Merry Foxy Christmas! – 2013

Merry Foxy Christmas! I have a multiple part Christmas article for you to enjoy, a bit on the NSFW side due to festivities with Vara, Renge, and Caster.

– Merry Foxy Christmas and a Happy New Year! My gorgeous foxies enjoying some Tim Horton’s donuts.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

*NSFW Warning: Just some light teases due to changing out of Santa suit and foxy playfulness. This is for the picky.

It is that fun time of the year again! Christmas! Though, I had two because of the European Sinterklaas festivities on December 5th heh. This time I’m celebrating Christmas with Vara, Renge, and Caster. Did a mixed indoors and outdoor photo-shoot to even out the mood and all.


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– Renge & Caster – After-Storm:

Had a nasty winter storm pounding Ottawa all weekend long. Lots of snow, freezing rain, and constant messiness. It was all mostly non-stop snowfall in various forms of snowfall (light and heavy) that gave us 31+ cm of snow and 1-2 cm of an ice layer from the freezing rain that smashed through Toronto. Renge and Caster however made most of the mess while I had to struggle through it.

– Renge holding onto a layer of ice from the weekend’s nasty Ice & snowstorm.
– Didn’t help that her Santa Suit kept popping her arm and head off.

As you can possibly tell, the snowfall is taller than Tama-chan by a few cm. Maybe inches. I saw Renge trying to assist Caster only to see her slip into the place I was watching them playing at….the snowball fell onto Caster thanks to a careless Renge.

A reported 31 cm of snow indeed….Also snow seems to be tricky to keep images well balanced in contrast and brightness.

– Not sure if you can tell but that went up to my knee. That’s like….40-50 cm!
– Goes without saying that the roads stayed messy until Monday, or even Tuesday.

The storm was so brutal that what was cleared once had to be cleaned again. It’s as if what was once cleaned never was in the first place. The roads that were once cleaned looked the same after the snowplow and sidewalk cleaners. The sidewalks themselves are still messy and screwed. People made their own improvised sidewalks.

Was amused when I saw a police cruiser getting blocked in from either side by a growing snow-pile from a snowplow. I’m assuming the police officer got annoyed so he reversed his cruiser with the rear end pointed towards a giant snowbank with the front pointed towards the open parking lot. I had a nice chuckle over it.

– Not really Christmas; Wanted to give her a Christmas celebration while also noting her stains from her official Caster Extra outfit.

I’ll be honest and say that I’m very disappointed in Purenemo’s attempt at a Caster Extra. Loose joints, staining, and heavy tail. I’m probably doing something stupid as well but this shouldn’t be the problem after spending $300 CAD on her. If you want to see her review from last early December then wander over here – CLICK! – if you’re that curious. She was my Sinterklaas/Christmas gift, also because GSC wouldn’t make a Figma nor nendo of her. A year later and they still haven’t.

Yes, I’m looking into getting her a proper new body with a fluffy tail. Basically playing catch-up now when compared to others who own her. Priority this year was more towards Vara so Caster was side-lined until now.


Tim Hortons Festive Fun:

Being a Canadian I get access to sharing Tim Horton’s festive fun with my lovely foxies. That lovely decorated box with slightly aged donuts. Tim Horton’s donuts are best when freshly made.

– These donuts look yummy 🙂

– Share the warmth…..

– Foxy group shot; Kon!


– Christmas Eve Foxy Fun!

It’s that time of the year! That time when one gets overly excited for Christmas and presents. Christmas is still very fun for me because of the photography and blogging side of things.  The only reason I celebrate such still is because of my interest in photography and blogging. It’s too much fun! Also especially when you’re possessed by your blog mascot of an Arctic Fox named Varakitsu.

Sadly it was freezing outside to get any proper poses done. Any wind or gusts didn’t help matters either. Well, twice as freezing when you’re trying to take images of figures, dolls, and objects. I did my best at that time to get awesome images heh.

– Vara happily assisting Caster up a slippery hill.
– Caster’s happy turn to show off some ice 🙂 (And of course Vara below)

– I’m amused how the ice is holding up both Caster and Vara. Normally they would sink up to the knees.
– Group shot! A bit forced because of Renge’s popping head issue; Vara holding up Renge and Caster on a thin layer of ice 🙂
Group shot! Also meant to show how much snow fell.
– Kon!
– Image taken on a lovely off-path trail.

…And back indoors due to how cold it was for myself and my foxies.

– Renge happily putting aside her Santa suit. Too itchy it seems.
– Instead….Renge would much prefer a happy warm-up period in her Babybel sleeping sock XD.
– Remember all the times Renge pestered Vara? She’s returning the favor :P.
– She even allows Caster to continue pestering Renge heh.

Vara casually and happily removing her Santa suit due to the puffy/bagginess of it. It pesters Vara in a similar fashion as to how it itches on Renge’s robotic body ^^;

– Foxes warming up one another heh.
– The cuddly warmth of a tail heh.
– Left Vara and the pair to warm up as I went for one final Christmas run.

A couple hours later

Christmas! Lovely Christmas gifts! Went to gift a few people along with handing them a Santa Vara card heh. Planning to belatedly send a few to three or so very helpful’ers now that I finally have the chance to do so.

What did I get? Look here, here. here, and here! Sony Headphones, Starbound, 16 gig Lexar card, and the below.

I’m glad I obtained what I did above. Some lovely socks for Canada’s brutal winter, some dust brushes for Vara’s clothing, chocolate, Santa globe for Vara, Tim’s mug, Kinderegg, and a tree container for parts. All awesome.

– Renge happily resting on a Canadian glove.

– Some foxy Tim Horton’s gift. Loved the surprise within.

– Those Canadian gloves are awesome. Vara can wear them happily heh.
– Vara found a surprise in my Tim’s mug; Kon!

– Vara learning from Renge to be more playful so she happily played with a Christmas bag; Kon!
– Kon!

That last shot was a pain in the rear to take, though enjoyable. Too much tipping and falling. Was a nice festive Christmas that turned around to be an nice one in the end. No lights or anything like that, but still fun. Had to mark Christmas some how 🙂

Missing Tsugaru and other Shinkis because of a twisted situation that wouldn’t allow group shots. Hopefully 2014 will have a better Christmas period for a group shot. Looking forward to what happens in 2014 as well.

Bonus – PSO2 JP Christmas:

And I shall leave you on a PSo2 note of Christmas. I had Vara in PSO2 obtain a lovely Santa suit heh. Vara in here being the same Vara you now see on my blog and in Dollfie form, but in PSO2 form. Renge is even in there, sadly not able to wander with you in lobbies.

I also like to apologies for any unloaded characters in group shots. Computer gets very picky and all that lovely technical jazz. Even in games I’m not one for groups; Quality over quantity type thing.

– Wandered into my Team Room’s Christmas party. I lurked for awhile before speaking up. Loads of silliness to be had.

– A lovely group shot on the bridge; Sadly my connection or something wasn’t keeping up so some unloaded characters :(.


– Loves and kisses to all those that love Vara and have been following my blog happily 🙂

– Loosely hanging out with fellow kemonomimi characters (Holo to right); unintentional pantsuless upskirtness to left.

– Tech (from admiring Vara’s lovely rear end XD.
– A unique way to whistle your innocence.
– I’m amused by the festive white pantsu with red dots. Normally they would be hidden heh.

– Vara relaxing happily with a photoshoot behind her.

– Tech & Vara……. Right side looks lonely; Imagine Naito to the right.
– Merry Foxy Christmas!

(I feel guilty for not playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf for how annoyingly tedious it tends to get. I think I’ll have to break my standards to time-machine back to December 5th and 24th…Minecraft suffered to obtain my attention as well due to festivities and Vara’s possession over me.)


Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed these images and a festive Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!