A’K’s Blog’s 7th Anniversary – Kon!

Heyo! Happy birthday/anniversary to my blog for going for 7 years! My blog being happily sharing Ottawa, Shinki, and Anime related goodies to myself and others. The blog’s 7th year of random fun!

– Canadian Foxy; Kon!

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

Seven years of blogging random stuff and Anime. I’m still enjoying blogging while hoping I’m not pissing anybody off in the process. I may have done so, though I do try to apologies wherever necessary. Seven years of blogging about Figma’s, Busou Shinkis, Ottawa, Minecraft, J-Games, and now Varakitsu. As for why I started blogging? Purely at random. Now I’m simply blogging whatever I find important and highly enjoyable.

Varakitsu being my blog mascot since roughly a year or three after the formation of my blog. She came about from my winter surroundings and from my interest in kemonomimi girls. I also love Anime because of the freedom shown in it, though now maybe not as much due to picky people. Arctic Kitsune is actually supposed to be Varakitsu’s generic place-holder name, not my blogging name. I simply got stuck with it because I didn’t know how to blog and organize things when birthing the thought of Varakitsu as my blog mascot. She is supposed to be Arctic Kitsune; I’m supposed to be me – Subtrance a.k.a Tim. Not actually sure how to fix this, though shall keep going with it till I spawn a new site of my own or similar.


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Anyways! Onto my lovely foxies!

– Vara and Renge having fun with their new Ferrari Dino car; Go Canada Go!

– Typical Renge happily leaning up on Vara with a touch of smugness.

For those that do enjoy Valentines Day may see a touch of it below. Even check out a foxy and beautiful teaseful Ahri in the V-day mood. Ahri is gorgeous, as is Varakitsu. I dislike V-day (water to witch feeling) though shall share Vara having fun with V-day in a simple fun manner thanks to my photography side.

– A lovely V-day scarf for Vara to play around with.

– Vara copying her younger self by covering her face similar to the day she was summoned.

– Varakitsu in PSO2 dancing away with her New Year Miko outfit.

Once I start taking images, I just can’t stop. I always want to take more images. Loads of them! I wanted one and ended up taking 35. Nothing wrong with that! And as for V-day…..I love my foxies, and I love seeing the art. I simply dislike the whole marketing mess that is V-day. For those that do find fun in it then Happy Valentines to you!

(Side-Notes: Japan getting pounded with another 20-30 cm of Ottawa type snowfall; Ottawa received 5-12 cm of snow. I missed a chance to boast that I brought snow to Japan with the aid of Varakitsu.)

Happy 7th Birthday to my blog; Happy 2nd Birthday to my Tumblr blog!