Vancouver 2022 Summer Trip – Day 13

– New Day, new adventure. Skytrain my way to a desired location.

This blog posting covers the whole day of July 27th, 2022. Today’s destination being the Japanese location constantly popping up on my Google Maps as a major point of interest – Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre. This location constantly made itself known to me days prior by constantly appearing next to Japanese restaurants and points of interests.

If I’m not allowed in Japan the next best thing is to find Japanese locations in Vancouver. Mission accomplished. Even if people shun me, or similar, I still want to stay true to who I am. Anime is what saved me from ending my life, from Ottawa’s harassment, and kept me happy in various ways, even if it doesn’t appear that way. It made me see something on a higher level than I otherwise would have in an area of lacking motivation, creativity, and entertainment. Everything relating to Anime, games, and manga always intellectually reach higher, even if people don’t see it that way. It’s always asking philosophical questions, ones older original Star Trek used to question before it was hijacked by politically corrupted morons, hence why they hate anime. And others simply see Anime as ‘Hentai” and lewd, something they themselves need to see in a more intellectual manner. Anime allowed me to see things on a higher creative level, more expressive, more free, and far reaching. I may be viewed as a negative meaning “weeaboo”, at least I try to be honest with what I admire.

At least I’m alive, at least I’m exploring, and at least I’m doing what I want to do.

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Off on another adventure we go! Japan focus first, Canadian focus after.

– Making my way towards the Nikkei Museum while stumbling across an interesting pedestrian crossing.

I wish Vancouver wasn’t in the brutal heatwave. It was a chore walking up hill having to take breaks in the shade every so often as I sweated here and there. I suffered in the heat (as the day previous) struggling to make my way to the Nikkei Museum under the beating hot sun and awkward pathfinding to the location. Once I arrived it was glorious.

– Lovely elegant and simplified Japanese garden
– Nikkei Museum & Cultural Centre. I wish there was more to this place sharing more of Japan’s tradition and history. Also, accidental self photobomb. Whoops!
– Admiring the Japanese garden, waterfall, and the serenity of it all. Minus, the nearby loud trucks.
– Video – Lovely Japanese garden & Pond. Sadly, next to loud traffic.
– Renge once again reuniting with her Japanese culture.
– Waterfall focus.

To my confusion I was wondering where the guy who was sitting on a nearby bench got his green tea drink from. Baffled, I assumed he purchased it from a few blocks down, or something. I would eventually clue back in the place I placed on my checklist was from ‘Suzuya Grocer’, it was hiding in the side. It was out of side preventing me from seeing it clearly, hiding behind a Japanese garden on top of that. I would discover this later.

I eventually made my way into the Nikkei Japanese Museum to see what it had to offer, and why it stood so loudly and “in my face” on the Google maps landmarks & pins.

– Capturing the area in its most quiet, I assume.
– Making note of things written down, and how Japanese were treated like trash by the Canadian government. Taiko drumming being one of the more positive signs noted.
– Various Japanese camps.

The “funny” thing is how the current government is still abusive to people. We may naively assume the Canadian government has learned, progressed, and made progress, it sadly hasn’t. Viewing the frustration of Canadians during the 2019-2022 timeframe (maybe into 2023 also) you can see how Trudeau as destroyed Canada, gaslighted honest Canadians, and supported villainous groups around Canada. The fake Trans people, the overly destructive BLM group destroying property and buying houses, and other groups false flagging other groups to appear villainous. The way I saw Japanese treated in WW2 is the same how Canadians are being treated by their own government in 2022.

People even naively allow it; Falsely viewing the ‘Freedom Convoy’ as a terrorist group only because Trudeau and the media say so. Funny thing is, numerous nations around the world protested against the same reasons, even Italy months prior with Canadians stealing Italy’s thunder. Almost every European nation had a trucker’s protest, even various Asian nations, Australia, New Zealand, and etc, but the media doesn’t want you to know that. ALl truckers are terrorists, the media said that. Even so, the actions of these truckers and protests freed up every other nation except Japan & Canada. It took Japan a little while longer to relax, and two weather-related distasters to cause Canada to loosen up it’s Draconian Covid Nonsense. First one was truckers protesting in almost every province of Canada, the 1.5 being the brutal windstorm near Tornado status in Ottawa (Newscasters whined why Truckers never provided ice to Ottawa in June of 2022). The actual second weather related happening being the Nova Scotia hurricane causing wide-spread damages forcing Trudeau to finally scrap the ArriveCan app properly allowing the Americans to help the Canadians. It took a god damn hurricane to get Dictator Trudeau to loosen up draconian laws in Canada. Truckers and a hurricane. Brilliant…………

Canadians were losing their jobs, losing their housing, losing their way of life, yet were treated as terrorists. Doctors and nurses fleeing to USA, and other nations….. Hospitals over-run, yet alienation was still high. Funny, the Japanese experienced the very same treatment, even losing their property and their dignity in the process.

The constant gaslighting of “but you’re still allowed to….”, or “just get vaccinated” is genuinely a form of harassment and voiding your human dignity. If it was for your health and safety, sure. It’s not even that. People fail to realize the ‘Salami slicing’ tactics of history. Basically the whole “you give them an inch, they take a mile”. People are too stupid to realize this. Japanese learned this the hard way.

After saying this I genuinely wonder how many Japanese hate me. I’m not trying to idolize them, even if it may appear to be such. I’m just trying to find my way out of a paper bag thanks to how stupid Canadian politics has become, both past and present. I’ve said numerous things which may be considered and viewed as taboo over in Japan. Who knows. I do genuinely wonder how many Japanese folks I have genuinely peeved off. Discounting the fake Japanese who have become morally corrupted, such as the ‘league of Feminist’ ruining Japan standards in Japan, and etc.


How about the time my fellow Canadians and Americans continuously attack Japanese artists, especially PIXIV ones for drawing SFW and NSFW art. The art style doesn’t matter, it’s all offensive to North America, yet Japan loves drawing freely. Even Chinese and Koreans are harassed on an artistic cancel culture level, almost on the daily, by Twitter users and social justice folks.

Once people cancel the Freedom Convoy we’re basically doing to ourselves what we had done to the Japanese back in WW2. Giving up our own housing, our own freedom and dignity, or own humanity. Even our housing and jobs…. People fled to USA (from Ontario, and Canada), especially in the medical field thanks to Trudeau’s draconian nonsense.

It took the Freedom Convoy to relax various mandates in Canada (especially the world) to get ourselves back on our feet. It took Canada until the Halifax Hurricane disaster in 2022 to get back onto our feet. Sadly, Ottawa hasn’t learned when it comes to truckers, nor will it get any ice for its June 2022 downburst disaster for berating and disrespecting truckers.

Like Canadians told Japanese they’re a pile of trash in WW2, the Canadian citizens are now experiencing this same dilemma in 2019-2022+. This is their learning experience to see how smart Canadians really are.

– Hey, look! A protest in Ottawa relating to Japanese citizens. 1 year after I was born there was a Japanese Redress Agreement Rally.

Canadians are painfully naïve, they have a lot to learn. (I myself admit I’m also naive, still learning the ways of the world as it constantly changes tunes with each passing generation). More so when they treat the ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy’ as an alleged “terrorist group”, and when people pretend they’re “Trans” for clout purposes. It’s no wonder Canadians are treated so poorly, constantly laughed at, and rarely appear in video games, media, and other forms of media. Ottawa is a laughing stock for these very naive reasons, Vancouver following in this laughing moment.

“HAHA!, you’re so fake!” – World

People are laughing more and more at how Canadians are dropping their pants allowing others to openly laugh at us Canadians. I’m glad and thankful there are groups telling Canadians to pull their pants back up to regain their humanity and dignity back. I’m glad there are Canadians out there (such as the ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy’) keeping Canada the way it should be. Sadly, British Columbia is painfully corrupted with its pants down, even painted on the streets for further embarrassment.

(Look at the recent snowstorm of 2022 in December stalling and shutting down various parts of Vancouver and the surrounding area. Yes, “they’re not used to it”, they are still a part of Canada. You need to have a back-up plan, etc. Many residents were livid sidewalks were not cleaned, etc. The fault also goes to the residents for not heeding warnings and forecasts. Too many political hipsters in Vancouver and British Columbia.)

– Making note of various Japanese interned in various camps. How some were allowed to work in Canadian farms, then released back into public.

I know Canada isn’t perfect, it is however my home. I was born in Ottawa, I admire Canadian, Slovakian, and especially the Japanese culture after I had admired my family’s side of Slovakia with their culture and history. I’ve seen both Japan and Slovakia are facepalming at everything Canadians do, I however do admire the scenery, even the few times people of Canada are smart. I admire Canadian achievements relating to their World War 2 naval accomplishments, their WW2 history, the general achievements in aviation, and Beaver Tails; The various access to foreign foods, various treats, and access to various items and activities. I do admire Canada, it however is more on a scenic level with how much people have mistreated me in Canada. I do have friends, I do have a few buddies, just nothing that really goes into “deep friend” stuff. People forgot what friendship means, or use work as an excuse to not keep in touch.

In my attempt to flee politics I still get dragged back in thanks to how major it is. I just can’t flee Canada’s ailments. It’s everywhere. I’m aware I’m supposed to be happy on my trip, and I was. There are things you simply can’t avoid causing others to view me as “rambling” on my blog. It’s unavoidable.

On a more neutral note – Relating to Nikkei Centre – I was expecting a wider range of displays. More things to view, more things to interact with. I say that with how this POI beaconed to me on Google Maps to visit it. “Come here! Come here! I’m Japanese! Come here and visit me!”, hence, I visited this place.

I even nodded to a Japanese fellow leaving the place getting an “maido” response.

A greeting that can be used throughout the day is “Maido”.Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening are all greetings that can be said with one word: “Maido“. It doesn’t matter if you are talking to a superior or a friend. Of course, there is no need to worry about the time. (Sourced from Google).

Basically a general greeting. I know it’s simple, I learned something new. Neat. I probably should have spoken to this guy more, yet was in my own fatigued mood. I was exhausted from the heat not being able to focus properly.

– After purchasing a few Hello Kitty gifts and just taking things in I eventually discovered Suzuya was staring me in the face!

When I think Suzuya I think of Suzuya, the Japanese WW2 Warship. Mainly the Suzuya from Kantai Collection, a Japanese web game I sadly had to stop playing for how salty it became. Basically “too stressful”.

– Suzuya from Kantai Collection based on the WW2 Japanese vessel of the same name. Also appeared in VRChat in her ship form. Her [Azur Lane Appearance can be found here].

Suzuya was a place I had originally placed on my checklist of places to visit so I feel stupid having forgotten about it. It was one of my main places to visit. I discovered this when checking Google Maps to see what other Japanese POI were in the area. The guy drinking the green tea made more sense after realizing my embarrassing error.

Looking at the above image you can clearly see why I missed it at a glance. It’s hidden behind its own garden!

– Even seeing these signs! How am I this oblivious. I blame the heatwave during the time.
– This is something I need to experience properly. I went to a Japanese festival in Ottawa during the winter needing to do so again now that I’m more focused on it. Any. Ottawa, Vancouver…. The best would be from the source, Japan.
– WOOO!~ I found Suzuya!~
– Yeah, it’s a shame Canada loves doing this, even to your average citizen. There are those in Canada who have been brainwashed to eat their own citizens, quite an embarassment. r/Ottawa especially, and those in Ottawa, Toronto, British Columbia, and Trudeau. The media also parroting this nasty nonsense from WW2 into 2019-2022+. When you berate truckers and those who support hard working Canadians then you know you’re diseased. It’s why those in the medical field fled into USA. No joke.
– At least I had my zen moment amongst the Japanese garden. I hung around this area for a few hours taking it all in not knowing when I’ll be back.
– I asked permission to take a picture, was given permission happily taking a few pictures. I’m thankful for having a good experience. I genuinely want to come back so I can have more Japanese treats. The pudding was awesome! I want more Japanese pudding, as seen in Anime numerous times. I still need to try Japanese Pan bread. I saw it, sadly never picked it up.

If I’m allowed to come back to Vancouver, or even allowed into Japan, I’ll happily revisit these grocers for treats I haven’t yet enjoyed. I want to genuinely come back to Suzuya to experiment more.

I do apologize for my various frustrations, that is what happens when you’re constantly denied things. I’m genuinely happy to have access to purchase from these Japanese stores. It feels great. For being unable to visit Japan genuinely makes me happy to be able to at least have a taste of it in both Ottawa, and more so in Vancouver.

– As noted, I hung around this area for a lengthy period of time relaxing in the park. Hours. I enjoyed the pudding (having had to go back for the spoon), enjoyed a bit of Konpeito, Pokemon treats, and even the expired drink. The Hello Kitty was given to my friend’s precious partner. I sadly have no memory of the bread. I need to eat more Japanese bread. I still have the Konpeito treats, even into October 19th, 2022. My local ‘Hungy Ninja’s’ snack place began stocking it.
– Kobato Anime was the one that got me into Konpeito. It was part of memories, spirits, or something to do with souls.
– Renge hyping up the pudding.

After snacking for awhile I tried figuring out where to go next. I had a few places planned out, nothing concrete. I wanted to double back to visit the ‘Samson V’ paddle boat museum. It’s still on my list, sadly having to wait for when I eventually and hopefully return to Vancouver.

– Heading back to the Skytrain feeling sad I had to leave the Japanese area. It felt like I partially overstayed my welcome.
– Walking quickly in the sun while walking slowly in the shade.
– Venturing in familiar areas in downtown Vancouver.
– Obtaining another scenic shot of Vancouver’s Harbour Air scenery.
– Following the waterline of Vancouver. Going down familiar pathways.
– Something Vancouver has that Ottawa doesn’t are these decorative sewer plates. Nice! Sadly, not painted. Still neat.

I was thirsty needing a place to rest. I picked a Japanese location (run by Chinese) desiring to both eat and drink water. Mainly for water, I was genuinely thirsty. I’m well aware I was in an awkward situation, I however needed water painfully badly. With no water bottle refuel stations I resorted to eating at an overly expensive restaurant. Drastic situations call for drastic measures. I even followed up on a game I was desiring to purchase while waiting. It refused to work on my Steam Deck until later with a controller fix. That would be later.

– I was looked at and question weirdly for desiring hot food on a hot day. I desired something else obtaining something I wasn’t expecting.

I was conversing with my friend via Discord (who was sick at the time) wondering if he would make it downtown. I ventured downtown to meet up with him, he wasn’t sure. He was shivering, sneezing; Feeling like trash. He appeared to have what I had before my flight noting how he would take the Skytrain to meet me. I was happy. I was gradually going to make my way to his area of interest.

I couldn’t stop being questioned about why I was eating hot food on a hot day. I made a mistake, alright? I was thirsty, I wanted water. It’s also noted it’s good to eat hot food on a hot day, or so noted by various health tip sites, or so. That was my main concern. Water! Mizu! I needed water. Water is surprisingly hard to come by, especially when using Google maps. I was surprised by how hard it was to get water in Vancouver…… Knowing you get free water at restaurants with food I needed water, thus I went there. As for the food choices I genuinely screwed up expecting a noodle or rice dish on plate, not a hot pot. I wasn’t expecting to cook my own food.

As I’ve said, the heat screwed my mind up. Mizu! I need mizu! Thirsty………

– Sushi and hot pot. This was expensive, I however needed water and I only live once. I’m even hungry looking at this.

My friend told me to hurry up to catch some plane act happening soon. I quickly finished up, made my way back through a funky pedestrian crossing, even following the water line to where I assumed I should be. I assumed I was late expecting a one time pass, this however lasted 30 min! This is FAR better than Ottawa. This is far more rewarding than Ottawa. This is making me dislike Ottawa that much more for how much it had punished me hehehe. Woosh!~

CF Snowbirds – Celebration of Light:

– Beautiful.
– Holy crap! I actually caught them! Nice!
– Being around buildings didn’t help me capture them. I however caught one in this frame!
– Admiring the gardens, nature, and greenery. I always love admiring this, specially over faux-politics.
– Wooosh! There they go! 30 minutes entertainment. I loved it!
– Admiring the beauty while now Google Mapping up public toilets. I had to go take a dump.
– Left over smoke from the performance. Even this display is amazing. Psssst~ Don’t let the politically corrupt see this, they’ll find a reason to find it transpobic, Alt-Right, or whatever. 😉

CF Snowbirds video:

– Such beauty! I genuinely love this. It’s a shame this is wasted on certain types of hipsters.
– I’m just in ‘awe’. This is so much better in person. This is amazing!
– Oh? Nice. I recall it even pooped. Awkward.
– For the right camera this is artistic. For the awkwardness the bird pooped around the time I captured this image. Awkward.

Walking almost parallel to what appeared to be an Asian in a black outfit as we both went in the same direction aiming for similar areas. Me, the toilet. Him? A bench in the nearby area. I finally made it, releasing my discomfort into a proper area closer towards Stanley Park. Relieved, I made my way back to get told my friend would try to meet me at the meeting spot.

Moments later, my friend dropped a horrible bomb shell telling me he was unable to go. Shivering, sweating, and feeling unwell. I was on my own being left to decide if I stay for the show, or if I go back to base. I decided to stay seeing as how I was in the area. I felt unsafe, out of my element and comfort zone. I still adventured on.

– Capturing a very Vancouver scenery of the science and a “round-about” point of interest, as noted by Google Maps. I waited patiently for a family to do their thing then wander off.
– Welcome to Vancouver!
– What appears to be a Christmas Tree left there for the season. A reason was given, I however forgotten over time.
– Hard to see the various worms/caterpillars hanging from strings. May have to full screen and zoom in until you find some hanging.

The further I traveled the worse the news was regarding my friend. Nothing major, just that he wasn’t able to make it downtown leaving me hanging. I can’t blame him, just saddened we couldn’t enjoy this together. I only pestered my friend as a joke (teasing) while he felt worse and worse.

– Various Police and ambulance standing by.

I would later figure out how Vancouver planned to disperse people regarding transportation after the event. So, what am I going for?

Celebration of Light – Canada Edition:

While trying to find my area to sit I constantly kept in contact with my friend seeing what’s up. He later passed out. I also tried documenting the scale of the festival, how many people, what sort of people. Even how security kept warning people to stay out of the water, even becoming frustrated their warnings weren’t being acknowledged. Many females in swimsuits displaying their ass for the world to see hoping they could go for a dip in the water. The patrols constantly verbally warning people to leave the water for them to return into the water shortly after.

– Coming up on the viewing area having my doubts, especially on safety. This is WAY out of my comfort zone.
– Around the area I would be watching the fireworks. All those boats behind the sun glare. The girl on the left was also there the whole time, alone. She was also attempted to be flirted with by a creeper guy. I witnessed it all, sadly piecing it together during and after the fact, not before.
– Trying to make note of the scale of the festival.
– Red Bull plane flying about.

While keeping in contact with my friend over Discord I swear I heard a girl shout – “Nice shirt! I like your shirt!” – making me sad I failed to respond in time. I heard it, registered moments later. The moment came and went. My mind puts things in a queue before I acknowledge something. I want to thank this girl for acknowledging my shirt! Thank you! That is, if she said it to me. Maybe it was to someone else and I’m just, once again, simply being awkward.

It’s a Canada shirt. I even wore the same shirt to the Japanese museum earlier today. Never did really realize how coincidental and well timed it all was, or maybe I knew and simply forgotten.

– Red Bull plane buzzing about for a while until sunset told it to land.
– Barge and plane.
– Bzzz Bzzzzz
– Capturing both the Red Bull and a very alleged Vancouver thing to do of baring a female buttock to the world. Where’s female Waldo? You find out.
– Various serious people sitting in various serious ways in very serious chairs and equipment for a very serious fireworks event.
– Looks like I’m commited to this fireworks show now. Charging my phone via the power bank, playing Azur lane, and even seeing the girl on the left on her lonesome. Even being hit on by a creeper at times.
– All those very Vancouver boats, something I hope I never forget.
– More of Vancouver’s scenic mood.
– The girl on the left still on her own (through the whole thing). People were still coming, even up to the last minute. I’m amazed by how dedicated people were for the Canada event. It goes without saying, yet still surprised.

I would love to see this same level of dedication to supporting the ‘Canada Freedom Convoy’. I mean, we do have that support, but out in the open again, especially how it was around the world and in every Canadian city (almost). I’m well aware hipsters were crying their eyes out wanting to be brutally molested by the Canadian Government the way Japanese citizens were back in WW2. I’m aware people in the faux-political line are a bunch of masochists, it however would be nice to see things restored with proper humanity and dignity, even if it’s an illusion back in 1990’s era. People wishing for the “good times”, when things weren’t so “spoiled” and “pampered”. Just seemingly more “normal”.

I genuinely love Vancouver and British Columbia when it comes to actual nature and culture. Once valley girls and politics get into the mix I simply hate it, hence my constant frustration. I hate plastic people and behaviours so much. It gets under my skin.

I’m here for the fireworks so that is what I shall focus on.

– This final cloud formation appeared (to me) as a Maple Leaf. Very appropriate for the Canadian theme.
– “The Calm before the storm”
– As noted previously, there’s no backing out now. Now more than ever there’s no backing out now. I’m committed. I can’t leave, even if I wanted to.

“The Fireworks” – Festival of Light – Canada Edition:

After much waiting, it’s finally time to watch the fireworks! If, without my friend. I had to watch this without my friend with how sick he was. Shivering, sniffling, fatigued. Cursing how I may have brought it from Ottawa, and how other people will get sick and vice-versa. Constant frustrations, yet rewarding once you see how awesome the fireworks are, among other beauties from Vancouver scenery.

– Video – Festival of Light (Canada edition) – A small taste of the fireworks with the main event to be posted on Youtube at a later period (bonus blog posting)

Was a great 30 minute show. Loved it. Everybody cheered, the fireworks were awesome. From my bias everything seems to be better in Vancouver than it is in Ottawa. Granted, I have missed out on many local fireworks thanks to work and people ghosting me for stupid reasons. With this having been noted and enjoyed, onwards to the trip back to base.

My phone nearly capped out with space from everything that had occurred. It needed a major cleaning, space wise.

Goes without saying that Vancouver is a giant city with many MANY people. Just making your way from one place to another is brutal. Even though I knew, and was paranoid of safety, I still managed my way around. People in their cars were trapped in their neighborhoods. Some even honking on more active roadways. People in vehicles were frustrated by those walking. And I do mean FRUSTRATED. Livid.

– The after event sure was maddening. People everywhere, and safety was in question. I wasn’t sure how safe Vancouver was making me worry for my phone, wallet, and my power bank. I don’t know how Vancouver ticks. This is painfully out of my comfort zone.
– Every street was filled with people. Insane amounts. When I see the banners above (either corner of photo) I sadly get depressed seeing Canada believes in fake political nonsense. How depressing and embarrassing. Yup, this is why Canadians are always laughed at. Vancouver is gorgeous, it’s sadly wasted on the wrong group of people seeking things for clout, not for themselves. They’re not even true Trans people.

There were insane amounts of people with even on actual functioning roads you had people in vehicles blasting their horn at the swarms of people. Both in the zone and outside of it, people in cars were trapped. They were unable to go anywhere swarmed by insane amounts of people. Honking, cursing. People in cars were trapped.

To ease up on the foot traffic you had people walking through “slow-down” areas, even separating and “thinning the herd” tactics.

– Upon reaching a Skytrain station you’re greeted by these fences to delay people from getting onto the Skytrain.
– The lineups were insane.
– Tons of people.
– It almost never ends.

I now, belatedly realized one of these touchy woman could have harassed me for “sexual harassment” for simply documenting the crazy foot traffic of Vancouver after an event. I’m so thankful Vancouver behaved itself with how politically corrupted that city is known for being. Thank you for behaving yourself! Thank you for letting me do what I needed to do. 🙂

– Being guided by various forms of security wanting no part of our nonsense, not even tourists such as myself.

I reached the necessary Skytrain to reach Waterfront using the ‘Canada Line’. I had to take the ‘Expo Line’ back to my destination, annoyingly surrounded by many people. I sat next to a window, almost out of the way. I’m thankful I was able to hear younger Japanese girls speaking next to me casually in Japanese. I tried testing out my Japanese seeing what I could understand while following the LRT line on Google Maps. In boredom I would occasionally, yet accidentally look around at various people, especially Japanese girls, one of which I’m afraid I may have creeped out near Surrey. She went behind me, and out the door there at a stop in the Surrey area. I’m now aware Surrey has a Japanese population (in some capacity) making me happy, yet saddened I’m still disconnected from Japan, or anything Japanese related. No event, archery, or Japan location based. I guess I’ll simply creep out the girls. Shame.

I’m still depressed over the fact my past Dutch gaming friends threw me under the bus to go faux-political (hate campaigns canceling Pixiv artists, etc) while boasting how they made it to Japan, or desire to, without me. The other Dutch person simply threw me under the bus in 2017 causing me to emotionally break down. Tons of betrayels while all favouring Japan. Everything was done to shun me, yet I found my own way to Japan, at least ‘Proxy Japan’. I found my way to Nitobe, various gardens, various restaurants, and even Nikkei. Introduced to real Japanese chefs (if ignored), and even happily overhearing Japanese girls on Vancouver streets and Skytrain, if maybe accidentally viewed as a creeper. I’m happy I even experienced the TRUE Vancouver and Canada experience without too much faux-political nonsense. As much as I do vent, I do admire my time in Vancouver wishing I could go back. I went there to connect with more Canadian and Japanese culture, to flee my work, and to simply reconnect with myself; Regain my lost mind and sanity. I seek zen, something I’m intentionally being denied.

Not to be creepy, I’m just highly peeved I’m not allowed in Japan. Once I obtain my passport (if I do) I’m going there first thing, if allowed. There are many things I’m not allowed to do in Canada. Now that Japan’s boarders are open I’m going first thing, hopefully during Sakura season, or easy season. If I’m not allowed to move to Vancouver I’ll instead aim straight for Japan.