VRChat Experiences P2

Heyo! I’m just loving this game that it’s doing a good job at curing my depression that I’ve spawned back in 2017 that I’m just loving the experiences I’m having in this game. I wanted to share more awesomeness from the VRchat community. It may be image heavy for those with poor internet, yet shows how much I love VRchat.

– Having fun with the V1 Camera addition which was added into VRChat “Recently”.

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[Anime] Frame Arms Girl – Episode 12

A continued session from the past bringing us a raging mad Hresvelgr, one which refusing to listen to reason. A few surprises in this session as some weaponry being interjected into the session, as well as some season festivities, and some ‘live show’ moment. Even a lovely tease at the very end.

– Hresvelgr Ater suffering from an ‘overflow’ issue. Still going rogue, and not herself.

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