[VRchat] A Look Back Into Past Memories – P4

A lovely point of view from the month of February 2019. It’s not “that” long ago from when this was posted, yet far enough to note it with a hefty number of images to share. This article is also image heavy with 100 images containing images I honestly wanted to share with you guys.

– Don’t mind us, we’re just taking pictures while VRchat loads. 🙂

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[VR] Furious Seas | Seasonal Bounty

Something special happened, something I wanted to note here giving thanks back to Furious Sea developers my kind regards in return. We’re constantly thanking one another because I can see how much they care about their pirate VR game. I love VR, thus I’m covering this special Canadian made pirate game.

– Furious Seas is your VR pirate vs pirate combat sailing game. FIRE!~

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[VRchat] Shinki Renge – Type Ninetailed Fox Avatar

Busou Shinki still isn’t dead on my side, even if it may be dormant and in hibernation. I went through so much, yet gradually trying to make my way back into the hobby after falling so much, so hard, and so harshly as I have. Wanted to cover my precious Shinki Renge, now in VRchat avatar form. 

– Shinki Renge holding a massive wine bottle while being her silly pranking foxy self. Fix spirits are the pranking type, after all.

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