Vancouver 2022 Summer Trip – Day 7

– Heading off to a surprise. Friend surprising me with “something”.

This blog posting covers the whole day of July 21st, 2022. Not much was happening today (all worn out) spending time just eating, listening to music, and using my Steam Deck while uploading stuff onto Flickr. I probably even backed a few files up onto the an external source. Just relaxing until it was time to go. I’ve done basically everything I had listed until then, forgetting why my day was the way it was for July 21st.

My surprise basically started from 6 pm Vancouver time onwards. Heading off to Pitts Meadow for my surprise helicopter ride, something I would figure out once I see the vehicles themselves. Just seeing an airport still had me highly confused.

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– Mount Baker
– Admiring the bridge scenery.
– The lovely Canadian experience.
– I’ve been taken to the ‘Sky Helicopter’ tour experience.

After signing a few waivers, waited in the waiting room, and just admiring the scenery, we eventually made our way to the helicopter pad. Of course, I had to jinx it, we flew in the helicopter I ended up disliking. I preferred either two on the sides. I eventually grew to admire the helicopter we were in.

– Robinin’s flight panel.
– Admiring the beauty and scenery, sadly disrupted by my red sweater.
– The beautiful level flight towards the mountains.

My ears never getting a rest getting blocked with each ascend and descent. It frustrated the hell out of me taking hours to clear up.

Also, not to knock on my friend, I wish I was told to bring one of my Anime figures out (Renge or Fubuki) at the least to have figure photography images with them. A red sweater is also a no-go. I know my friend kept pointing it out, it was however wise to hold my Lumix GF-1 in my sweater pocket.

– Our objective coming straight up.

This whole experience reminded me of Yogscast’s side-group called ‘Hatfilms’ with how they had done similar flying into the mountains in winter conditions. They took the time to film things professionally while I simply admiring the scenery for what it was worth (absolute beauty). I kept bringing up Hatfilm’s constantly being reminded of it in every situation. Sadly, they also became politically corrupted to the point I dislike both them and Yogscast, especially after their idiotic Star Wars comments defending the new trashy Star Wars Trilogy. You simply live long enough to see your heroes turn into villains, it’s sad and shameful. It’s however awesome making your own memories in British Columbia with your own stories to tell :).

– Golf Course.
– I really regret my choice of a red sweater. I’m sad.
– Admiring the various mining areas. The various quarries.
– This is amazing.
– Nice! This quarry looks amazing.

I’m not going to lie, I was genuinely scared holding on for my dear life. I didn’t panic, I however did hold onto the seat belt tightly….. Tight knuckled….. You’re in a tiny vehicle with nothing to act as a buffer on your side. You feel exposed while also suffering from pressure in your ears and the sudden movements. It took me awhile to acclimate to the helicopter’s behaviour.

– What a beauty! Landed on top of a mountain, on snow, and allowed to venture out.
– Gorgeous view!
– My photography instincts kicked in taking pictures and videos of everything. The breeze, the chilliness, and the fact I can’t get cell service. Didn’t bother me much, I could wait.
– The helicopter I disliked ended up being a beauty. A new found love for this aircraft.
– Beautiful! I genuinely admire this.
– Admiring the beauty. First glimse of ‘Mount Judge Howay’, the three-pronged mountain.
– A view down towards the valley.
– Love the arctic feel of it all. The moss, the snow. Even the chill air, it’s amazing.
– Various “holes” to watch out for, as noted by the helicopter pilot.
– This is one of those “I can’t believe I’m here” moments. I love it.
– Gorgeous.
– Few clouds roaming around, nothing bothersome.
– I always love a more natural take to scenery.
– I’m just speechless now. I genuinely love how beautiful the snow-capped mountains are, especially in July.
– Panorama view.
– The more I stared in this direction the more I admired Mount Judge Howay.
– I finally personally saw and acknowledged Mount Judge Howay. It became my second favourite mountain, after Mount Baker.
– Readying for take-off.

After admiring the scenery for awhile we had to leave. We were given an extra 5 minutes to take it all in.

– Ring of ice, as taken from my video. If I’ve gone further I may have saw it at a lower angle. Friend considered bringing a drone to capture this sort of image in better quality.

And a sample video with the final video being shown at the final ‘Bonus’ blog posting at the end containing my Lumix GF1 images. Even if I was scared, I had fun. I had fun seeing the awesome scenery.

– Video – Getting flown back off the mountain we were on seeing a rounded ice-lake, and some nicely carved mountains on the way down. Overly stunning. (Full video in the bonus blog posting)
– Tow plane and a glider.

We’ve heard some very messed up novice pilot ATC. The tower refused to let a pilot fly for how green they were, and another sounded like they were high on weed trying to be serious. We laughed.

– Sky Team at YPK airport. Good times!

I was left deaf thanks to the pressure distance for the 50th time now, to my frustration. We also took the pilot’s recommendation to visit a nearby Japanese restaurant to which my friend semi-reluctantly went, or appeared. Friend struggled to park his truck, another car got fed up, we however went and enjoyed our food.

– I genuinely love this sort of traditional decorations more. No political garbage, just proper natural scenery.
– Miso soup with a bonus of shrimp noodles.
– My actual meal, with beer.
– Extra.
– I was hungry, leave me alone. I had to order while I could. They were closing…….
– If you’re wondering where? Kabuki Sushi.
– Golden Ears Way, where an accident had occured.
– My friend going out of his way to let me fly my drone finding a place to take off from.
– Capturing a beautiful sunset near Pitt’s Meadow.
– Road Focus.
– Without the farmers we would be starving. Respect your farmers and truckers.
– Lovely patterns found in field.
– Coming back to the accident forced to take a detour…….
– A lovely hill view down.

Even though it was a “short’ day, it was still an enjoyable day. I loved every moment of it, even if I was scared shitless in the helicopter. I’m glad my coworker texted me about the surprise, even how my friend surprised me. He did his best not to spoil it. I had my fun up in the mountains, though the actual video portion shall be shared in the final bonus blog posting. I know it’s weird to share it that way, it makes it better for all the videos to be combined there.