Vancouver 2022 Summer Trip – Day 18

– Revelstoke’s Train museum

This blog posting covers the whole day of August 1st, 2022. A surprise was waiting for me, if with a bit of a tease with gorgeous Canadian trains. I was shown some overly nice Canadian trains the past few days (and weeks), I admire them all. I love how proud British Columbia is with their trains. I LOVE IT! This was however one of those days we had to meet up with someone to then rush back to Vancouver before I was forced to head back to Ottawa under unfavourable conditions.

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External train admiration.

– Admiring the trains externally.
– Attempting to gain a higher vantage point. In hindsight, I’ve now noticed middle tree appears abnormal. Brighter. May be the monument.
– From the “vantage point”. A bit better.
– These retro vehicles are awesome. Dated, taken for granted, yet neat.
– Obviously fixated on Japan, hence the note.

Another sign noted – “A Canadian version of Switzerland’s Alps”. So true.

– Alternate angle while someone was mowing the grass. Very awkward, yet worthwhile.
– Canada’s snowplow.

HA! I just now noticed people looking at me weirdly. You have to do what you have to do. I was given figurative cards with short term time, hence the awkward picture-taking style. I mean, in hindsight the images are favourable. Memorable.

– Canada is so damn beautiful!

It’s honestly a shame Canada’s beauty has been corrupted by America’s idiocy with fake Trans bullcrappery and other fake political bullcrap. Hence, why I took this trip. I love what I’ve witnessed, was exposed to, even admiring the exotic nature of British Columbia. Even Alberta (previous blog posting). British Columbia doesn’t even shy away from its trains. I love it!

We took pictures, selfies, even a selfie from their live camera. Friend kept the image, never sharing it.

>Moments later, after a rushed drive to another location<

– Visiting an area to meet up with “someone”.
– Such a lovely meal! Salmon related! Absolutely delicious!

We talked, caught up, etc. We had our fun talking about life, games, and such, and about my trip; How this was my last day. One thing I couldn’t shake the feeling of was my fear of heights. It had to activate at the stupidest time while sitting on that outdoor patio. An elevated outdoor patio. I had fun observing the area, even the various helicopters flying around, even people parachuting.

One thing sadly pissed me off so much (made me livid) was my whole Microsoft Flight Simulator talk making things awkward. My friend, if I heard correctly, hit a nerve saying how I always break my computer, games, or something. I may have misheard, I’m however glad it was glossed over. Everything was allegedly “my fault” again for allegedly “breaking everything”, or whatever the context was. For clarity, at the time I was swapping files from another hard-drive onto Flickr for safe-keeping. I swapped back causing my main SSD back-up to fail on me. It corrupted many things, even Flight SIm, causing me to half re-install it upon return. It was left hanging while I was in B.C desiring to fly, even there.

(Note: Water under the bridge so I’m not really angry about Microsoft Flight Sim, only noting for blogging purposes. My true anger is more relating to that “tinder conversation” we had. My memory is fading, maybe because of how I’m constantly tired and fatigued all the time.)

– Hey! It’s Mr. Bean’s car! WOOOO!
– Took a picture of this MAN camper because of a Tumblr post I saved up in my draft for ages before quitting that moronic social platform. It’s sad knowing I’m the only one that knows how special this vehicle is while other people are out of the loop.
– Love the typical Canadian touches to these. Heck, even that van in front of the bus appears “European” to me.
– This is why I love/admire British Columbia. These mountains <3

After a few group shots, selfies, etc, we exchanged a few more conversational bits. We talked about friending one another on Steam (never done so), even going off on our way. I rate the surprise an 90% out of 100%, -10 because I look like shit (I hate my appearance), and that whole Flight Sim experience. Heck, my fear of heights ranks higher than my insecurities and game talks of how Microsoft Flight Sim corrupted itself and how everything is “my fault”.

Rush back to base!

– Making note of this for future reference.
– Train tunnel.
– Old cars!
– Turning rail bridge
– Heading back towards Kamloops seeing this neat train.
– Kamloops
– Lets just say everything almost looks “flat”.

Merritt, British Columbia.

I requested to my friend we should stop so I can take pictures of the “magical grass”. I was unable to capture what I desired, we however did stop at Merritt. My friend was pissed off at how moronic Merritt was, and I would agree. People don’t know how to park at a Tim Horton’s, let alone knowing how to use a drive-thru. No matters, maybe even a bunch of “hicks”.

To make issues worse, it was fairly gusty preventing me from taking decent figure photography. You get what you get.

– Merritt, B.C.
– Funky clouds.
– One of the better images.
– It’s like a desert, almost. Well a sub-biome next to one.

With how difficult it was taking pictures (with the gusts) you have to make do with these batches of images with Fubuki in them. I’m thankful I didn’t lose a single piece, 1) I wouldn’t have been able to retrieve them from Ottawa, & 2) Merrit was flooded weeks later turning this area into a swamp.


The following two images (below) is me rage-quitting. I was getting frustrated.


Worth something. Some sort of experience. We can say Busou Shinki figure-kind has visited Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Revelstoke area, Lake Louise, and even Merrit. I genuinely wish I had Busou Shinki back in 2003 & 2010 era for my Europe and Cuba trip.

The race to get back home! I’ll time-stamp these from here on out to show how frustrating this experience had become. From something which would have had me relax a few hours turned into something I was stressed out over. We all were stressed out.

It was already in the 7 pm time-frame.

– 7:27 PM
– 7:28 PM
– 7:33 PM – Major grid-lock.
– 7:57 PM (Same area)
– 8:03 PM – Same area.
– 8:06 PM – Same Area
– 8:40 PM – Near same area; Animal fencing & one-way entrance.
– 8:43 PM – We could have literally biked this way 50 times over by now. I could have flown my drone down this way MANY TIMES. It’s still in an area even a DJI Tello could see us.
– 8:45 PM – This person I assumed was being “sneaky”. They desired a washroom break.
– 8:57 PM – New infrastructure being built after some brutal storms the last few years. Many areas are rebuilding.
– 9:02 PM – Reminder, my flight is early in the morning at around 5 AM – 9 AM-ish.
– 9:08 PM
– 9:52 PM – A far greater distance away now, yet still stuck in grid-lock. Admiring the beauty of them mountains with its nice clouds.
– 9:57 PM – Admiring Big Bird on the side of the road.
– 10:02 PM – Caught this neat vehicle, a few I’ve seen in Ottawa and Montreal.
– 10:09 PM
– 10:09 PM
– 10:54 PM – Spotting this car around the ‘Maple Ridge’ area, or similar areas.

We arrived fairly late forcing me to eat what I bought when I arrived in Vancouver. I ate a Kimchi heat-up kit forcing me to have spicy food for a 5 hour sleep night. I was forced to pack everything so hastily I forgot a few things the next day over. Failed to obtain lottery I was gifted, even the Harbour Air Lego-styled model kit. I wish I took that, or was gifted that. Makes me sad I don’t have it. Friend gifted to me, yet it never followed me back to Ottawa from my lacking of space in my travel bags.

Willing to bet everything is allegedly “my fault” again, or whatever. Not pressing the issue, though it makes me sad I never got it in the end. Amused how I was even going to be stranded if I didn’t wake up in time. Cool…… in the end, I slept and prepped for my day back to Ottawa under unfavourable conditions.

(Next blog post shall be true conclusion)

The frustration was real, as was the bumper-to-bumper conditions. We had to rush from Revelstoke down through Kamloops, Merrit, and through grid-lock thanks to weird British Columbia logic. It rather prefers preaching about fake politics than dealing with things that matter. Fake Trans right childish nonsense instead of prepping itself for winter storms, traffic backlogs, drug problems, and all other issues. I had my fun, I’m thankful Vancouver was kind to me. Same with British Columbia. Thanks for being kind to me, I however wish fate allowed me to find a partner in crime there. I wish I was allowed to befriend a lovely female partner, it however wasn’t meant to be. I was too ugly, or poor timing. Two weeks was indeed too brief, yet many great memories were to be had on numerous other fronts. Lots of cool memories made thanks to my friend’s kindness and generosity taking me on Ferry trips, helicopter rides, seaplanes, and everything Vancouver. I even happily plane-spotted various areas.

My friend and I indeed do butt heads, I’m still upset about many things (and vice-versa), we however try to move along. Break the silence, etc. Friends do that, they’re meant to keep one another sharpened. Friends keep each other on their toes to keep them in tune with reality, something VRChat morons, Femboys, and other morons fail to grasp. They reach for a Twitter block button preventing further growth in life. Friends help each other as much as they fight, hence the ‘love-hate’ phrasing. You hate your parents as much as you love them, etc. Same with games, and etc.

I’m genuinely happy to have numerous Busou Shinki figure photography images to look back on. Sure, they tend to be scuffed, they can be fixed for future purposes. Something is better than nothing.

I’m glad I’ve experienced both the Japanese and British Columbia side of things, yet saddened B.C is into Trans LGBTQ porn & Fake political nonsense. Their fetish needs curing. I mean, they’ve been taken off guard by numerous winter storms in 2022-2023 after I left, a few highway arteries need widening, and many other mending of critical situations. B.C may not get a lot of snow, they’re still a part of Canada. They need to stick with the program, they’re still Canadian.