Figma Shana get

Well I did say I got Figma Shana in my previous article. I also tried to do a group shot with all my Figma’s but it proved to be troublesome. Just one tiny little bump on the table and they topple like diminos. I also found a bit of irony while I took (blurry) pictures of them. I’ll explain (what I call) irony further on.

I think I need to do another attempt at a Figma group shot, but here it is:
(For bigger images, click on the link under the appropriate image to view in a bigger size.)

(Link – MySite)

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Shadow Invasion: Gundam mod

Edit:  Since the modding community died for the game so did the mod. I had to kill it since nobody wanted to assist, only ask.  If anybody wants to revive it I can give you some of the models as long as you plan to use it in a mod  and  to give credit to the modeler himself. I tried but nobody took me seriously enough as it was based on “Gundam” so the support was extremely lacking.  Sorry for the hype and hope to see someone else either take it over or to see Bandai-Namco finally making a RTS or Open World game dealing with Gundam.

After 2-3 years of dorment snoozing, I finally brought this Gundam mod back into a brighter light. This mod will take place in the Universal Century era from the Mobile Suit Gundam show up to the War in The Pocket. You will be able to fight it out as the Earth Federation Forces and the Zeons versus each other or the original Star Wars faction in a Galactic Conquest and/or Skirmish.

Moddb entry:

To show that I’m not joking here are some screens:

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Figma Rin Kagamine

Hmm. Ya I have been tardy with my blog posts but I couldn’t keep up with everything like I normally do. My interests are swaying in various areas. Well moving on with the lame excuses, I got Rin Kagamine on my last trip to my local anime store (Anime Stop), acquiring her her on the 17th of January, 2009.


Miku Announces: ..Welcoming a new member to the SOS Music Brigade is Rin Kagamine!

(Link – MySite) – Image taken on January 24th, 2009

(Images taken with a Sony W170 Digital Camera.)

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Anime Withdrawal and Fever Symptoms

Anime withdrawal, it happens. What its official community known name isn’t known to me. I do call it a Anime Withdrawal. There is also Anime fever for short term obsessions.

Well, when we like something a lot we tend to dwell in it deep and try to explore every corner of it right? We dwell so much in a single area of our liking that we tend to get “withdrawal” symptoms  when we’re done with the certain something. It’s something were you can’t keep your mind off such an area for an extended period of time. I have felt the symptoms of Anime Withdrawal were I wanted to watch anime but couldn’t due to traveling, cultural, “real-life situations” and various other scenarios. All I could do was talk and think about Anime (even in non-anime areas), or just adapt to the new scenario/location.

Disclaimer: Everything I said is generalized or simplified so it can be listed with ease. Some things may not even be accurate because we each experience these symptoms differently and some things maybe confused or forgotten. Sources? Myself, other people, various sites and you guys/gals. I listed everything with what I experienced.

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2 new Lucky Star Figmas

Well I wanted to finally get my Figma Saber and I had enough for a Figma Miku so I headed to my local Anime store while I had the chance. Since I arrived on Sunday, September 21, 2008 I finally had the chance to go to the anime store, by bus. When I arrived I saw Figma Haruhi (already have), Figma Mikuru (I need), and Figma Yuki Nagato (Which I also need) on the rack.� I asked if there were anymore Figmas and the lady said yes, pointing to a recently new pile of figures that came in just today (Wednesday, September 24, 2008). I then checked which ones interested me and took two.

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Haruhi Figma – July 28th

Went to the anime store on July 28th to pick up anything of interest so I did, Haruhi Figma greeted me there. Thanks to Danny I had more of an interest in taking this then KOS-MOS from Xenosaga� Bome Figure. I picked up Haruhi Figma out of her pile an and took off waiting to see whats so special about Figmas, its their kick ass posing abilities. I even used her to help me and my friend win as the Slovaks in Euro 2008 for PS3. I placed Haruhi with her yellow cone infront of the TV and it made us thing of winning or suffer double defeat. Without her there we did slighty worse but with her there we did better, no goals against us.

(Link – MySite)

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Rin Bome Figure

Being both late and with crappy quality images, I will however post an entry on her just for the hell of it. I acquired her on Wednesday, May 18th, 2008 along with a AT-ST, a mini tank with WW2 planes for a board game, and some Eye of Judgment cards.

(And again, like last time, my blog is having issues with image uploads so its photobucket this time. Just click the Link to get full screen.)


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1/100 Gundam Kyrios

As of Monday, May 26, 2008 I aquired Gundam Kyrios for $71. Well I feel that the price was a rip even before I bought it but since I wanted a new Gundam model I paid for it. At first I thought it was going to be as small as my Stargazer Gundam, however, it ended up as big as my other big Gundam models I got. Well I was hoping to get a big one so my mind kept shifting and getting paranoid I was going to get a small one again sine the effort for the smaller figure sized are half a wasted effort.

My last Gundam model was the Zaku II so having Kyrios in my collection gives my collection back to the modern times. While building the Gundam I noticed it has a slight reference to “Super Gundam” and “Wing Gundam” because of how it transforms and how the legs are shaped. Next time when you look at Kyrios think of the “Super Gundam” and the “Wing Gundam” and you’ll probably see where I’m coming from.

Going to show the box art and then images of when I was building it. The pictures were taken by a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P41

(Right click thumbnails and open in new tab/window)


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Tulip Festival

I added the Tulip Festival Gallery onto the site so if your visiting my blog all the pictures are above in that link ^. I stayed mostly in the Japanese area where I saw people playing the fishy game, making origami, trying out headbands and such. The Tulip Festival has are as follows: Russia, Romania, Japan, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Indonesia, China, European Union, Thailand, Holland, Germany, Peru, and Mexico. I bet I forgot about 1-3 nations that were at the Tulip Festival in Major’s Hill Park in downtown Ottawa. I volunteered at the Tulip Festival as a Security guy so I get posted to various areas of the park. Today I got posted in the Mexico area for three hours in the sun with a one hour break to tour around and back to beer duty at the German boarder. The smells being put off by the international Pavilions drove me mad since I wanted to eat but had no cash.


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Gundam RX-79[G] Gundam & Zaku 2 Outdoors – Part 1

Like I did with the three Sabers I took out both my Gundams outsides but to a quieter part (and closer near me) where nobody would give me odd faces or see me. I took Gundam RX-79[G] Gundam (being my favourite Feddie mobile suit) and the Zaku 2 to do some simple fight scenes in a quiet corner near water. I find that grass and water give the pictures a more unique look then simple backyard shots (unless you have a great garden). This was a quicker photo shoot then the previous one so I took being some simple and rushed shots which made me label this Part 1 where I’m going to do it in a park this time so look forward to that.

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