Frame Arms Girl – Hresvelgr

A belated review finally checking out the heavily armoured and equipped Hresvelgr. She’s the heavy guns of the grouping while also being able to glide on her giant sword, if you customize her to be that way. Hresvelgr is armed to the teeth, yet the bulkiness can be felt with this one that I jokingly nicknamed her a ‘Flying Fortress’.

– Jinrai & Renge checking out the Hresvelgr package that has been sitting there for a few months.

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[Anime] Frame Arms Girl – Episode 1

That’s quite a surprise to finally see it airing for us to enjoy. I’m glad to see that it’s borrowing and taking over from where Busou Shinki last left off while also being in its own universe. This anime is still Busou Shinki in ways, but now with Frame Arms Girl with more parts building and combat focused. This may contain large amount of images & some extended thoughts on scenes.

– A lovely & adorable start to a new show with Frame Arms Girl and a new female character named ‘Gennai, Ao’. I love Ao’s smirky teaseful smile in this shot.

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[RIP] Paying Respects to Sparky

It’s around that time of the year where I’m once again mourning the death of my precious dog named Sparky. A “man’s best friend”, also a part of the family that I must post it while it’s still January 29th. I never did post up a proper mourning & respect posting of Sparky, yet shall do so now while I’m focused solely in remembering him.

– Sparkly resting in his usual spot. One of many.

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[Doujin] Busou Shinki ‘Pandoor Lovers’

Heyo!~ Finally back with another Busou Shinki related article, and it’s all Renge focused. All Renge related in a Busou Shinki “project” I partook when invited to do so. I gladly accepted, and highly pleased that I have. So many small kind gestures that it was awesome!

- Renge hanging around a package themed on her. Let's take a look! Surprisingly a big set.
– Renge hanging around a package themed on her. Let’s take a look! Surprisingly a big set.

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[KanColle] Ringed Bismarck & A Gifted Package

Now it’s time for me to boast with how I ringed Bismarck! YATTA! After jumping onto the KanColle web game after seeing both Yuudachi as a Demon ship, and even Bismarck, on Pixiv art I just had to play. This also being before the KanColle anime appeared, yet the anime itself is what kept forcing me into the game a year ago, and I’m glad it did. So much fun! Bismarck level 99!

- Bismarck reached level 99 at 5-2 while training other lovelies in the process. [July 26, 2016]
– Bismarck reached level 99 at 5-2 while training other lovelies in the process. [July 26, 2016]
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Happy (Belated) Canada Day ’16!

Heyo! A bit belated on my end because been having my ups and downs, as well as being busy. Can’t keep things nailed down to allow me post as I should, yet finally had Renge yelling at me to post up some Canada Day images, so I’ve done so. Also a little American touch with American Truck Sim for posting on July 4th.

– Happy Canada Day! If late, and on America day. Kohiru, Renge, & Materia hanging out.

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[NSFW] Friendly Poi ‘Care Package’ Doujin

Poi! Heyo! It’s been so long, even from my last one, because of how busy and little time I’ve been having.  Constantly trying to burn through my backlogs of gaming, anime, and other related things that it’s been an outright pain getting to everything. Also, happy birthday to Yuudachi for launching on June 21st, 1936! Poi!

– Poi & friends checking out another Poi-related gift. Poi!

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Arcticu’s May ’16 Chime-in

Heyo! It’s been quite a long while trying to sort everything back out that I came to leave a quick mini-update for those that still care after seeing die out. I’ve been insanely busy that I couldn’t really tend to anything Busou Shinki, Varakitsu, nor photoshoot related matters. Neither with meet-ups, and the like. Either that, or people just didn’t want to have fun so everything was more focused on games, game events, and KanColle itself.

– My lovely ‘new’ W900 in American Truck Simulator.

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