Canada Day + Japan Emperor visits Canada

Hello again, thought I’d update this again. Tardy, I know, but I was playing infamous and welcoming a guest from Europe.

So todays topic is Canada Day and the Emperor of Japan visiting Canada, especially Ottawa. First up, Canada Day! For those looking for Figma images there will be none in this one. Was too busy biking around with a friend, lol.

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Above image shows that Canada day could of been rainy but instead decided to go in everybody’s favor. You can still see the darkness of the clouds over the War Museum in Ottawa.

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January’s Christmas Decoration & new comp

Ya, I know its late for this and early to show it for next Christmas, but I thought I’d post it since its wet snowing here.  Should make for a nice wrapping up collection of winter images and start up with some nice light green spring scenery.

(Click the link under the image for fullsized view, will open in a new window/tab.

New computer woot! Acquired it last Satrday (March 14) and showing it off today.  Better access to things and I can finally make better quality “music” with the help of FL-Chan (Fruity loops 8). My previous computer had fried USB ports so I couldn’t post things as swiftly, reason why your seeing this late.

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Happy Holiday! – Figma Lily Saber and Figma Miku Hatsune

Well its the day before Christmas (but Japan and European time it is the 24th) so after waiting 4 months and a few more days, I found it time to open up the Figma boxes to take pictures! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!

My Christmas loot! Just so you guys/gals should know, this will be a long blog post because of the Christmas holiday so might want to make sure you have lots of time on your hands. I’ll go on Figma Saber first and then Miku Hatsune will get her time, enjoy the read/skimming.

(To view bigger images, click on the link under the images – Will open up in a new window/tab)

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