Farewell Battle Rondo & Diorama Studio – DS P7

Hello! Sad to say, but both Battle Rondo and Diorama Studio has just been terminated today – October 31st, 2011 Japan time – by Konami Japan. Konami wanted to originally terminate the MMO’s service on August 31st but for some reason or another it was prolonged till Halloween day. That was a blessing! Grateful for that!

However, I only managed to get up to 7 parts, with this being the 7th  Diorama Studio article. Rondo half will be after Halloween!

*Offers a box of tissue to those saddened by this news.*

(Link – MySite)

(All images taken from the now extinct Busou Shinki – Battle Rondo & Diorama Studio by Konami.)

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Busou Shinki – Battle Masters Mk. II (PSP)

Hello fellow Masters! It’s about time for another review. What is it? Battle Masters Mark two! That’s right, Mk. II. The sequel to Battle Masters for the Japanese audience on the PSP. Various tournament filled with highly intelligent and customizable 15 cm tall battle robots!

(Link – MySite) – Game, Coupon, Rage sticker advert, and my Fubuki!

Note: Sorry, but I don’t have the bundle because it was too costly for me. If you want to gift me one so I can review that then feel free to do so! But ya, I have this very strong doubt you’ll ever do that so……hell would have to freeze over first……moving on! Let us enjoy this lovely game instead! Kon!

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

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Diorama Studio – Shinki Photoshoot P2

Hello fellow Shinki fans! I really did neglect the digital version of my Shinkis, and what a time to be playing around with the program (summer instead of winter). If anything, I’m a bit forced in creating images as quickly as possible before both Battle Rondo and Diorama Studio get pulled by Konami on August 31st, 2011 (Old news by now). Shall we see how many parts I end up doing?

(Link – MySite) – Renge’s battle entrance pose during sunset/sunrise (your choice).

(All images taken within Konami’s Battle Rondo – Diorama Studio MMO game.)

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Gran Turismo 5 – Review & Photoshoot.

Hello again!
I wanted to share Gran Turismo 5 with you this time just because I like this kind of game, and the previous versions. It’s a tad bit late, but probably still a good time to personally review it now that I got a PS3 that can play this lovely game! First PS3 yellow lighted on me – 60 gig PS3 (2006/7-2010?). The game also released some times around December and received around 6 big patches, which could be considered DLC.

(Link – MySite) – Welcome! Your Maserati in Kyoto!

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IL-2 1946 Sturmovik & J7W1 Shinden

I just feel like flying for these past few days and weeks that I picked up IL-2 1946 Sturmovik. I obtained IL-2 from Steam for just $10 CAD (Canadian), and been wanting to play it for the past 2-3 years. I’m also pretty sure that the majority of people already have this within their possession. I’ve been holding off  on this because of Flight Sim X, Figma’s, Shinki’s, life, and because I couldn’t find the hard-copy. Also, this article isn’t purely aimed at the IL-2 1946 game, but the the J7W1 Shinden itself. I wanted to focus on the Shinden.

I have to thank Kodama within the IL-2 modding community for this gorgeous plane!

(Link – MySite)

(All images taken in IL-2 1946 Sturmovik + HSFX Mod + J7W1 Shinden.)

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Battle Rondo – Tsugaru – Type Santa Claus

I activated Tsugaru on April 30th and thought I’d try and review her Battle Rondo side. I gave her some attention in Diorama studio, but couldn’t in Rondo due to her being added in Battle Rondo. She’s a lovely, jolly, and adorable girl. Her cuteness even rivals that of Renge and Kohiru! And because she wasn’t around when I reviewed her figure she gets her own little article in her Battle Rondo form.

(Link – MySite) – Tsugaru using Renge’s body.

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Minecraft – Arctic Kitsune’s realm.

Ah, never thought I’d show Minecraft on my blog. However, this game is brutally addicting and it deserves some form of respect from me so I shall give it a swift spotlight before switching back to Anime related material. Survive with a cube-e-cube world.

(Link – MySite) – My mini-village on my private server.

(Note: Pardon the already known information, simply “reviewing” Minecraft while inserting my images and video embeds. This article also wanted to be seen because it didn’t want to wait till the 19th of May, the time I told it to get posted.)

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Battle Rondo – Nostalgia Time-Capsule

Let’s Battle! I shall be upping more images to show more from the Battle Rondo because I just wanted to share some Rondo images with you guys & gals. They contain some memories that I want to remember everytime I visit back to my own blog for nostalgia purposes. Also, to check how far I progress with my Shinkist. So far, I’ve been having fun trying to raise my crazy little desktop battle-bots with their various amusing expressions.

(Link – MySite) – Benio testing Tsugaru’s rifles.

(All images taken from Konami’s Battle Rondo MMO.)

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Battle Rondo – Kohiru – Chopsticks

Victory! After a lengthy time of being stuck in Diorama Studio, she finally made it into Battle Rondo. Kohiru’s wave sister Merienda (spoon) also made it in. Also, BrigthFeather (nurse) and HarmonyGrace (Nun) accompanied the food cutlery in this update. With this, Battle Rondo had a necessary update on March 30th inserting older Shinki’s due to fans requesting their older Shinki’s into the MMO.

(Link – MySite) – Shinki Kohiru

(All images taken from Battle Rondo.)

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Pokemon White Bundle (DS)

Ah, Pokemon! The good old days as a kid playing Pokemon Red & Blue on the original Gameboy before the Gameboy got looted from me at school. I acquired the Pokemon White bundle due to nostalgia and because a few people I know used to, or still do play Pokemon. Makes a nice themed purchase for my Arctic Fox persona, with it being white and all. It was also a nice gift to myself on my special month – Epic March!

(Link – MySite) – Pokemon White Bundle

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens over multiple days.)

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Flight Sim X – Shinden Flight 5

Welcome back! This time I shall be sharing some test flight images of freeware add-on planes and various scenic images of Japan. And of course the infamous Shinden plane! Since I can’t travel to the real Japan, this FSX version should do for now.

(Link – MySite) – Messerschmitt Bf 110E with Mt. Fuji in the background.

(Pardon the image quality. Not true game quality as this game is a real resource hog.)

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