[NSFW] Illusion – HaremMate

Heyo! Let’s try touching on something that’s ‘not safe for work’ while somehow keeping things in the ‘safe for work’ region of things. Just some perverted teases while loosely reviewing HaremMate and showing you loads of images. I seemed to have found my new 3D Custom Girl ‘replacement’.

– A sassy cat girl named Eone Vitsu in HaremMate. (Article is image heavy)

(NSFW Warning: Game itself is R-18, an hentai game, yet it still has a nice posing feature and studio for posing. Article contains suggestive swimwear and poses, yet no ‘loose bits’. View at your own discretion.)

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Pokemon: United Adventures – Nintendo’s Weakness

Heyo. I’ve been wanting to make this kind of article for a lengthy amount of time now, especially after reading numerous other relating to the same topic as others have gone into detail with. So much detail that it’s highly puzzling as to why we haven’t obtained an actual worthy Pokemon game for one and all to enjoy. Granted, it may be posted in vain.

– Pixelmon used for reference; Flying high, far, and free.

(All images taken from Minecraft’s Pixelmon mod for reference of peoples’ desire. Most likely a vain hope in acquiring Nintendo’s & Gamefreak’s attention.)

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[Minecraft] Remembering Arcticu Map

Greetings! I wanted to take the time to remember an old Minecraft map that still tugs back at me and the other regulars on occasions. That map where me and my fellow net friends went all out with out Minecraft ideas. I called it Arcticu, though it had a couple other names as well. This article contains 244 images of nostalgia for me and my server mates.

– Silly trio creepers wanting to ruin our colonization of Kitsu and the world.

(All images taken from Minecraft during the Adventure update for two years.)

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Merry Foxy Christmas! – 2013

Merry Foxy Christmas! I have a multiple part Christmas article for you to enjoy, a bit on the NSFW side due to festivities with Vara, Renge, and Caster.

– Merry Foxy Christmas and a Happy New Year! My gorgeous foxies enjoying some Tim Horton’s donuts.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

*NSFW Warning: Just some light teases due to changing out of Santa suit and foxy playfulness. This is for the picky.

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Happy Foxy Halloween – 2013

Heyo! Happy Halloween and a happy foxy time! Vara and Renge continued poking around with the Halloween decorations just a bit longer along with myself in various games and media. Even had my fun with Gingitsune episode 4 & Tokyo Raven episode 4.

– A Foxy Halloween to you! Kon!

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens; Except for those in the Bonus section.)

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[PC Nostalgia] Star Wars Galaxies – Collectors

Heyo! Thanks to me pledging for Star Citizen with the 300i ship, and with me scanning the forums I came across a SWG nostalgia thread. That thread mentioned the beauty that was “Jump To Lightspeed” expansion pack which had me scan through my ancient CDS/DVDs just to find my main screenshot pile. If you don’t mind I shall now be in 100% nostalgia mode!

– The collectors edition, two pre-paids, and the Jump to Lightspeed expansion (box lost).

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens & Printscreen button within SWG; Article is nostalgia heavy and image heavy!)

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DXL Bundle

Heyo! I just acquired the “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” bundle through Best Buy, arriving by Canada Post. Purchased it because I was curious about New Leaf and wanted to get creative by adding in Busou Shinki characters into the game. Simple playful comical fun!

-> Arcticu Dream Address within; Arcticu daily play-through updated on a weekly basis, links within.

– Renge happily opening up my package.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens and the 3DS’s capture device.)

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Dragon’s Dogma [PS3]

Hello folks! I’m aware most gamers finished playing it ages ago, numerous times even yet wanted to review it. Wanted to review it now that I reached the “fake” ending and because it is surprisingly a very fun and highly addictive game.

(LInk – MySite) – Sneliska camping out at a bandit fort.

(All images taken from Dragnn’s Dogma photo option. Images are viewable; Righ-click and open in new window.)

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