Vancouver 2022 Summer Trip – Day 5

– Love B.C Milk – An interesting sight while busing.

A new day encouraging me to visit the airport again, this time to capture the ANA plane. The morning was perfect allowing me to do so with how planes were flying a specific way, ANA/JAL still flying at a certain time, and just…. Everything was perfectly lined up, in most cases. Minus my stupid blunder of wearing the wrong socks for the wrong occasion assuming I would be there only for JAL to do something else after. No pain, no gain.

This blog posting covers everything I’ve experienced on July 19, 2022.

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– Admiring some trucks thanks to American Truck Simulator, a game I’m in a love-hate relationship with.

Both ‘American Truck Simulator’ and ‘European Truck Simulator’ made by a politically driven studio ‘SCS Software’. At the time I desired to play American Truck Simulator. While typing up this blog I hate SCS Software with how they negatively view Canadians as “terrorists”, refuse to apply official Canadian paint jobs to their default trucks, yet are willing to hypocritically fast track Ukrainian support with the Ukrainian paint job for the clout. Where the hell was this same passion and drive to fast track any Canadian paint job for the ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy’. A genuine “FUCK YOU!” to SCS Software. I’m genuinely left frustrated and peeved off. They even refuse to implement proper VR support, something they’re fully aware people genuinely desire in large demand.

I respect the truckers, and those who chose to fight for actual freedom in Canada while hating on how hypocritical SCS Software is shunning the Canadians. I pointed this out, they hypocritically pretended to be “neutral”. Screw off, you chose a side, even censored your own games through faux-censorship by even halting the Russian DLC, something a game called Azur Lane refused to do by happily adding in the Russian event (censored the new units comments), and even a new Russian priority ship to the list. I’ll respect those who don’t fake-censor their games, nor seek fake clout for the fun of it.

Pardon the side-note, I have to point out idiocy where I see it. The reason I said all that was for how much I desired to play American Truck Simulator on my Steam Deck at this time, hence why I’ve also taken pictures of these trucks. And ones I failed to capture with unique trailer types, something I haven’t seen in Ontario, only British Columbia.

Hail freedom! Honk! Honk!

– Making note of the various buses in Vancouver.
– I actually quite enjoy these double decker buses. Same in Ottawa, more so in B.C.
– Vancouver’s Skytrain is the best thing they could have done. I wish Ottawa was smart enough to handle this with their LRT. Buy for cheap expecting the most luxurious quality. Ottawa is weird. There is a massive brain drain in Ottawa, and was told the same in Vancouver with people busy playing politics to bring projects to their full potential.
– Grabbing quick shots of the Skytrain. Off to the airport, not to go back to Ottawa, but to plane spot.
– Skytrain, indeed the best thing that could have happened to Vancouver.
– First image had to be a scuffed Westjet image.
– Air Canada Jazz Express flight.
– Another Westjet, this time better results.
– Air Canada flight in dark colours.
– Flair flight, most likely from Edmonton or Calgary. Image is a screenshot from a video.
– American Airlines.
– Air Canada – Old Colours.
– Air Canada – 787 Dreamliner
– Air Canada – 787 Dreamliner
– Air Canada – 787 Dreamliner
– Air Canada – 787 Dreamliner
– Air Canada – 787 Dreamliner.
– Air Canada – 787 Dreamliner (Old livery)
– Air Canada – 787 Dreamliner (Old Livery)
– Air Canada – 787 Dreamliner (old livery).
– Air Canada – 787 Dreamliner (Old livery)
– Air Canada – 787 Dreamliner (Old livery)

JAL18 – “The Star of the Show”:

The sole reason why I even traveled to the Vancouver airport in the first place. I had the perfect timeframe, the perfect set-up, and the perfect spot to plane spot. It’s also why I stayed there, in the burning hot sun, turning into a red lobster. Sunburns, in my sweater, taking videos and images of planes while waiting specifically for JAL/ANA18 to land. I stuck with video mode solely to not botch anything up, nabbing screenshots in the process.

I’ve used BOTH my Samsung AND my Lumix GF1 to grab video mode of it. I’m also adding ‘ANA’ into its tag with how, at times, it switches between ANA & JAL.

– Tracking the JAL/ANA18 on final. Took forever, it’s finally here! After months of planning, tracking, I FINALLY have a pictures and TWO videos of this lovely bird.
– The one and only, ANA/JAL16!
– JAL18 screenshot from the video. Not the “money shot”, however still great I have it. WOOOO!
– JAL18 image from the video taken.
– JAL18 image from the video taken.

Mission Accomplished! JAL18 get! I’ve accomplished what I desired.

Now, I need to get one of these flights to Japan, it’s been better late than ever. Doesn’t help both Canada and Japan are both being morally and politically corrupt treating both their populations as trash with outdated and draconian COVID restrictions. Trudeau is a twat and Japan is feeling western pressure. I can go into more detail, I’ll move onto the next part of the blog. I’m happy I finally have a JAL18 shot.

– Roaming around the airport area for some “bonus shots”. Desired to head to the other side of the airport, a task in itself. No easy way from getting from one side to the other. It’s all a pain in the ass.
– Taking these shots from the parking lot was awesome. Friend recalled how he had done the same when he first moved to Vancouver.
– Roaming around like a fool back and forth, still being rewarded with golden aviation content in the process.
– Air Canada De Havilland being blasted by the sun’s rays.
– Delta Airlines.

At this point I’m just being a moron staying here longer than necessary. I had one more plane I desired to wait for leaving straight for the other side for JAL18 to convert into JAL17 (for its trip back to Japan) at the other side. I traveled a stupidly long way in a very stupid manner. You’ll see.

– Blurry Westjet.
– CRJ Air Canada.
– American
– American.
– LYNX Airlines

Thanks to a local streamer on Youtube streaming Vancouver airport traffic on the weekends I had to take these images for that reasoning. They influenced me making me aware of what planes Vancouver has, such as Lynx and JAL, to which I simply HAD to capture these screenshots (and videos) for myself. Another mission accomplished.

At the risk of my health (sun burn) I’ve ticked off numerous aircraft checklists, from the A380, to the red Canadian survey plane, to JAL, Korean, among others. Even the 747 Lufthansa. And it’s not just the sunburn, I’ve also injured myself another way, something I’ll show later, something which effected me for the rest of the trip.

– Lynx!
– Korean Air! Bonus content. Extra checklist material having checked it off now than later.

I’ve overstayed my welcome. My plane spotting should have stopped at the JAL18, instead, I stupidly stuck around till the Korean Air landed. I mean, bonus content is bonus content with further checklists being ticked off one by one. Now, the mad-dash trying to figure out my way from getting from the northern runway to the southern runway. That would be hell for me.

Google maps tried taking me a stupid direction…….. I would eventually find out, a bit late, where it was taking me.

– Flightradar24’s departure listing for when JAL18 shall take off. With Korean Air having been captured on camera my mad-dash to reach the other side now begins!
– Belly shot! Had to crop this one to make it photogenic and artistic 🙂 (Parking lot area near Templeton Station).

Let the stupidity begin!

– Best shot yet! WOOOOO! I should have done this with JAL18!
– Hey! It’s Jimmy Choo. This image is not on Flickr for not being special enough. Blog only.

Maybe I should have dropped by Jimmy Choo’s place. He’s the father of Danny Choo, an ex-blogger for Japan, an ex-Anime ambassador, and one who influenced me into picking up figure photography to which I became a rolemodel for others. Well, that is until my depression and online trolls harassed me to a mental break down. A Dutch ex-friend further caused me to spiral into further depression in 2017 adding to the chaos and bullying to which it took me since 2021 (or 2022) to get back into figure photography. Various Japanese folks from 2021 onward tried their best (in a casual Japanese way) to get me back. I need to thank the Japanese folks from 2021 onward for nudging me back into figure photography. I’ve tried my best in Vancouver, as you’ve seen posted on Twitter, Flickr, and on this blog. With that noted, back to Danny Choo.

Danny Choo now makes Smart Dolls, unfollowed me on Twitter, and has done is own weird things. I used to post a lot on his site, then, and blurb box. Trolls would ruin everything to which everything disappeared. I also wouldn’t be surprised if those from the circle in Vancouver also kept a wide distance from me from all the depression I went, not wanting to further distress me as much as I already am.

– Skytrain, my favourite mode of transportation. Wish they had a plane-spotter service from one side of the runway to the other, for f*** sake. Sun shelter huts, etc.

I cursed, and I cursed, and I cursed. Google tried to bring me onto a highway. No way! No f***ing way! NO WAY! What the F*** are you doing?! NO! Google Maps tried to make me cross the Grant McConachie Way, a busy stretch of road with NO pedestrian crossing of any sort. I followed another way around to where it meets the Templeton Street intersection. Walking like a friggen moron……… Made my way down the lights and onto Miller Road, again on Templeton Street on a bikepath pathway. I observed a Chinese woman just as lost as I am, having to re-navigate her way back onto the main road as I began to feel foot pain. The real genuine pain began here.

The funny thing is, with no security, I could have ventured onto the airport taxi way to where you see the Fed-Ex planes. I, more or less, could have obtained an up-close and personal view of the JAL18, granted with harsh penalties and fines by airport staff and police. I would have made the headlines.

– Image is blog only, though this area is where a driver was confused. If this was the full length it would make traveling to south and north runways that much easier. Full length, not 70% length.
– An unobstructed distance towards the Fed-Ex hanger.
– Birds! They were doing their own spotting.

I finally reached Berry Berg Flight Path Park! Sadly, no Renge. No figure photography. Just me being stupid trying to accomplish weird goals.

– Delta Airlines taking off.
– A smaller propeller plane designated for the southern side of YVR airport.
– It’s a Flair!
– Spoiled by the zoom shots by the Airliners Live Youtube live streamer I was left deflated. I still took these shots.
– Busy time at the Vancouver airport. Various planes taking off.
– I love how this plane commands respect. I believe this Air Canada either went to Toronto or Montreal.
– Lovely Dreamliner.

For an even stupider move I speedwalked and ran towards the southern location. Took me a fair amount of time giving me an equal amount of pain. You know what they say though, “no pain, no gain”. Upon arrival I limped onto the viewing platform seeing the damage on both feet. Both my feet were bleeding. I’m well aware I was being moronic, I however gained things I otherwise wouldn’t. I’m also aware I could have done them smarter, I’ve now reflected and learned upon it.

I’ve basically speed-walked from Larry Berg Park all the way down, around, and up to the Southern viewing platform. What have I gained? Here…..

– Blood. Genuine blood on both feet. One on the heel, the other on the shins. Both bloodied, without padding on the bottom of the shoes. Both fresh shoes from a few days ago. Wrong songs, no padding, and me being stupid. I simply expected to keep this short for only JAL18, nothing more. Everything else was bonus.

I’m highly certain my friend wanted to tear me apart. I already done so myself. I tore myself apart and sensed my friend wanted to do so. I should have worn actual proper socks, not these casual socks for home.

So, why the rush? Again, JAL17. I rushed solely for JAL17. If I wasn’t plane spotting at Larry Berg Park I could have CASUALLY made my way to the southern viewing platform, especially on this hot day. I made my mistake, I had to deal with it for the next few days while hearing chuckles every time I grunted in pain putting my shoes on.

– JAL17.
– It’s that red Canadian survey plane again.
– That’s quite a wobbly landing.
– It’s struggling to land. I failed to realize that at the time.
– Look at it struggle! Must be some strong crosswinds.
– Nice combination! JAL17 and the red Canadian survey plane.
– JAL17 is why I drew blood on both my feet (and my stupidity). I failed to pace myself.
– Video – The red Canadian De Havilland Surveillance aircraft taxiing to parking (possibly) with JAL17 taxiing to take off.
– Video – Once again, the start of the show, JAL17! From JAL18 to JAL17. The reason I blew out my feet with blood. I disliked the kids & parents chattering, it is what it is.

It’s honestly a shame I’m not on any outbound flights to Japan. Fake Covid bullcrap stuff, and all that. I already vented about that. NEXT!

Having accomplished my main and bonus objectives, I now had to wait for my friend to pick me up. I was stuck there. I couldn’t move (far) with my bloody feet. I rested, and I even tried to find cool places to relax. I tried to be as relaxed as possible going as slow paced as possible.

– Observing planes on the southern terminal side.
– Korean Air taking off.
– Ambulance King Air. Favourite plane! Very reliable in Flight Simulator X and Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020).
– BAe Avro.
– Random Helicopter roaming around.
– Funny Harbour Air float being towed by a half-truck. Comical sight for those first seeing it.
– Native Polar Bear. I don’t mind these designs, more natural than faux-politics.
– Helicopter.
– Neat looking Bombardier.
– Iceland Air.

Without water I was now forced to find a water source. Friend suggested I should seek shelter and water in the airport, so I did. I was curious to see what the inside was like anyways.

– Inside the southern Terminal. Ate at the Chinese restaurant to the left of the image while admiring the beauty of the airport on the right.
– Coke and Won-ton Soup. Not quite water, though close enough. I had to wait a while longer for my friend to pick me up. I was basically stranded.
– There is a joke on these taxi, let’s see who gets it. Only on the taxi, no where else. It references something from Japan. 🙂
– Oh? That’s a foreign airline…..
– If you’ve ever wondered what YVR
– Highly amused by these planes being towed a lot.
– Using the touristy binoculars to plane spot. I can’t with my glasses, hence the smartphone cam viewing CargoJet plane.
– Using the binocs’ to plane spot the King Air in the hanger using the phone. I’m amused.
– Video – CargoJet taking off. Finally! Many planes with few taking off at a time.
– Once I saw this beauty land a few hours ago I simply had to wait for it to take off again. I tracked it using the flightradar24 app, even waiting in the nearby South Terminal’s sitting area in the shade to relax. I even played Azur Lane while waiting.
– Delay after delay it finally made its way out.
– Video – Lufthansa 747 finally taking off! I now have a new mission! Capture the Lufthansa landing! 🙂

The Pickup:

My friend nearly got lost taking a wrong turn (viewing via Google maps sharing) seeing him double back. He wanted to chew me out, held back and just let me suffer with my own guilt.

– Ski-do’s!

I was apparently waiting on my secondary surprise. What is it? I never found out until we reached the water side. The closer we got to Seaplanes the more it clicked. Nice!

– Harbour Air.
– Harbour Air with a floating Chevron gas station complimenting the scenery.
– I didn’t know it at the time, the plane I’ll be going in is at the very end. Fearing water this was madness to me.
– Flying around the beautiful city of Vancouver.
– Gorgeous! This makes up for not being able to drone in the area.
– Perfect view.
– Places I’ve been, and even yet to go.
– Admiring the view while capturing this all on camera.
– Sweet!
– This is amazing!
– Even though some of this looks “samey”, the more unique towers are neat.
– I’m always down for a good railway picture. Love it!
– This building caught my attention with the red flower-appearing thing.
– These views were awesome. Again, this makes up for not being able to use a drone.
– Video: An 6:21 minutes video of the flight around Vancouver and landing. It’s a small portion of a semi-lengthy flight.
– Wake.
– Plane we flew in. My fear of water was tested, more so thanks to my phone and camera.
– Other cool seaplanes around.

Miko Sushi Restaurant:

Next part was awkward having to painfully walk around a block. My feet was still bleeding, even bruised; Aching. I even had to personally discover how Vancouver is filled with fake politically minded individuals, even a ‘holy’ appearing lesbian couple dressed all classy. Not crude, more elegant. My friend was chuckling, pointing them out at how special they appeared. I only caught a glimpse, a sight I’ve even seen in Anime dealing with lesbians. It is what it is, my issue is only with faux-political minded folks who pretend their fake politics should dominate the world. Basically the whole fake trans, fake Trudeau support, etc. I’m going to assume the hipsters of Vancouver were lining up for a spot at ‘Ramen Danbo’, an overly desired Japanese restaurant with a line up taking forever to get through. It was very long

(Yes, I’m spiteful because everything they hate is everything I and normal people around the world enjoy in life. Everything they desire to censor is everything a normal human being lives on and admires. As I was then, as I am now, I was agitated waiting to be further provoked for just simply being alive.)

While waiting for a spot at either Japanese restaurant I was taken to ‘Miko Sushi Japanese Restaurant’, a neat place where famous people have dined at.

– Clam Miso Soup.
– I was craving oysters and mussles going for oysters. Their special recipe had me loving it, wishing for more. Rainbow sushi to also compliment the oysters.

I actually enjoyed my time at Miko Sushi Restaurant on – 1335 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1C6 – I just wish it wasn’t populated by people wanting to destroy the world. Twitter minded folks, faux-political minded folks, and people with valley girl accents. I came to Vancouver to escape this madness, though was also aware of how British Columbia leaned into the mental illness range. I feel bad for any Asians having to deal with the locals of Canada having fallen from grace. I can’t fight for the Asians, only voice my dissatisfaction I felt then and now with poorly educated Canadians while hyping up the scenery of B.C, the awesome food, and the more natural side of things. I genuinely feel bad for any Japanese folks having to deal with our ignorant nonsense.

I may be rambling and ranting, I’m just trying to state things as they were and how they are now. I’m sorry if I pass of my agitation to others, I was genuinely agitated at the time. Recalling it for blogging purposes hurts. I want to keep things positive. The amount of negativity I have to bottle up is poisonous needing to let it out “somewhere”, hence the blog.

– Octopus Onion rings, or so I recall. Delicious, especially with the red sprinklings.
– Delicious.
– I was encourage by my friend to bring out Renge, thus she’s in the picture. Sapporo was nice. I brought Kohiru to British Columbia for this very purpose, sadly she saw no pictures.

– Being shown around Robson street while being asked about my feet.
– One thing I admire the most about downtown Vancouver are the lights on the trees.
– Konbiniya Japan Centre – I just had to visit this place. Obtained my fair share of C.C Lemons, among other treats.
– C.C Lemon, among other treats.
– Frozen Ramen. I would actually buy these.
– What I admired the most about standard Vancouver (no Asian influence) is this scene here. Fancy lights, neat buildings. No fake trans garbage, just pure Canada.

A few more agitated comments later, and a few more verbal stabs in the back I’m left further agitated. Won’t state them, just…. I simply asked something casually to get blown off. SJW/hipster nonsense + further agitation. It’s been a long day, and recalling it is sadly a memory I shall remember. Negative memories tend to stick with you longer than positive ones thanks to chemical imprinting, or so noted by doctors and scientists.

If I had to deal with any group of people, I would deal with “crazy Asians”. I’d rather deal with them for how more natural they are compared to any other group of people I’ve dealt with. I’m sure even folks in Surrey would be far more normal than your weirdo hipsters of downtown.

– Hastily capturing this while having the chance.
– Big birdie!
– Chirp chirp!

I’m thankful my friends had taken me where they had, even if everything was a bit grating from various issues. 5 hours of sleep on their end, my self-caused sabotage of my feet, the stress, the impromptu happenings. I’m happy I’ve seen the beautiful side of Vancouver, and some nasty sides as well. I love how fleshed out Vancouver is, with various obvious faults in places.

– Beautiful. Lovely, while people blasting dance music from boats.
– It honestly makes me happy to say “I’ve been here!” seeing such beauty.
– Party boat.

And with that, the journey ends for the day. I’m sure I won’t make any friends with how much I’ve vented against SCS Software and the fake hipsters of Vancouver. Everything else other than that genuinely made my day the more normal and “down to earth” everything was. The more natural it is the better it was. I loved my plane spotting, I’m glad I checked everything off my checklist, and I’m happy with the food I ate at ‘Miko Sushi Restaurant’. If I’m ever allowed to have more fun in Vancouver I’ll try to document and share more positivity fun.

My coworkers even texted me during the trip wanting to know how I was doing, etc. Nice gesture. There were obviously going to be ups and downs, that’s just part of life. I’m just more prone to hit “landmines” causing things to just be weird and awkward, hence the ranting and venting. I’m genuinely thankful for everything my friends had done for me (gifting them in kind) doing everything while I can. It’s however a shame I’m still stuck in Canada thanks to depression, COVID restrictions, and weird issues. Everything always has to be “my fault”, I’m trying my best to dig myself out any holes. It’s also why I’m probably constantly agitated constantly being villainized in the background by people. I’m trying to survive, have fun, and just be me while constantly encountering stupid crap. Document the good stuff sharing the actual fun of my trip.

I’m happy I accomplished my original goal of capturing the JAL18 plane, even its JAL17 conversion back to Japan.