Sharbot Lake trip w/Figma Saber & Signum

For those that have been lurking on my forum may have noticed a “trend” of me saying “for a change of scenery I decided to  -here- to take pictures of Figmas“. Well, to continue that trend I shall now say:

For a change of scenery I decided to take pictures of my Figma’s outside of Ottawa, at Sharbrot Lake.

Only for Figmas? Of course not. I assisted with some minor tasks. Taking pictures of Figmas was just me taking advantage of different scenery.

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(All images were taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

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Possible Cherry Blossoms – Ottawa

It appears that the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom in Canada, Ottawa. I took pictures of the one on the Experimental Farm, went too early for the one at Andrew Haydon park, and checking up on some group of trees at a busy Transit way. Someone’s blog mentioned these were Cherry Blossoms but I’m too unsure if these are or not.

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(All images and video were taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

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Experimental Farm w/Figmas

In my hunt for more Cherry Blossoms I saw that the Experimental Farm had a few in their garden. Also brought my Figmas with me just to even out the Ottawa scenery bits with a bit of Anime-ness. The Experimental Farm is a vast open space to experiment with crops and such. There is no way you can miss it as it covers a large portion of Ottawa.

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(Article contains 62 images. All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens)

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Canada, Ottawa – Downtown Easter Friday

Wow, such an unCanadian like day as the weather was  oddly warm and summer like. I’m not complaining as I actually enjoyed such an unusually warm weather for late March and early April. It went from being snowy, warm, cloudy, warm, cold, cloudy, rain, cloudy, sunny, cloudy, chilly, warm, windy, warmer, and then into summer in an unusually short time. People didn’t even need a sweater in this weather and to top it off buses could easily turn into a sauna.

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Figma/Grail War – Winter Malice

Thought I’d bring back the “Figma/Grail War” in another “experiment” to see if I can take this slightly further. With winter quickly turning into Spring posing figures outdoors should be much easier as fingers won’t numb out as quickly, heh. I also dislike posing figures indoors and would rather use the natural scenery outdoors then fake ones.

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Ecchi warning – Unavoidable Pantsu scenes.

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Ice’n Gundam

Hello again, and hope you guys and gals had a nice Christmas. Did any of you lurkers obtain what you desired or were you one of those in the lengthy line at the return’s counter to return stuff? ^^ I’m pleased with what I got. Currently playing Gundam Senki UC 0081 and haven’t stopped playing it ever since I got it as a gift. For those who had a good or bad day within the nation’s capital obtained some rain as an interesting gift from Mother Nature. Freezing rain/ice pellets arrived during boxing day and created a slight mess. Some people I talked to said it was similar to that Ice storm of 1998, just not as bad.

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Canada, Ottawa – Fall ’09 Image flood

Thats right, Canada Ottawa. I’m going to seperate my Figmas from my Ottawa scenery images as I noticed my Figma “first glance reviews” tend to be reviewed within an odd and incomplete manner. I may review them again in a proper manner this time around while linking back to the old ones.

I also noticed many comments, from here and on my MSN, saying how much people enjoy seeing Ottawa scenery. If you guys seem to like it that much I’ll post more of it for you guys to drool on. The below images are from beginning of September till today’s date on the article (Sunday, October 11, 2009), hope you enjoy it like you said you did ^_^.

This article is image heavy (49) – Enter at your own risk:

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Figma Halloween Lindt antics

Today I was given a nice tasty treat that was decorated a tad bit too early. How many of you tried or like Lindt chocolate? I find it to be one of the tastiest chocolate out there, along with the Pockie almonds. Also are your stores packed with early Halloween goodies, even as far back as late August? Mine has been stocked with early Halloween stuff as early as the end of August.  The Weather even felt like it at one point.

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A word of warning: If you are afraid of spiders or have some kind of fears then please look away. I have two images dealing with some medium sized spiders and don’t want to cause someone to shiver. Don’t want someone blaming me behind my pack :p.

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Art Spider – Maman

The internet is amusingly hilarious. Why? When you search for something in a quick manner you never find what you need. However, when you casually surf the net you have a 80% chance of finding things you normally would not.  Stick around as I’m also going to link you to other sites containing my content near the end as well.

(Link – [Click above image] or

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