Ottawa – Spring time#2

I see I haven’t blogged in awhile. Lets create a new entry then with my bike ride along the Ottawa river, with my new bike.  Sadly I didn’t bring any Anime figures this time around since I just wanted to get used to my new bike and finally check out the Spring scenery around. Though since this is a gaming and anime oriented blog for Ottawa, I’ll get some in the next article.

Lets start off with some ducks, shall we?

(All images are full sized, click the link under images to view them. Images are captured with a Sony Digital Camera W170. )

Warning: Below image comments may contain inside jokes or quick humor that may not be humourous to an average person.

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Ottawa – April 16, 2009

Sorry, no Anime on this one until I can get a new bike, or tune my old bike (*hears a cheer from the non-Japanese minded lurkers*).  I’m still waiting for the spring bloom before I also try to Figure photoshoot as to make the images look nicer,  but the plants are lagging behind for some odd reason. I see the animals are coming back, the grass is going green, and the insects coming out gradually.

I haven’t yet shown the Ottawa River rapids have I? Here is one of them that I tried taking pictures of. Its just cool to look at, and theres a cooler one closer to downtown that I’ll take a picture of later.

(Note: I didn’t shrink the full sized images so they’re going to appear large when to full screen them.)

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