VRChat Experiences P2

Heyo! I’m just loving this game that it’s doing a good job at curing my depression that I’ve spawned back in 2017 that I’m just loving the experiences I’m having in this game. I wanted to share more awesomeness from the VRchat community. It may be image heavy for those with poor internet, yet shows how much I love VRchat.

– Having fun with the V1 Camera addition which was added into VRChat “Recently”.

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[Anime] Frame Arms Girl – Episode 12

A continued session from the past bringing us a raging mad Hresvelgr, one which refusing to listen to reason. A few surprises in this session as some weaponry being interjected into the session, as well as some season festivities, and some ‘live show’ moment. Even a lovely tease at the very end.

– Hresvelgr Ater suffering from an ‘overflow’ issue. Still going rogue, and not herself.

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[Anime] Frame Arms Girl – Episode 11

With a new session upon us we’re presented with a few new options to wrap our brains around. How do we raise our Frame Arms Girl, do we treat them kindly, and how should they do battle. Even how to give them the pleasure of an hot bath when they’re simply robotic.

– Hresvelgr thirsting for actual strong opponents as she toys with a data version of Gourai Kai.

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