[VRchat] A Look Back Into Past Memories – P4

A lovely point of view from the month of February 2019. It’s not “that” long ago from when this was posted, yet far enough to note it with a hefty number of images to share. This article is also image heavy with 100 images containing images I honestly wanted to share with you guys.

– Don’t mind us, we’re just taking pictures while VRchat loads. 🙂

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[VRchat] A Look Back Into Past Memories

Heyo! Been looking back at my images recalling all the fun memories I’ve been having desiring to post more on my blog to share them with you guys. I want to show you guys even more fun images of makes VRchat so fun, and why I idolize it as much as I do, have, and will. All those fun memories “we’ve” had. 

– I have a deep love-hate relationship with this image because I was kicked off as Scathach, yet love it because it’s part of a fun time in VRchat history haha! And he wonders why I try to cut off his 9 tails in jest 😛

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[VR] Furious Seas | Seasonal Bounty

Something special happened, something I wanted to note here giving thanks back to Furious Sea developers my kind regards in return. We’re constantly thanking one another because I can see how much they care about their pirate VR game. I love VR, thus I’m covering this special Canadian made pirate game.

– Furious Seas is your VR pirate vs pirate combat sailing game. FIRE!~

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