Ottawa Tulip Festival – Part 1

The Canada-Netherland’s 2010 Tulip Festival – explained here. This article will cover the International Pavilion at Major’s Hill Park and the various other two food tents related to the Pavilion.

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(All images and videos taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens. The article contains 88 images and three embedded videos. Hope people have fast internet or patience to wait out the loading.)

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Girl Scouts – Parliament & Violinist

As I was heading to the Tulip Festival on Major’s Hill Park  and took a short cut through Sparks street. I came across two street performers. I only recorded one of them (below). After that, I headed towards the Parliament  to notice lots of activity up on Parliament Hill. Curiosity got the better of me so I decided to check up on what was happening.

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Sharbot Lake trip w/Figma Saber & Signum

For those that have been lurking on my forum may have noticed a “trend” of me saying “for a change of scenery I decided to  -here- to take pictures of Figmas“. Well, to continue that trend I shall now say:

For a change of scenery I decided to take pictures of my Figma’s outside of Ottawa, at Sharbrot Lake.

Only for Figmas? Of course not. I assisted with some minor tasks. Taking pictures of Figmas was just me taking advantage of different scenery.

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(All images were taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

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Possible Cherry Blossoms – Ottawa

It appears that the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom in Canada, Ottawa. I took pictures of the one on the Experimental Farm, went too early for the one at Andrew Haydon park, and checking up on some group of trees at a busy Transit way. Someone’s blog mentioned these were Cherry Blossoms but I’m too unsure if these are or not.

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(All images and video were taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

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Experimental Farm w/Figmas

In my hunt for more Cherry Blossoms I saw that the Experimental Farm had a few in their garden. Also brought my Figmas with me just to even out the Ottawa scenery bits with a bit of Anime-ness. The Experimental Farm is a vast open space to experiment with crops and such. There is no way you can miss it as it covers a large portion of Ottawa.

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(Article contains 62 images. All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens)

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Canada, Ottawa – Downtown Easter Friday

Wow, such an unCanadian like day as the weather was  oddly warm and summer like. I’m not complaining as I actually enjoyed such an unusually warm weather for late March and early April. It went from being snowy, warm, cloudy, warm, cold, cloudy, rain, cloudy, sunny, cloudy, chilly, warm, windy, warmer, and then into summer in an unusually short time. People didn’t even need a sweater in this weather and to top it off buses could easily turn into a sauna.

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Figma/Grail War – Winter Malice

Thought I’d bring back the “Figma/Grail War” in another “experiment” to see if I can take this slightly further. With winter quickly turning into Spring posing figures outdoors should be much easier as fingers won’t numb out as quickly, heh. I also dislike posing figures indoors and would rather use the natural scenery outdoors then fake ones.

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Ecchi warning – Unavoidable Pantsu scenes.

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Winterlude 2010 – Rideau Canal

The final article about Winterlude 2010. This time I went to check out the Rideau Canal as I forgot to do so on my first visit. I of course missed out on the most important part of Winterlude – skating on the longest skating rink in the world, the Rideau Canal. Up for some Beaver tails or a simple skate?

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I consider this a lucky shot ^. I love it how Canada can keep some form of historical value to its modern image.

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Winterlude 2010 – Gatineau

This is a part two of the Winterlude 2010 article viewing the Gatineau region – “Ville de Gatineau”, the French half of the Ottawa region. I was in Confederation park on the first Winterlude event (5-7th) and forgot to check out the Rideau Canal and GAnime 2010. Jacques-Cartier Park is located, Here. For the Winterlude event in Confederation park do check out this image heavy article: .

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