Vancouver 2022 Summer Trip – Day 14

– Leaving off for Cultus Lake camping. (His Dominion shall be from sea to sea).

This blog posting covers the whole day of July 28th, 2022. We’re nearly ending the time of my trip, but not without a few more dramatic fun, amusements, and a camping trip to be had. Spent most of the 28th complaining about my foot pain, feeling like crap, talking to myself, getting made fun of by my friend for talking to myself, and just backing up my videos onto a hosting site to allow room for future images and videos on my devices. My friend was unsure if we were going camping or not relatign to his health. We eventually got the go ahead heading off to Cultus lake.

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– Love the view of Mount Baker. Some of the finest views.
– I just love viewing Mount Baker.
– Beautiful. Can’t get enough of Mount Baker
– Cruising to our destination.
– Capturing all the lovely views.
– Nice farming land. The mountains give it a faint European touch. Just faintly.
– Barely managing to capture this castle funhouse attraction in a little farming town.
– Lovely Chevies. Sadly, in rough state. At least they still exist.
– Arriving at Cultus Lake.
– Checking out a stream next to our campsite.
– Rabbit!
– And nobody can’t say I need to touch grass. I touched all the grass you could possibly imagine. I’ve been through mountains, through lakes, etc. Even now having camping experience.
– More information regarding the area.
– Seeing this in person was awesome. After having seen it on Google maps, seeing it in person was awesome.

I stupidly slammed my sweater and my camera on the ground. Shame. Shows how exhausted I was from wall the exploring, traveling, and other stuff.

– Wide-view of Cultus Lake.
– Various streams, mini-dams, and walkways. Quite a neat remote touch.
– Camping out.
– BBQ’ing up some lovely Salmon, sausages, scam-beef, and all sorts of stuff.
– Enjoying me some lovely sausages.
– That is genuinely beautiful.
– Renge among some ‘scam-beef’ from T&T Supermarket while waiting on other food to cook.

Why scam-beef? The portion visible in the display window is what you see in the above image. The rest of the stick contained nothing. Maybe we should have added more veggies, etc. It’s one of those cases of false-advertising, hence ‘scam-beef’.

– I had fun camping, being part of the experience, and snacking away. Even having lovely beer to admire. I’m glad I could “mostly” let loose.
– I’m even happy I managed to acquire some nice fond memories of Renge, and even in decent sharable quality as well.
– Rest of the BBQ stuff getting done. Shame I forgot what it all tastes like now. Only my past self shall recall the flavour.
– Marshmellows! WOOOOO!~ I should have had smores. I’m such an idiot…….
– I’m however happy I have lovely Renge moments.

LittleVMills Twitter Betrayel:

I’ve done something stupid I shouldn’t have had done, and same with LittleVMills. I blame it fully on LittleVMills for going with a false narrative on Twitter causing me to attack him in return, especially after having a few beers myself. I saw him venting about how stupid Canadian truckers are, how useless retail workers are, and how everybody is allegedly a troll while he can’t take criticism for his corrupted actions. Constantly whining and moaning about his commentors leaving alleged “troll comments” in his Youtube videos. Twat. I get it, his family passed away, as had mine in 2015, 2017, and 2020; Sparky (dog; Shitzu mix), my mother, and my father. I know how much it hurts, the pain you go through, how disorienting everything is. I’m well aware of the troubles you have to go to in tying loose ends. Sure, he makes musical covers, and he is idiotic when it comes to memes. After his family death he became a moron with many screws loose hating hard working Canadians. I had to unfollow him on Twitter, ignore his Youtube nonsense. I need my own bubble, as others keep boasting about doing on Twitter to be more positive.

As a hard working Canadian myself I hate his vulgar comments (even relating to his idiotic truckers comment), having had to be forced to unfollow that corrupted and tainted moron. So slimy…. Gross. Painfully gross. I propped him up for being a fellow Canadian, he however is just as corrupt as any other liberal moron wanting to destroy this country inside and out, especially throwing hard working Canadians under a bus. Twat.

I shouldn’t have been on Twitter that night, my friend can strongly agree with that. He chewed me out on the following weekend when I angrily snapped back at LittleVMills. Maybe coincidental, maybe proper. I shouldn’t have been on Twitter, nor should LittleVMills be as retarded as he is. Everything is always allegedly my fault in life, and that’s the way it goes, I guess. I wish I could have been friends with LittleVMills, but after seeing him lose his way, humanity, and dignity it’s time to part ways.

Maybe he can snap back to reality, just as much as I had been touching grass through my whole time in British Columbia exploring various mountains, scenery, plane spotting, etc.

– Video – Enjoying a lovely campfire in slow-motion.
– Video – Slow-motion campfire.
– Video – Coloured fire.
– Video – Coloured fire.
– Video – Slow motion fire.

We had fun plane spotting a bit while we could using Flightradar24, even noting how late Flair Airlines was with its Ottawa to Vancouver flight

Tent set up. Sadly, no images of our tent set-up. We regretted not taking various images, videos, or various set-ups for images relating to the tent itself. I’m thankful I went camping, had more camping experience, more rural experiences. Hearing the various avian wildlife. Sadly, no bears, deer’s, elk, only rabbits. Everything was awesome, as with the rabbit, the lake, etc. Everything sadly had to be “rush-rush”. I regret going onto Twitter to yell at LittleVMills being politically retarded, yet it had to be done sooner or later. I’m aware people will blame me for a similar factor, I however don’t call hard working people “retarded”, as he openly had on numerous occasions. I alienate the few corrupt, not the many innocent.

I’m happy to have experienced seeing slightly more stars from the tent, I however can’t help but feel various voids were present. I was still missing many things, many experiences and happenings. I took whatever I could in, cherishing every and all good moments, such as Renge pictures. I genuinely enjoy my experiences wishing they could have been captured by my devices.

While viewing one video I was potentially going to embed I noticed my friend laughing at me, teasing me showing how tensed up and broken I am as an individual. I forgot how to be a human, constantly worried about everything and anything. Various forms of PTSD, stress, and lacking certain connections in this world. I took this Vancouver-B.C trip to unwind, and it has helped to the point I do boast about going back there, having had fun there, experienced helicopter rides, etc. I’m genuinely thankful to my friend, it however can’t be hidden I’m still in severe amounts of pain and hurt. My friend pointed many things wrong about me, I tried correcting half the things he noted while on that trip. The other half? Other folks need to do their part in being fellow human beings. Learning how to be traditionally minded, following harmony, and just being normal. As the guy in Ottawa heading to Vancouver had said, my trip is a healing experience, and it mostly has been for the most part. I’m thankful and grateful. I was genuinely happy for the two weeks I was there. I want to encounter more “down to earth” people who know how to live their life, how to have fun, how to connect, etc.

Every time I thank my friend it sadly appears to go over his head. I’m doing something wrong. Everything is always my fault, or something is missing. Doesn’t help we also lived in troubled times. The Friday (upcoming blog postings) Vancouver blog-posting won’t be any better when it comes to venting and anger-issues on both our ends. Even the weekend relating to Revelstoke.

(Lumix GF-1 images shall be contained in the ‘Bonus’ blog posting.)