Vancouver 2022 Summer Trip – Day 9

– Off to B.C Ferries!

This blog posting covers the whole day of July 23rd, 2022. After a rough night with crazy dreams we rushed towards the nearby Ferry. Friend was worried about making it in time for Victoria, something we were desiring to head earlier in the morning. It was rough, all for the sole purpose of both whale watching, and the secondary objective of reaching a hotel. We stressed about food, among other things.

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– Waiting and heading onto a Ferry was an interesting experience.

It was at this point I knew I screwed up. How? I forgot the battery I set to charge last night back at base. I forgot to bring the Lumix GF-1 battery with me. DOH!

Also, this whole Ferry situation gave me deja vu vibes from Ontario. I vaguely recall being on a Ferry, just can’t recall where and when. I was a kid, just can’t remember where in Ontario. If not, may have been Quebec, or Maritimes. Sadly, I can’t ask my parents who had passed away in 2017 and 2022. The impression is there, I simply need to recall it somehow. It’s vague/faint.

– B.C’s Seagulls amused me. I loved how this one was relaxing on top of a sensor dome, or similar.

When I looked out the Ferry’s windows I recall I’ve forgotten something very necessary while doing something stupid. The night before I placed my Lumix GF1’s battery to charge in the room while forgetting it on the way to the Ferry. We were in such a rush (and a daze) I forgot the battery. I brought the camera, just not the necessary battery.

– Admiring the Sea Bus. I find those vessels neat.
– Spirit of British Columbia – Making note of what Ferry I was on.
– I am scared of water. I was more paranoid about me dropping my phone than my own safety. Once a phone is lost so is everything else.
– That is a gorgeous wake.
– This was a glorious experience seeing Ferries pass each other.
– This brings me back to the time I visited the ‘1000 Island’ area in Ontario.
– Just admiring the beauty of the Ferry.
– And the rush to Victoria beings. My friend stressed, raced to Victoria.

Arriving at Victoria!:

After a mad dash from Nanaimo to Victoria, after a few road-rage incidents and some speeding, we arrived safely. We were trying to make it in time for whale watching, something we’re glad we all arrived safely at. I called out a police cruiser while just going along for the ride.

– Loving this style of ar.
– I guess this also conveniently covers my whole ‘P.E.I’ experience. Checking off almost every box on my end and any bonus ones I never knew I had.
– What to expect where and when.
– Water Taxi.
– I just had to take this image of this vessel knowing full well we had to pay full attention to the safety briefing.
– Very fast boat. Insanely fast, and a bit on the unsafe side.

I was in constant paranoia for not having my Lumix GF-1 instead. In fear my Samsung would be flung overboard, slip off the ship, and other issues. I nearly lost my hat when trying to be clever placing it backwards on my head. This boat peeved me off with how crazy it was. I mean, I enjoyed it, I’m happy I was taken on a whale watching side. This falls way out of my comfort zone and I was always looked at weirdly.

– Boat plan. Never know when you’ll need it.
– Taking a picture of the wake, and an obnoxious lady looking at my camera. Let me take my picture in peace.
– Whales!
– Orca’s be puffing!
– Huff and puff~
– You can barely see their fin.
– More barely visible fins.
– Their fins and back.
– Poor Orca’s being surrounded by swarms of boats, even at 20-200 m away, or so noted.
– Orca’s doing their thing while being abused by us stupid tourists enmass. I’m fine with whale watching, this is getting a bit uncomfortable.
– Every time a whale or Orca popped up a guy would sound more excited then he should. “WOW!” – “OMG?!”
– Three Orcas in this shot.
– Whale tail!
– Whale Puffing.
– Whale backs.
– Whale backs.
– Whale backs.
– Evergreen.
– Someone noted this, I saw it, they were curious with both of us trying to figure this out. It’s apparently a Jellyfish. Not trying to take credit for the find, someone had to ask.
– Light House island.
– Capturing both a plane and Sealife.
– Seals 🙂
– Otter.
– Loved seeing what was noted on the navigation. I was actually falling asleep on the boat trying to find ways to stay awake. It was getting far too peaceful. I wasn’t the only one falling asleep, my two friends were also. We were all falling asleep.
– Once again admiring the charts.
– Hey! Look! Actual smart people! “Say no to the WEF”.

I’m well aware people are pissed off with me when I make normal and sane political comments relating to Canada’s situation. People would much rather believe the Earth is flat, that the government is innocent, and that politicans (including Trudeau) are a bunch of Saints. I know I screwed up in what I said about Trump back in 2017 also accidentally becoming Alt-Left Drone. A few friends yelled at me (two, in general) helping me regain my senses. A fellow Hobbiest friend yelled at me to snap out of the brainwashing to look back at reality in how both Canadian and American governments are screwing with the people and how Canadians are happily enjoying being anally screwed by Trudeau and the Liberal Government. My parents noted time and again at how naive and childish Canadians are, how Canada has its form of Communism, how Liberals are brainless twats, even how Canadian schools teach nothing to their students spawning brainless & brainwashed students. They sometimes use me as a good example of Canada gone bad. It’s also a statement (poor education system; Math, etc) that’s officially sourced how Canadians aren’t as proficient in math and education as they should be, especially when compared to their European and Asian counterparts. That most likely explains why everybody wants to be a fake transgender trash for the fun of it, regretting it after. It’s all for clout, not for themselves.

You then see me struggling to survive in the world with a Canadian education, get mocked (not directly) for my poor Canadian education, and how European education is FAR better. At least traditional European education. All people had done in school was draw, put popcorn in plastic gloves, and tons of pointless education. I suck at math thanks to how poorly they taught me math. (The math part is also publicly known in the media world) I still don’t know my divisions having to rely on a calculator, to the dismay of my European ancestors. I’m Canadian (Ottawa) born, yet reflect the state of the country. Nobody in Canada (and Ontario) has a proper math education, or any other necessary skills. There are a few special cases, Canadians are however a troubled bunch. It’s been publicly noted time and again on the same various news sites who equally shame normal people for making ends meet.

As for the W.E.F? Trudeau is a part of it purposely shaming normal Canadians to the whole mentality of – “You’ll own nothing and be happy – doctrine. Living necessities go up, pay goes down, and you’ll allegedly be happy to be a homeless turd, Trudeau said so. On a same note to that, World Leaders admire Asian’s conformity to be a bunch of sheep bending their will and dignity to any social pressures. To be programmed to be mindless social drones, as seen in various parts of Asia. Even noted with conforming Asian wife brides to the point they lack an emotional soul; They’re emotionless. Similar could be said of a Japanese household being emotionless causing higher suicides. Chinese hive-mind pressuring by the CCP. Social degradation with people pretending to be fake “Trans” when they don’t’ really mean it. Marriages failing, woman joining corrupted “feminism” groups for reasons no longer necessary, or valid. It’s all falling apart.

The main point being how Canadians forgot how to be Canadians.

– Tourists and true Canadians enjoying their day at Victory.
– I’m happy to see people still fighting for genuine Canadian Freedom. I may not have shown proper support, I have documented it.
– As with the ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy’, this is the true Canadian spirit.

It honestly amazes me masochistic “normal” Canadians have become; how brainwashed they have become. They’re turning on themselves all because of the media and they enjoy being anally screwed harder to the point they can’t afford food, can’t hold a job, lose their possessions, and end up living on the street. Canadians seem to enjoy being anally screwed to the point they admire people who abuse them to then live on the street.

It’s why the whole thing of – “Govern me harder baby!” – came around. Govern me harder. Harder. I SAID HARDER! Govern me to the point I’m raped and violated! Govern me till I’m purple and blue all over! Govern me till I’m homeless, own no possessions, and am worrisomely pleased about being near constantly near death…… With that mentality Canada is in a scary place……

Not only because of Covid-19 mandates, also with how the ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy’ truckers were being negatively treated, abused, even by brainwashed citizens of Canada believing whatever the media told them (CTV, CFRA, CBC, etc). We must believe Trudeau is an innocent leader who hasn’t abused anymore, even knowing people have gone homeless thanks to him. Numerous people leaving Canada spawning a massive brain-drain in Canada. Your average brainwashed Canadian basically loves betraying their actual normal Canadians exposing their address online, bullying normal Canadians (especially truckers who provide necessities), and even turning on farmers who feed them. Doxxing them, preaching the false politics of the media. These same people then wonder why food prices and daily necessities rise, why no ice companies came to the aid of Ottawa during the June downburst, or any other respect. Companies and truckers were shunned by Ottawa and its faux-political bullshittery.

People clearly don’t understand freedom, something Europeans suffering through genuine Communism and Nazism have experiences. Same with various Asian nationalists from China and the surrounding areas. Those in Canada do not know what genuine Fascism is, nor do they know what they fuck they are speaking of. Your typical r/Ottawa user doesn’t know what actual fascism, Nazism, White Supremacy, and other buzzwords are like your European and freed Chinese nationalist would. Canadians are a bunch of infants. Only those who fought in WW2 know what they’re talking about, anybody else knows jack shit.

Then people wonder why we had the ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy’ in Ottawa, in Canada, in USA, whole of Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and numerous places. You bring up the ‘World Convoy’ to gain an overly ignorant response of – “they’re stupid” – being a hollowed defeatist response. They can’t give you a genuine response, they’re openly telling you they’re parroting what was told to them. People are fighting for your freedom and you’re stabbing them in the back like a brainless moronic sheep. People had enough with various nations backing off, except for an allegedly “free” and “democratic” Canada. We are a fucking laughing stock of the fucking world. Japan isn’t, only because they’re known to be formal, to a fault. Their fault is causing them to lose their place in the world through depopulation, something the W.E.F was noted in doing for Canada. Keep those who comply (the Asians) and starve the rest into death. Don’t believe me? Look around. Look at your local grocer and gas station with inflated costs, lacking supply, and other crazy crap. Look at the social degradation of people pretending to be ‘Trans’ when they really aren’t. How Trans people are a bunch of pedophiles in disguise. How people follow mass hysteria and can’t think for themselves.

When you point these out all you get is a brainless – “What?” – showing their disconnect with the real world. Various European migrants would eventually regret moving to Canada seeing how brainless your average Canadian is and how brutal mid and eastern Canadian weather is during the winter. Various European migrants would much prefer to be back in Europe, even knowing Europe has fallen to political corruption the same way Canada has. As for the fleeing Asians? They seem to prefer being in their own bubble when in North America, probably a wise choice when knowing your average Canadian has mentally fallen to being pleasured by abusive political fetishes.

Moving on……………

– Admiring the beauty of Victoria.
– Admiring this architecture.

I feel bad for my friend desiring a more Victoria-oriented meal. The place he desired wasn’t as he hoped, nor would it be a quick wait. Pissed, he went to where I desired, even declining my offer to visit a more ‘western’ restaurant for how pricy it was. It was simply too pricey for him. We went to a Japanese restaurant to which I was questioned as to why I always eat it. I told them, I came to British Columbia to connect closer to the Japanese culture. Luck prevented my friend from admiring local Canadian foods, declined my other choice, we went straight to a Japanese one…….

He went for a 7/11 hot dog……. The mood was awkward.

– My choice, my portion.
– Secondary choice being Beaver Tail as a desert. Been ages since I’ve tried one.
– Admiring the architecture.
– Victoria is quite a gorgeous city, even in its touristic configuration.
– Tons of retro and vintage vehicles that day in Victoria. Volkswagons, Ferrari, among others.
– This yellow vehicle actually caught my attention.
– Visiting random locations in Victoria. Decided to visit the Nature museum.
– It’s honestly crazy how I wouldn’t see much wildlife in B.C, only in dioramas. Maybe Canadians killed them all. I’ve only seen 1 of the 2 or 3 bear sightings my friend saw.
– Fascinated.

My friends poking fun at me noting how these sealife shall be my next meal. Constantly eating sea food to which I would get annoyed by their remark. I guess it’s my turn to be irritated again.

– I actually love this Victoria architecture.
– Corvette, Canadian Freedom Fighters, and a beautiful Victoria.
– It’s a Ferrari! WOOO!
– Having failed to see an actual whale jump out of the water we took a picture of this one.
– A bike counting meter. Sadly, you can’t see the numbers on it.
– Respecting the Canadian Navy.

My respect of the Canadian navy grew thanks to a game called ‘Silent Hunter 3’ seeing Canadians as AI in there. Made aware, I was also exposed to another game called ‘Kantai Collection’, a Japanese game turning warships into humanoid personifications in a female sense. Vessels are viewed as feminine, hence why Kantai Collection has vessels as ships. Sadly, no Canadian love from that game. Later, another game would come out tugging on my Canadian heart strings, sadly in a teaseful manner. They would pay respect to a Canadian holiday, show HMS Fortune and HMS Foxhound, sadly no actual Canadian shipgirls. It’s thanks to those three games I am even tuned into the whole Canadian Navy in the first place, I want to connect with my Canadian pride and patriotism.

With how Canadians are viewed on the world stage various World War 2 naval game developers refuse to openly add Canadians as their own nation, let alone add them in altogether. When they do add Canadians they always fall under the Royal Navy tree, abused as DLC fodder, or simply neglected altogether.

I simply wish to see my fellow Canadians in a game, hopefully Azur Lane. A Chinese game. Probably for political reasons (tension between Canada & China) we are not allowed to have Canadians. Maybe. I simply desire to see HMCS Haida, her various Destroyer sisters; HMCS Ontario & HMCS Uganda/Quebec (the two light cruisers); HMCS Bonaventure, HMCS Warrior, HMCS Magnificent (aircraft carriers); and potentially 3 Battleships being ‘HMCS Ontario’, ‘HMCS Quebec’, and ‘HMCS Acadia’ (Queen Elizabeth-Class Battleship from pre-WW1).

Canada has a navy to be admired, sadly constantly underappreciated. Constantly overlooked by lazy game developers who prefer making up lame excuses than implementing things a part of history. I admire Japan’s point of view of adding things for the whole fun and passion, sadly something westerners tend to neglect. Hence, why Anime is preferred over western media. Sadly, Anime is also not intellectually understood by your average anime fan. Like with fake Trans people, you also have fake and low IQ Anime fans not able to grasp the actual intellect from Anime. It’s similar to how people can’t understand the full context of an artist nor their painting, only at surface value.

Now that you know where I stand with my interest in Canada’s navy, it should give you context as to why we visited Esquimalt.

Quick little sidenote:

While going from Victoria to Esquimalt we stopped over at a Tim Horton’s to get some food. I tried to get a special chicken wrap (from the digital menu) to which I was denied 5-10 minutes later. My friend, 5 hours of sleep, tore the staff for not knowing what to do, if they worked there, and just general frustration. Other people were frustrated by this Indian girl (from India), as well as a kid who appeared to be 5 years old. They had no clue what they were doing, over-worked, understaffed, and just a mess.

“You could have told him sooner he could not order the menu; That the machine wasn’t ready”
“Do you work here?”…….. She said “yes”, to which more frustration happened.

The Tim Horton’s between Victoria and Esquimalt was just “weird”. All I can recall now is the whole “do you work here?” comment.

– Discovering a poorly marked entrance (after making a wrong turn further north) trying to get a good view of the vessels. You can barely see a destroyer turret on the left, hidden behind trees.

I’m just doing what my fellow Japanese Otakus have done when viewing naval warships. Japan even gives Japanese Otaku’s free reign, something Canadian military folks wouldn’t comprehend, or have shown not to on this particular day. The gate person failed to view things as a Japanese would. Granted, the Japanese Navy is sponsored and backed by Kantai Collection, and vice versa making things more “accessible”. Canadian military and Navy would much rather play with fake politics and their thumb up their arse. I constantly hear about the constant screw up behind the scenes, even openly.

My friend was pissed, I was frustrated. I also wish I saw the destroyer gun sooner. I would have taken an Azur Lane AR photo among the turret, as I had later in Tofino.

Frustrated, we went back to a nearby park to get some drone shots of Esquimalt. You’er allowed to fly NEAR a military base, just not over. A no-fly zone was also indicated on the DJI map, something too far for my drone at the time. Sharing drone shots merged this time as to not break the flow.

– Aerial view of Esquimalt Navy Base.

From my sources it was noted HMCS Whitehorse (705), HMCS Calgary, HMCS Alberta, and/or even HMCS Ottawa docked. You could tell HMC Whitehorse is there thanks to her ‘705’, I had to find out through other sources HMCS Calgary, HMCS Alberta, and maybe HMCS Ottawa is docked, or to be docked. One ship shall overlap another with some down-time before being repaired.

I shouldn’t get in trouble for sharing these thoughts. I flew in unrestricted air space, never flew over, and only obtained a view your average joe would have obtained from the gate, or from a nearby building. Maybe even the various tours, something we’ve missed. My friend wanted to badly see a warship, so I granted him his wish.

– Dockyard and residential area.
– Admiring the naval beauty denied to us by the gate guard.
– If I’m going to drone I might as well obtain a full 360 angle from this spot.
– Viewing back to Esquimalt, now centered. You can once again see HMCS Whitehorse (left; 705), and other docked vessels waiting for repairs. Especially HMCS Ottawa or similar in repair at the time. Covered, from prying eyes, such as my own.

Now, if World War 2 game developers weren’t so lazy and afraid about adding Canadians into their naval games properly I wouldn’t be as frustrated as I would be currently. A game called War Thunder and World of Warships both treat Canadians as DLC trash, others merge them under the Royal Navy banner not giving them their full roster lineup. It’s a disgrace and a stain on their pride. If I was to collaborate with an indie Japanese artist we would make more progress than your average WW2 naval game developer. Still waiting on ‘Azur Lane’, a Chinese game, to pay proper respect to the Canadians with their ‘Maple Monarchy’ faction.

Canadians are a pile of shit to people, especially to internet trolls saying the same needless trash all the time.

– Admiring the view. I always wanted to come here.

We had to move on and a few annoying jokes were to be had. I was worried about how the Canadian military would act to me droning near their naval base. I Googled, and Googled finding nothing. Only American drone laws. You can fly near, but not over a military base. Unless otherwise specified (by a red zone) you are free to admire the base from a far.

As we were driving away my friend was satisfied while one of my friend’s friend made overly suggestive and annoying jokes. It genuinely pissed me off, I sadly had to stay quiet to be respectful. I just wanted to up and leave the truck. I genuinely got pissed off. I may have misunderstood the joke, chimed in when I shouldn’t have, and ….. It was a painful experience. I wasn’t happy. I’m happy with the pictures I’ve taken, just not the lewd jokes. I was a little worried the military police would come after me for flying a drone with it turning into a lewd joke of ‘Night service’ and ‘secret service’. I just wanted out of there. One moment they were as paranoid as I was, the next lewd jokes grating my nerves were said. The polar switch on that one.

“Fuck this, I’m out”, or so I desired. I was visibly upset, nobody gave a shit. I just wanted to leave the truck.

With poor reception for my phone, and my focus on the new scenery my body tuned out in the most rural parts of the area. My body forced me to sleep. I kept falling asleep to which my friend probably tried to keep me awake by bringing me to Kinsol railway area.

– Kinsol railway bridge.
– Pathway leading to the bridge. Probably the same path for the train. While venturing on this pathway there was a sight I wish I could have captured, yet wasn’t allowed. I remember it, sadly can’t take a picture nor share it. Shame.
– Very rural cars to be seen.
– Train! This is actually a pretty cool area with a nice set-up. Shame we couldn’t stop here.
– Trees as far as the eye can see. It’s why I started falling asleep with how peaceful it was.
– Poking fun at my friend for eating 7/11 hotdogs.
– Port Alberni. We have arrived at our first hotel.
– Obtaining food was the most painful part. We couldn’t decide where to eat thanks to a temper tantrum. We eventually decided at Pizza Factory. I admit the chicken was great from ‘Pizza Factory’, I just wish I wasn’t karma’d, also wishing I had a side with the chicken. I struggled to eat it into the next day.

The ending to this night was a mess. Frustration, anger, and a screw up by ‘Pizza Factory’ at ‘Port Alberni’. We took forever ordering, something the staff probably karma’d us back with by abusing the wait time. They desired to reconfirm the order to which my friend fought with them about missing chicken leg pieces. It was a nasty night leading into a horrible morning.

Oh, and everything was my fault again. Not solely thanks to my friend, it’s just constant disapproval from Vancouver & Ottawa, and those around the world. I was a piece of trash for backing my files up onto Google Drive and checking Twitter. I’m a pile of shit for everything. Both here and in British Columbia, online, and whatever I do. Excuse me for living. Maybe I should eventually go hang myself seeing as how people desire me to once I finish these Vancouver blog postings.

Everything is always my fault. I hate it. It’s no wonder you have Japanese folks desiring to be ‘Isekai’d’ (transferred to another world). Both happy and depressed at the same time. The night was a mess not being able to agree on anything and the mood sour. My friend knew it would get noted, and that it has. The night was horrible.

Drone Shots:

The military naval base drone shots were an exception. These next shots are part of the trip treated as extra showing off the beauty of Vancouver Island.

– I love taking these shots.

A few people inquired about the drone. How much was it, among other typical responses. Around $800 Canadian, a travelers combo with three batteries, and just admiring the beauty.

– I refused to go on the bridge for my fear of heights.
– My beloved shot your average tourist won’t be able to admire. It’s moments like these I purchased my drone.
– On the pathway heading back keeping out for bird attacks.
– Heading closer to Port Alberni.

With that, wraps the night on an negative note. I had a great time capturing everything scenery related, even had some decent food. Some neat memories. I’m glad I could check things off from my checklist, visit places I could only admire on Google Maps and Flight Simulator. It’s however a shame it had to be sprinkled with a few tantrums and anger issues. I’m grateful for my friend, for the experiences. I admire them, cherish them. I understand it’s the lack of sleep, the temperament, etc. Esquimalt failing to also consider sub-cultures and the ‘Otaku’ types. The ‘Pizza Factory’ could have been better managed while also not forcing the karma back onto me. I’m only a tourist, a spectator. I wanted food, and that’s it.

I’m happy to have seen the whales, have captured “something” relating to them. To have flown my drone, to have seen Victoria and true Canadians fighting for true Canadian values. I was happy to see a touristy side to Victoria, to have taken a Ferry ride, something I tend to see from Japan only. My Japanese hobbyists always boast about taking Ferries, I have now taken a Canadian one through a cool Canadian scenery.

I love my images, I love my videos. I’ve seen parts of Canada I wish I could go back to see. I’ve seen a portion of that in video games. Through Microsoft Flight Simulator.

More greatness awaits in the next morning, after much anger issues. After being shunned, falsely karma’d, and put down.