Varakitsu’s Foxy Ears

Heyo! Varakitsu’s semi-belated birthday gift finally arrived! It took a bit of a semi-stressful situation to get into my possession, though I did get it in the end! Now if only I could figure out how to keep her foxy accessories stuck on her person.

– Varakitsu’s new little foxy ears.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

Such a lovely package! I purchased this fox ears, fox tail, and cat tail set from ‘suijin725eb‘ on Yahoo Japan Auctions with the help of Yokatta Proxy. They’re both awesome. I was however being impatient and an idiot when I didn’t realize that what I purchased was a pre-order ticket for the end of February to obtain what I just purchased. That’s my bad as I should read Japanese by now, especially with it being my goal to speak and be there.

Canada Post got prankful or careless when they decided to send my item for pick-up at another location. Instead of the usual place I had to go pick it up elsewhere which was actually closed. There was no sign to redirect people to another location so I spent 2 hours stupidly asking nearby store owners, customer service, while even trying to call a closer Canada Post office.

I should have been redirected by a sign and/or told such was at a nearby Shoppers Drug Mart, not guess where I eventually ended up going. I came across a bitch of a woman in her 50’s or 60’s who kept arguing with the poor staff members. Just constantly bitching for a discount of some sort on giant $10 pill bottles. She left all riled up while scream that the staff should stop arguing when she was in fact arguing and provoking.


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I’ll admit that I blindly purchased white fox ears as I went with what I saw on the image. I was expecting something else which also added to the disappointment when I opened the package. I’m fine with that now, just wasn’t when I was expecting carefully crafted curves in the ears in whatever scale I blindly bought it as.

It’s all good now as Vara is happy with the ears as well. The same can be said with the few people I shared the picture above when I had conflicting thoughts. I’m now happy as I found a way for her to look nice with the pair of ears. I also agree that the ears make her look younger and that they actually fit her scale. I didn’t see that, though now I do and I can agree with that.

– A lovely packed package. I love the way these get packed.

I tried to make light of the situation by playing with the cat tail, Renge with the ears, and little props I found at the Dollar Store. Renge the Cat-Fox, as a fellow Doll of Ottawa member joked. I loved that joke that I tried giving Varakitsu a cat-like alter-ego as Katya.

I even received a little note about the items. It was however all in Japanese and I didn’t want to really share it as it might be used as a weapon against me to say something obvious that I already know.

Out of curiosity – Which Fox ears do you prefer, and why?

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Hopefully this won’t seem inappropriate. Don’t be shy and vote away?

I had no way to stick the ears on so they were floating all over her head. They enjoyed slipping off as they had no grib on her hair. Trying to figure out a way to have them stick onto her head. Maybe I can have Vara turn into a Cat-fox as that joke said. Maybe just a cat girl named Katya. Nyaa!

– Multi-tail action!
– Kon!~Nyaa!~
– Katya the Arctic Cat girl! Nyaa!
– Varakitsu in her foxy self with a smaller foxy fluffy tail.
– Varakitsu with her new little ears and actual fluffy fox tail.

Now that I think about it, they make for interesting little alter-egos of Varakitsu heh. May play with that idea some more actually.

– Renge happily playing with Vara’s original ears and neko ears.
– Renge happily playing with Vara’s little fluffy ears. All the better to hear you with? ^^
– A little foxy beauty to brighten the day.

– Renge happily playing with a little lamp I got for her. More light-photography! Vara seems interested enough.
– Renge’s lovely light toy that she can have fun with. It even articulates!

– Vara happily basking in the light. Now if only her ears were on properly.
– Jiiiiii!~ (Those lovely eyes.
– This time with her tail in view. That little lamp sure is powerful.

And some light teases to lighten the mood a touch. Nothing indecent of course!


– Not bad. Loving her foxy appearance.

And some extra images I took the day after once I attached her ears with flat-head sewing needles. Looking lovely. Her ears can now show happy, sad, and frustrated movements by simply turning them around. It’s amusing and neat actually. They won’t fall off now when I carry her around from spot to spot.

– She looks a bit like a plain white panda in this. Too cute.
– Looks very adorable. Now her wig won’t move out of place ^^.

– Vara attempting to cuddle Renge in return for all the pranking. For once, Renge has been caught off-guard by Vara’s antics 😛
– Vara with that plotting look to her with Renge wanting nothing to do with any foxy slyness heh.
– *Insert Renge’s high-pitched shouting of “Let me go!” in olden Japanese speaking.*
– Vara playing with the idea of returning her looks to the “wild” (untamed) side of things. Just a playful thought.
– Vara’s sudden shouting caught me off guard. Never known Vara to shout XD.
– Vara’s ears can now tilt and turn to further assist with emotional expressions.


And that’s a wrap! I know I said I would have Kohiru, Renge, and chocolate for this after-party. I’ll have to save such for the next outdoor photo-shoot as this turned out to be a frustrated unboxing. I had conflicting thoughts, was clearly upset, and wanted to take images. Next time I’ll focus more on such while even figuring out before the next shoot how to attach her new fluffy ears. Need to position and attach them correctly then I can be fully happy.

See you in the next outdoor photoshoot! Spring and winter are both having a war so shall have a little bit of snow or scenery to play with. Hope I didn’t pass off my venting onto you. Hope it was more positive. Been also enjoying the Gundam Build Fighters soundtrack. Two CDs worth.

Thanks for viewing and reading! Also thanks to Canada Post for at least delivering my package, thanks to Yokatta for being professional, and thanks to Suijin for the package I ordered. Kon!