generally the same. Love Claire in her sleek assassin style outfit.Guess I should also note the animation and combat scenes are top-notch with little-to-no flaws.

Oh, and if you’re thinking of having sex with these lovely ladies then you’ll be highly disappointed. Simply think of them as warriors, nothing more. It’s been hinted in both the anime and manga that their bodies are quite hideous, so much so that you’d prefer to hump a tree instead. Such lovely outfits that’s simply to make them look elite, yet teasing.

*Hands you a puke bag* You’ll need that if you’re still horny.

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As much as they are beautiful, their bodies have been turned into hideous looking Yoma. Why the outfit? Have to have them looking nice and fancy for battle. Can’t make them look like some rag-tag team.

3) Basilisk: Kouga Ninpou Chou:

Two clans bent on vengeance, wanting to wipe each other out for past hostilities. Things get especially nasty when both are bent on obtaining the scroll with names.

Quite serious, no comedy, and very brutal. As much as it is serious, it does touch into a tasteful bit of romance between both clans. It sticks to it’s story with little to no deviation from what it wants to say. There is no mercy, no revivals…those that perish stay down. Just so we’re clear, I like this show because of the seriousness and how the story flowed. I tolerate killing for the sake of good story-telling. It’s a part of it, just as it is a part of life in real-world wars.

As always, I always have to note the music. The music is quite awesome in this one. Traditional, serious, tons of chanting, with a bit of modern trancy-rock. It conveys the mood nicely. Some, or most of the characters were actually like-able.

Flaws? None that I can think of. It hit the necessary notes. Well, maybe the over-use of supernatural abilities, but that may just be me being over-picky.

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4) Ikoku no Meiro Croisee:

During the second half of the 19th century a young Japanese girl is brought to Paris, France by a fairly aged traveling merchant. Here, Yune receives a major culture-shock where she must re-adjust to Paris life.

I love stories like these, these slice-of-life type stories. Sure, I get to experience something similar where I’m at, but this is stories like these must be enjoyed before they vanish for good. What I love about this is how innocent and different this show is to the rest of what was out there. We get to see Yune adjust to Paris life, an overly obsessed rich-girl interested in Japanese culture, those around Yune getting used to her presence, and all those silly adventures Yune gets herself into.

Something fun to note is Yune’s voice actress – seiyuu – voices a Shinki. Kohiru? Nope. Kohiru’s wave sister Merienda – Type Spoon. Quite amusing really.

Surprisingly, Yune can sing! Her, and a fellow street former put on a performance at Alice’s home. The singing, along with the soundtrack, is actually surprisingly beautiful. If you have time do watch this then listen to Yune sing!

Yune gave me a lovely craving for some of those long breads – baguette – every weekends. Because of such, I was also reminded of the awesome breads I ate in Pezinok (Slovakia), and Tucepi (Croatia). They were so warm and soft that they hit the perfect spot. Thanks Yune! You made me recall quite a lot when I was in Europe. One added thing I should note is the magazine Yune held showing the first “car” being revealed, I enjoy seeing little things like that in anime that show off the period as a whole.

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As much as I refused to learn Canadian-French, and how much you guys shit on them,  we both have to admit that they’re awesome when it comes to food, Formula 1 Montreal, G-Anime, Otakuthon, and the like.

5) Angel Beats!:!

A life after death where students are placed in an NPC like school. Just as you’re thinking – “why are we here? What do I do here? What happened?” Otonashi awakes  finding himself in a school setting where the SSS club is rebelling against “Angel”. They refuse to listen to the school by rebelling and stirring up comical mishaps. Majority of the students are NPCs, the teachers are as well, where as the SSS Club are filled with those that came from the living as restless ghosts.

Nice story, nice concept, and amusing over-the-top comedy. There is action, but it often strung around comedy which only allows some serious emotional pieces to show the touching side of this show. This show shows its true colors when it does get to the serious parts, and the emotional parts. Life is precious, as is the life after death.

Some character share why how they ended up in this “digital” school world while others were ignored due to the sudden fast pacing near the second half of the show. The pacing of the show is probably its only flaw, while the rest is actually quite interesting for others to watch. If you’re bothered by crazy comedy then that might be two flaws…even with that I find this Anime to be awesome and touching.

*Broken record* – Music again is top-notch. The OST contains both saddened and up-beat tracks which in itself displays the sadness in these character’s souls that needs to find peace.  The opening of this show is what gets me every time. I didn’t show it in the top 5, but it is one of those OP’s I love. There were too many to list so I swapped this with Tsukihime’s OP.

Life is precious, live every moment of it to it’s fullest! This Anime is basically telling you to do what you can while you can while helping both yourself and others.

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6) Ergo Proxy:

In a inhospitable world filled with glass domed cities, Autorievs everywhere are being infected with the Cogito Virus.

…..Quite a hard anime to review, or summaries indeed. Ok, I’ll word it as mostly philosophical and a bit of action. Even with that, this show somehow still finds it’s way as my favorite. I can’t shit on it, I can’t put it down, nor can I insult it because it provokes the mind to keep asking questions while seeking answers to such questions.

“Why are we here? What is society? What is the best way to live? How should robots behave?” and more indepth questions can’t answer immediately. The show gets quite deep.

The music is quite dark, moody, and somewhat upbeat in a dark way. Good to listen to on those rare moody days, or maybe quickly before switching to something else.

This show simply hits that hard to explain favorable note…I hope you know what I mean.

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7) Gunslinger Girls:

An Italian children welfare center used to raised children trains children as Assassins. These children were in one way or another marked for dead and given a new life by being “reconditioned”, given new limbs, and given the dirt tasks the government doesn’t want to do themselves. Each handler is given and responsible for their assassin’s well-being. These girls are the ultimate assassins, but at a very high cost, most being obvious.

The show itself comes off as something happy and innocent, while what truly lies beneath is misery, sadness, despair, and the desire to seek the everyday freedom that we take for granted.

The story, the scenery, animations, the action, and the art all come together nicely. Each character is thoroughly looked at giving you a clear view to both their good and bad sides, allowing you to judge who to cheer for….though that might be rude. Still saddening to see what is being done to these poor girls both previously and currently, yet they still try live lift to their fullest.

The music is a tiny bit bland, but it still contains touching beauty. Probably the funding, though it feels as it could do a tiny bit better. Yet, I can’t complain how touching it sounds currently. The classical and Italian flavored music fit this show nicely, along with the slow saddening openings and endings.

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8) Katanagatari:

Yusuri Shichika, seventh successor of a hidden technique – Blade-less technique – ventures to collect 12 demon swords scattered across the land of Japan. Through-out the adventures Shichika is accompanied by the Strategist who uses him to defeat the owners of the twelve swords for her own gains.

This anime is both amusing yet comical  with the mixture of art style. You can tell that it is drawn both comically, yet retains the delicate detailing that makes this show quite serious. The story also gets told nicely, probably because it  is 1 hour per episode for being a 12 episode series. This length probably assisted with why I enjoy the show, the music, and the uniqueness of it. Seeing Shichika fighting with his own strength is quite refreshing without seeing him train for episodes on end, nor spam bullets at opponents. He simply uses his own fists to beat down his enemy.

It seems quality was cared for quite a lot making this show. Everything was considered, including the music. Nothing was scarified from a glance. The music itself is quite unique, quite hip-hoppy, traditional, with a mixture of a bit of foreign influences.

The characters themselves are quite silly, or a bit wacky with the way they’re drawn. The Maniwa corps are the ones I’m speaking about. They appear to be taken out of a kids cartoon or Anime and made a tad bit more serious. I guess this is a good thing because they actually fit in its own show.

I guess it would go without saying that this show is quite colorful, bright and beautiful with its traditional Japanese art touches.

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9)  Chobits:

In the future a computers have managed to evolve into portable humanoid computers – “persocoms”. Every “persocom” assists their owner with basic or complex needs, come with various accessories, and even personalized the way the way they want. Hideki, transfer student coming from outside Tokyo, transfers to a new school and city life. While adjusting to city-life Hideki comes across an abandoned “persocom”. His curiosity drags this new Chobits back to his apartment (the one Kobato used and even visitors from Tsubasa Chronicle) where he switched her on in an……undisclosed region. From there, all comical life ensues.

Who can dislike Chobits? Just the thought of humanoid “persocoms” brings joy to the mind. Having an artificially intelligent life-form that can assists with your daily tasks along with your computer ones alone is awesome. Such can be said said with minature portable types similar to the size of Busou Shinki’s or “Angels“.

The story was nice and followable. Though, at times the silliness was just too much for me to watch. Want an example? Hideki buying pantsu/panties for Chii. Over-all a good story. Animation is awesome, as is the art itself, if a bit dated now. The music isn’t really my cup of tea so I must say I’ll pass on everything, except for the *spoilers*”Dark Chii” theme.*spoilers*

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If I can’t have Mobile Suits, nor Macross type aircraft, then may I have a “Persocom” at least? That’s at least possible when we have Furbies a decade ago.

10) Heroic Age:

Human facing extinction by other alien tribes, forces them into distant star systems for survival. There, they nearly faced absolute defeat by various superior tribes that reign supreme within the far corners of space. On a distant and abandoned planet, Princess Deianeira discovers a craft ship which contains a lone boy that was foretold in the prophesies that spoke of such a being laboring for the human’s – Iron Tribe’s – survival against the other Bronze, Silver, and Golden Tribe.

Space  continues with our human history where humans attempt to reclaim their homeland – Earth – while defending themselves from other space-fairing entities. Makes for an interesting story, if a tiny bit cliched by Star Trek and Star Wars. Here, we see human’s desperate struggle to stay alive while using any means to stay alive, except for nukes (they’re ineffective against these new hostiles and a weak-man’s toy anyways) where lasers, mechas, and “heroic” entity used to do the Iron tribe’s bidding.

Story itself seemed quite solid, quite interested and very adventurous. Any adventure like that is a great adventure. Music was also something to note, though not one to be heard alone from the show or else it’ll lose its full mean. Character development went well. Seeing the alien species attacking us humans was also believable.

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And with that, my top 7 with an added three that should of been in previous articles. Hope at least one of those is your favorite, or seen. I ended up having more nostalgic thoughts when typing this up….lovely.

Christmas coming soon so more festivities! Merry Christmas!